Planning a Cheap Vacation on an Expensive Destination

A lot of people thought that visiting Aspen, Paris, New York, Napa, and Hawaii meant that youd have to bring a lot of money. Most of them spend their whole lives saving up for that one trip. Spending too much on a single trip, though, isnt very practical. Neither is it a smart choice, because you can save as much as half of the peak season cost if you only know when to book your trip.

Sometimes, you dont even have to time it during the off-season. A lot of people wait for the rates to take a dip during the high season (airplane companies do hold promos) before they purchase their tickets. These discounts range from 20% to a spectacular 50%, so you should definitely keep your eyes peeled.

Maybe theyre not as cheap as your less-than-stellar summer destinations. However, they are at least more affordable during these times. Below are the most desired travel destinations and the best times to book your flight.

London on spare change

Planning a Cheap Vacation on an Expensive Destination

London can be a pretty pricey destination especially if youre coming from miles and miles away. However, if you book your flights from November through March, youll find the hotel rates lower than usual. This is probably due to the fact that these are the colder months, and most people in Europe travel to other parts of the world to enjoy warmer climates.

If youre from Los Angeles, though, a bit of the cold biting your knickers wont do you harm. You might just find the old country charm of London an experience worth investing in, at least for a week or so. Good news, too, because during these cold months, the British Airways and Virgin Atlantic dish out their cheapest airfares. This will give you more money to spend on exquisite London cuisine and much-needed culture.
With the holidays just around the corner, London is also teeming with plays and dances to go to. If youre a party animal, you might just find pubs in London which give you a little bit of Ireland without actually going to Ireland. Whichever way you choose to spend your time here, you can immerse yourself in the English folks elusive Rs without putting a dent on your wallet.

Zooming to Hawaii

Planning a Cheap Vacation on an Expensive Destination

For years, now, this honeymoon destination remained a permanently expensive summer spot, thanks to its pristine beaches and untouchable Hawaiian charm. However, if theres anything good about the recession, its the fact that it made a lot of expensive vacation spots slightly more affordable for ordinary people like you and me. Most of the hoteliers in Hawaii now offer the lowest room rates its ever offered in years.

The airfares to Hawaii also dropped to at least 1/3 of its usual rate. The deals even sweeter if you travel during the low-peak season which is between September and early December. Of course, low seasons in a summer get away means a few rain clouds and showers here and there. If occasional showers wont dampen your mood, though, you should go ahead and book your flight during this time.

Picture Perfect Caribbean

Planning a Cheap Vacation on an Expensive Destination

If youre looking for a picture-perfect trip to any island in the Caribbean, the best time to go is between May and June. The price isnt exactly low during this time, but at least youre paying for a 99% chance of clear, blue skies. These months already offer 50% rate drops compared to winter peak seasons. You can enjoy the perfect weather without worrying about crowded beaches.

From July to November, prices dip significantly lower. However, these are also hurricane months, and you may find yourself stranded (at best) or hanging onto your life vest (at its worst) during this season. Unless you think you can ride out the Caribbean storm, we dont really recommend you to risk it for the sake of getting hotel hurricane refunds.

Disneyland, Orlando

Planning a Cheap Vacation on an Expensive Destination

Believe it or not, the purchasing power of kids is amazing. One of the most expensive destinations these days is the Disneyland Park in Orlando, Florida. While there are some tempting deals offered online for accommodations, dont be fooled. During these peak seasons, Disney always compensates with skyrocketing entrance fees.

Your best bet would be to schedule that trip when theres a scarcity of school-aged kids crying for their parents to take them to Disneyland. This means that the rates will be dropping between September through January, skipping the holidays. If your little tike can afford to miss a few days of classes, give him/her a treat with Disney accommodations during off-peak seasons.

Big Apple Savings

Planning a Cheap Vacation on an Expensive Destination

If youre planning to visit New York anytime soon, beware. Most hoteliers in the Big Apple retained their expensive room rates despite the recession. The only chance of you getting any sweet deals here is to schedule your visit between January and March. Just like in London, the only drawback is the colder weather. Expect chilly wind coming from the Hudson River.

The advantages are numerous, though. For one, these months are the best months to visit if youre trying to get a hold of Broadway tickets. Because the city isnt too crowded, you can easily get a coveted hotel reservation during these months as well.

Aspen, Colorado

Planning a Cheap Vacation on an Expensive Destination

While weve been complaining about the cold for the past few destinations, there is a spot in the world which is perfect during the wintertime. Those who are into snow sports would definitely not miss out on a trip to Aspen, Colorado. The only drawback is that most of the time, these trips cost big money. That is, of course unless you book a room in their posh digs when the crowd is thinning.

This means going there during the first half of December. Skipping the Christmas holidays, the whole of January is also virtually crowd-free. If youre afraid of avalanches (because these are the coldest seasons in Aspen, too) you might want to book your visit during late spring. This way, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: sun and an entire seasons worth of snow.

You can also take advantage of extraordinarily cheap lodging rates during this time.

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