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The City of Liverpool is situated inside the North West of England and it is really a well-liked area to visit for business and pleasure because it is nicely connected towards rest of the country along with excellent transport links. The city itself is steeped in historical past and these days provides a high standard of entertainment and hospitality. It was awarded the standing of European Capital of Culture in 2008, a surely deserved title as it can be so culturally varied and it has additional museums and art galleries compared to any other English city outside London.


It’s most renowned gallery could be the impressive Tate Liverpool, the home of much modern day paintings. It can be positioned in a modified warehouse in the historic Albert Dock area of Liverpool and accommodates international exhibitions and also the very very best in contemporary art dating from 1900 to the present day, including painting, sculpture, photography and installation. If exhibitions aren’t to your taste you’ll find other frequent activities for example introductory tours, exhibition talks, lectures and family activities to take part in.

Beattles (

Beattles (

Liverpool also offers a varied and exciting nightlife, promising numerous superb restaurants, a number of theatres, cafes, clubs and a blooming live music scene, stemming from the days of the Beatles, Liverpool’s quite personal residence grown talent. You possibly can even wander in the footsteps with the most renowned music group in the world by taking the Magical Mystery Tour around the Mecca of music to visit the childhood homes of the fab four, the Beatles Story on the Albert Dock plus the infamous Cavern Club on Matthew Street. Liverpool Holiday Flats has city centre bassed accommodation within easy walking distance of Matthew St – Apartments in Liverpool



Playhouse theatre(

Playhouse theatre(

Liverpool’s theatres comprise the Everyman and Playhouse theatres, which show a array of traditional and modern plays. The Empire theatre is the residence of musicals and major touring productions, and also the Unity theatre stages a variety of independent shows. At the very heart of Liverpool’s cultural quarter may be the Philharmonic Hall that showcases a extensive selection of traditional music performances by its very own Philharmonic Orchestra, at the same time as dance, drama, music and comedy. If you are looking of accommodation in Liverpool, then look no further Liverpool Apartments.



You will discover various wealthier suburbs outside Liverpool, such as Childwall, which is located towards the South on the city, just four miles from the centre and five minutes towards M62 motorway. The area’s enjoyable greenery and array of big residences makes it one of Liverpool’s most sought-after suburbs. It really is here that the Childwall Abbey Hotel is positioned, within effortless reach with the a lot of points of interest on the European Capital of Culture itself. The exact origins in the Childwall Abbey Hotel remain a mystery but the commonly held belief is that the initial Abbey building dates as far back as the Doomsday book. The Childwall Abbey can also boast to be part from the history with the Beatles, as they played within the tap room there when they were referred to as the Quarrymen.

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