World best luxury rooms on rails

You might be avoiding the cramped rush hour train ride but I am pretty sure that without any hesitation you will jump on a train where you own about half of the cart with your own flat-screen television, surround sound, artworks hanging on the wall, and lush tapestries.

Believe it or not there are train rides which can give you that experience. You can even go for two bathrooms if you are not happy with just one. Outside your sleeper car you can enjoy classical music or a relaxing massage offered by the spa.

Although we are experiencing struggling from an economic downturn, luxury trains are still able to find their place in the travel industry and are still plying the routes of the most developed railways. We listed some of the most luxurious sleeper cars.

Worlds best luxury rooms on rails












Danube Express (Hungary)

The Danube Express defines what a luxury sleeper car should be. It is among the most lavish in Europe boasting of 83 square foot compartments that give you brass fittings to heated rails for your towels. You will also get dimming lights and a rare feature – windows that can easily be opened. Passengers also get a full size wardrobes and a lot of mirrors.

The refurbished train cars were used before by dignitaries and they traverse major routes leading to different European capitals. One famous stop will be the most famous castles in Transylvania, Draculas.

You can ride in luxury for about $3,777 per person for a 4-day, 3-night journey.

Worlds best luxury rooms on rails













Pride of Africa (South Africa)

The owner of Pride of Africa, Rohan Vos, will greet you as you step onto the train. Every passenger appreciates the attention and the personal touch that guides the Pride of Africa to its different routes through the Kalahari Desert, Victoria Falls, and through the wildlife reserves.

The Royal Suites, a 172 square feet of space in the sleeper car, come with lounge areas and can go as far as Victorian bathtubs in your own bathroom.

You will love how the refrigerators are filled with goodies you love but you can always buzz for an attendant to bring you your favorite cocktail.

A two night trip taking you through the Cape Town-Pretoria route will cost you around $2,973 per person on a double occupancy.

Worlds best luxury rooms on rails













Royal Canadian Pacific (Canada)

The Royal Canadian Pacific may not have the biggest sleeper cars nor do they have the most luxurious treatments but the staterooms have hosted the likes of Queen Elizabeth II, King George VI, and Winston Churchill. Now who doesnt want to ride the RCP? The ambience is set up by fine wood for walls and maple carvings for highlights. They also use brass radiators and some Turkish drapes.

The luxury train stops so you can get some good sleep in your one of a kind compartment. You will be waking up to a great view of the snow draped Canadian Rockies.

A five night, six-day journey through the Rockies will take out $7,853 from your bank account.

Worlds best luxury rooms on rails














Venice Simplon Orient Express (Europe)

These 1920s train is a locomotive museum rolling on the rail. Passengers are swooned by the wood-burning stoves, glass panels, and the marquetry all around. The Cabin Suites consists of two interconnected cabins. One half is used as a lounge with sofa, foot stool, and a table. The other half is the sleeping quarters.

The legendary sleeper car has a magic in providing an excellent round the clock service, crisp linens, and topping it off with original furnishings. You will not find showers here though and take note that the toilets are shared facilities. The train though makes stops at 5-star hotels to keep everyone civilized.

A round trip Paris-Venice will cost you $6,620 per head on a double occupancy deal.

Worlds best luxury rooms on rails














The Eastern & Oriental Express (Thailand)

The Presidential Suites of the Eastern and Oriental Express is a 125 square feet of luxury defined by cherrywood and elm walls decorated by intricate Malay and Thai motifs. The suites serve as lounge during day time where you can relax on a sofa, a desk, or a rattan chair. At night, the staff converts your luxury space into a sleeping quarter. There is also an in-cabin bar.

If you are touring Asia, a Bangkok-Singapore tour in a Presidential Suite will cost $4,420 per head.

Worlds best luxury rooms on rails













The Ghan (Australia)

The Ghan has upped the luxury game and introduced the Platinum Class back in 2008. Reserve this and you will get an 11 foot sleeper car complete with full-size shower, bathroom, fold-down desks, lavish décor, polished walls, and carpeting. Everyday attendants will convert your cabin from a luxury lounge to sleeping quarters. Your platinum class tickets also get you windows on both sides of your cabin.

One-way ticket will cost you $2,987 for every person.

Worlds best luxury rooms on rails














Blue Train (South Africa)

Seventeen feet of luxury, mahogany panels, high end entertainment system, GPS, luxury here and there will definitely make you want to extend your 27-hour travel from Pretoria to Cape Town. You also get an access to a camera in the conductors control room which gives you a birds eye view of your journey on the rail.

The train ride will give you a side court access to the landscape of Africa while enjoying your lobster or fillet mignon delivered by the courteous room service.

Worlds best luxury rooms on rails
















Royal Scotsman (Great Britain)

This luxury train makes up Edwardian fantasies of fine fabrics, polished brass, and varnished wood. You can open the window to feel the Highlands breeze and have a good night sleep as the train halts every night. Everything in your suite is a touch of lavishness with a full wardrobe, dressing table, antique fans on the ceiling, marquetry on the walls, and tartan décor.

You can ask for coffee at night and they will put some Baileys for an extra punch. You will also have the days papers when you wake up. They also do not forget the fresh towels, everyday.

If you are traveling alone, it will cost you $2,170 to travel two nights through the Scottish Highlands.

Worlds best luxury rooms on rails
















Deccan Odyssey (India)

The Presidential Suite spans half a train car and is literally a rolling mini palace on the rail. This sleeper car features fabrics and carvings that represent regional handicrafts, architecture, and landscapes. You will get a flat screen TV and a private sitting room when you reserve this pleasure palace. On board, you can get Ayurvedic massage, steam baths, and access the fitness gym. You dont get one but two bathrooms by the way.

Between September and April, the Deccan offers a weeklong journey through the Goa and the Maharashtra. On single occupancy, this will cost you around $750 to enjoy the perks of the presidential suite and $1,300 on double occupancy. The rest of the calendar will mark increase package prices.

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