Top 10 best eat-all-you-can buffets to satisfy your cravings

Top 10 best eat-all-you-can buffets to satisfy your cravings







There are times when we have this craving, this big appetite that nothing can satisfy but a great eat all you can buffet. The price may range from cheap to sky high, and the place could be just at the next block or at the other end of the world. We have listed the best all-you-can-eat buffets that we know of in different parts of the globe.

Copper Chimney (New York City)

Amid a neighborhood with a lot of good Indian restaurants, the discreet Copper Chimney in midtown Manhattan gets a bit crowded during lunch time. Upon entering the place, the banquet table will magnet you. Check out the specialty Indian cuisines like the chicken xacuti made from morsels of chicken in vinegar, chili, and a ton of other spices. There is also the Punjabi dish called chana pindi made from stewed chickpeas with tomato, onion, and sauce from the seeds of pomegranate.

You can enjoy the buffet for only $8.95 on weekdays and a dollar more when you go there on weekends. The waiters are also quick in replenishing the serving dishes and bring hot naan in baskets to the table. Save some space for their Jardaloo ma gosht which is a lamb stew with crispy potatoes and apricots.

Top 10 best eat-all-you-can buffets to satisfy your cravings









The Veranda at Grand Hotel (Stockholm)

The Grand Hotel has been a landmark in Stockholm and The Veranda has been true to the Swedish tradition of serving an excellent smorgasbord. Aside from the great view of the royal palace, you will enjoy the variety of dishes in this restaurant. Try small portions of the smoked reindeer sausage, Tvarno ham served with melon salsa, and herring with cumin and carrot. Enjoy the food with boiled potatoes or crispbread and flushed it down with some aquavit or some ice cold Scandinavian beer.

Enjoy the smorgasbord for $62 but that is still without drinks. When you visit the Veranda, do save some space for their national dish-meatballs in lingonberries.

Top 10 best eat-all-you-can buffets to satisfy your cravings






Al Hadheerah at Bab Al Shams Desert Resort and Spa (Dubai)

This restaurant is in the open air because it was patterned a village in the desert. Eating here will involve visual spectacles with belly dancers dancing with some Arabian rhythms and camel caravans. You will enjoy a perfect Emerati menu presenting romi and halloumi cheeses to eggplants with cumin for appetizer. The main course will let you enjoy lamb ouzi directly from the hot pit or maybe a vegetabl stew called marak bil khodra. Some sweet kunufa made of wheat will be served for dessert.

This will be a $68-meal and its worth every penny. Walk it off after the great meal or take a nap under a canopy. When you go to Al Hadheerah make sure to try the traditional foga dish or leg of lamb in rice, chile, onions, and masala.
Top 10 best eat-all-you-can buffets to satisfy your cravings






The Lady and Sons (Savannah, Georgia)

This three-storey restaurant that can host about 330 guests has a great story behind it. Things kicked off as a lunch delivery gig of Paula Deen before she became a star in the Food Network. They serve real southern food greatness in their macaroni and cheese, black-eyed peas, pork stew, and collar greens. Dont forget the fried chicken coated with some special house seasonings.
Munch all you can for $13.99 for lunch or $17.99 for dinner.

Top 10 best eat-all-you-can buffets to satisfy your cravings







The Rice Table (Singapore)

Dutch colonizers mixed in some twist of their own with the local Indonesian rice dish called nasi padang. Today the more subtle version of the rijsttafel is more popular in Singapore than in Indonesia where it all started. The best version is at the Rice Table in Singapore where you can mix about 20 options like corn potato fritters, tofu omelette, or some stewed spicy beef. When you get to smell the aroma of the different spices, flavors, and sauces, you will realize the cultural diversity that is mixed in with the great food.
You should try the Sambal udon or prawns in some spicy coconut sauce. It will be a real feast for $12 on lunch and $20 for dinner.

Top 10 best eat-all-you-can buffets to satisfy your cravings









Round Hill Hotel and Villas (Jamaica)

The chef of the restaurant believes that we should eat what we grow so everything in the banquet will be 100% local. Great island food means sausages with watermelons, mango chutneys, papaya; jerk chicken; bread fruit salad; ground potatoes or cassava or some other ground provisions. On the center of your table will be a suckling pig on a banana leaf roasted for around 8 hours in a charcoal and wood pit.

Enjoy this Jamaican feast for $49.95 during Friday nights. The suckling pig is great but save some space for their catch of the day. Drop by the grill station and pick some nice sea foods.

Top 10 best eat-all-you-can buffets to satisfy your cravings








Sembikiya (Tokyo, Japan)

Back in the 1830s a samurai started a shop selling premium imported vegetables and fruits. About one and a half centuries later, the restaurant is still running. Once a week, the fruit parlor hosts an eat all you can for two hours. It is a real extravaganza with about 20 varieties of fruits from mangoes, durian, kiwi, pineapples, and other local produce.

This all-you-can-eat will cost you $40 but throw in $160 more and you will be able to try the Yubari muskmelon of Hokkaido.

Top 10 best eat-all-you-can buffets to satisfy your cravings







Café Fleuri at Langham Hotel (Boston)

If you love chocolates then you will love the chocolate buffet at the Langham Hotel. The new chef is still serving the classics like Boston cream pie and the chocolate croissant pudding. There are also new creations like the Mexican hot choco with marshmallow and cinnamon. There is also the fleur de sel caramels. The resto is a chocolate heaven with more than 125 dessert options available where you can wish for your dream crepe and a fondue fountain (three tiers of it!). The servings are made small so there will be no sugar shock J

Chocolate heaven for $38 is well worth it. Make sure save some taste buds for the orgasmic pumpkin chocolate mouse. What makes it extraordinary? Chocolate shavings on top plus layers of Verona milk, pumpkin, and white mouse.

Top 10 best eat-all-you-can buffets to satisfy your cravings









Porcao (Rio de Janeiro)

This place is not for the vegans but Porcao is a carnivale for meat lovers where tanned waiters will keep on serving you skewered poultry, pork, and beef. You literally need to say stop so they will not refill your plate. Dont worry vegan travelers, they supplement the meat feast with vegetables and soup. There is also a salad bar where you you can get some ceviche, sushi, and hearts of palm.

It is gastronomic heaven for meat lovers for only $39. Dont forget to try the pork sausages and fillet mignon wrapped in bacon. Chicken hearts is also a local favorite.
Top 10 best eat-all-you-can buffets to satisfy your cravings









The Bellagio (Las Vegas)

What is an all you can eat list without something from Las Vegas, the city of lavishness. The Bellagio serves around 4,000 customers a day which requires a lot of turnovers from at the 12 stations of buffet. Name it and most likely, they will have it. The variety of food goes from pasta, seafood, pizza, salad, roasted ribs, and the list goes on. They are also very accommodating for their patrons, a chef can toss a fresh salad for you if you do not want the ready-made ones being served. You can also ask the help of the staff if you have some restrictions for your diet. The Kobe beef by the way is served during the weekends.

During weekdays breakgast goes for $14.95, lunch at $19.95, and dinner for $27.95. During weekends you can go for a brunch at $23.95 or $35.95 for dinner. A must is the legs of king crabs with some butter, squeezed lemon, and brandy sauce.

Top 10 best eat-all-you-can buffets to satisfy your cravings

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