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Are you looking for the rest, which will give you real happiness? Go to Bali then! Terraces of rice fields, dense jungle and straw towers of many-tier Hinduistic temples promise an outright release from bustle of cities.

What does megalopolis dweller want after 15 hours spent in airplane? He wants calmness. This nature, its smells, sounds and magnificent greenery, make you feel at ease.

For the most part of the year, Bali is teeming with tourists. And in spite of the fact that the island is in a zone of seismic activity, all tsunamis and typhoons pass it by. There are no mind-blowing prices: you can get good food at restaurant for $10, hire a bicycle for only $6 per day, and rent a small house only for $200. Bali is a paradise for the fans of yoga and spa. Almost every hotel offers yoga master classes and a variety of spa-procedures.

The most widespread meditation on Bali is sitting, deeply breathing and smiling. Such simple exercise charges with energy, helps to struggle with anger, melancholy or panic and gives the feeling of happiness.

Two main towns in Bali are singularly unlike each other. Usually, European tourists choose for rest coastal Cuth, where they will find developed infrastructure and series of the well-known luxurious hotels. In Cuth you can bathe in the Indian Ocean, go surfing and organize full moon party. But in Cuth you feel, as at any resort where there is a sea or ocean, cafe with sandwiches and even ?MacDonald?s?.

Ubuda is a different pair of shoes. This city is loved by those who is looking for calmness in combination with local color. Painters move here in search of inspiration.

The best way to study an island is cycling. Rushing by winding road near small houses, haystack, Bali temples, you feel happy.

Balinese cuisine tastes and smells specifically enough. Unusual combinations of components and piquant pungent sauces are its main features. Balinese mix seafood with vegetables and nuts, young papaya with carrots, vegetable marrows and Cayenne pepper. A big glass of water is served up for Europeans.

The most known dish of the local cuisine is Ayam Betutu. It is a hen. But it is cooked during 12 hours. And if you wish to try real local delicacy, it is necessary to order it the day before. Ibu Oka is one of the most popular restaurants, try it.

Balinese are Hindus, they believe that in each square centimeter of the earth and air gods and demons live. They sacrifice to the gods some flowers, fruits, cookies, rice, aromatic sticks in palm leaves several times a day. Local people try to “get on” with island, which has six unpredictable active volcanoes. Last time gods were dissatisfied in 1963. Balinese cleanse their karmas, praying to Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu five times a day.

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