The Most Expensive Cities in America

The Most Expensive Cities in America

When you live in a city with topnotch hotels and malls where luxury shopping is the main event, its easy to drain out your bank account. For example, Mojitos in Miami can cost as much as $15, and if youre a Mojito-lover, youll know how fast you can blow off your salary. There are ways for you to dodge the spenders traps, though. For example, if you must have a Mojito after work, you can stick to places with Happy Hour specials.

Even if youre just traveling to these cities, you should take the time to do the math. It might take some of the fun out of traveling, but itll keep your budget (and sanity) intact. Below are the most expensive cities in America to watch out for and what you should expect from them before you purchase your plane ticket.

New York

The Most Expensive Cities in America

Youre at the center of the center if you live in New York. Unfortunately, that also means paying a pretty big bill just to live in a world class city. What do you expect, though? The Big Apple has the biggest luxury stores, the most famous restaurants in the world, and the richest hotpot of culture. Yes, culture.

It is, as Alicia Keys song said, a “concrete jungle” with a demographic that can represent almost all races around the world. Of course, most of them are called Americans, now, but you can be sure that they have a lot of history to talk about, especially if they werent homegrown.

Youll have to be a pretty tough cookie to survive here, though. While it rated #1 in the AFC richest city survey, it also places last in the “friendliness” category.


The Most Expensive Cities in America

The principle is simple: the more tourists a city can attract, the more expensive all of its amenities get. Its the simple law of demand and supply, and this simple economic principle applies to Honolulu as well. The Hawaiian city ranked number two in AFCs survey simply because it topped the categories “romance” and “relaxation” . Money talks even in paradise, but dont spend all your cash on culture hopping, though.

Or maybe a hula lesson wont hurt. The hotel ratings arent bad. Its the fourth out of thirty cities to have topnotch hotels. It places last for classical music and theater, though, so keep your dough for the beach. Theres no use spending on something thats not worth seeing. Every cent counts in this expensive summer getaway.

Los Angeles

The Most Expensive Cities in America

Certainly, the City of Angels cant be an affordable city to live in. Not with the long stretches of beaches and almost a year-long access to all that sun. However, the survey shows that much of the money youll be spending in L.A. wont really be allotted to hotels and drinks. Theyll be spent on your clothes. This is one of the USAs fashion capitals, and it wont do for you to be seen in rags.

The city has the third most expensive luxury stores and the fourth most expensive boutiques. Why? People here put a prime on their appearances. While they havent quite reached New Yorks rank, yet, the locals here are the fourth most stylish and attractive people in the USA.

San Francisco

The Most Expensive Cities in America

Even if youre not living in San Francisco, you should prepare for quite a big amount of money just to rent out one of the rooms. The citys luxury hotels rank fourth most expensive in the country. The boutique hotels are even more expensive, ranking third in the survey.

If youre writing a novel or a travelogue, though, this is a pretty good city to visit. The demographic diversity ranked number two, here, and theyre not hard to look at, either. The people in San Francisco ranked third in stylishness, and the city is the fourth best city for people watching.


The Most Expensive Cities in America

If you ever find yourself in the South Beach, you know that most of your money will be spent on cocktails. Miami is the second most expensive city when it comes to the bar scene. The only plus side in this city is the majestic sunset and views of the ocean. People-watching is also fair game here. The city ranks first in terms of having the most attractive locals.

San Diego

The Most Expensive Cities in America

While pretty much everything is expensive in this city in equal proportions, youll certainly enjoy an entire year with clear, sunny skies and a comfortable (not scorching) 70ºF temperature. If San Diego topped anything in the survey, its the weather category. Youll also probably love the more mellow beaches in this vicinity. While Miamis are crowded with bikini bums, San Diegos beaches are less populated and peaceful.

San Diego also ranked fifth best as a relaxing retreat. Meanwhile, the city got sixth place in romance and sixth in cleanliness as well. While its not the most popular honeymoon destination, its certainly one of the places youd want to go to if youre planning to escape the hassles of the work place. Just save up enough money, look for a decent lodging which wont drain your account, and have as much fun without blowing the budget.

Santa Fe

The Most Expensive Cities in America

Surprisingly enough, the next most expensive city on the list doesnt even fetch mass-market appeal. In fact, its the complete antithesis of that. Placing second for its independent boutiques, third for breakfast and bead, and also third in environmental awareness, you will also need quite a bit of cash when you visit Santa Fe. The boutiques, lodging and environmental activities may be attractive but certainly not for their price.

However, a lot of people do spend their money on this city just because its also the least crowded among topnotch retreats across America. If you want peace and quiet and youre willing to pay for it, you should hop on a plane and go to Santa Fe.

Washington City

The Most Expensive Cities in America

Weve been waiting for our countrys capital to pop up on the list, and were pretty surprised that a lot of other cities topped it. Considering the number of museums and historical sites youll see here, Washington is actually pretty cheap-for an expensive city, that is. Confused? Its pretty simple, you may still need a fair amount of money when you go here, but its all worth it because youll be getting a lot of culture as well.

Youll probably be spending most of your cash on accommodations in this city and not so much on the culture treats themselves. It ranks fourth in terms of having the best business hotels, although the flurry of activities in the capital ranks it pretty low for peace and quiet.


The Most Expensive Cities in America

Think neon and you have Seattle running on everyones minds. The city is the perfect haven for techies although staying up so late at night can cost you a heft amount of money. If you dont mind spending gold on espressos and trendy hiking shoes, maybe you can live in Seattle for good. The city ranks second for their pricey (but impressive) coffee shops.

While locals are generally into a lot of high-tech gadgets, theyre not pot-bellied individuals either who live their lives in front of the computer. The demographic is nicely evened out here between “smart people” and “athletic ones” . If you belong to both social groups and you have extra money to spend, Seattle may just spell home for you.

If youre skimping on food, why dont you try the burgers at Dicks drive-in? They can keep you warm for the night.

Phoenix / Scottsdale

The Most Expensive Cities in America

If youre a tough cookie who gets excited with the thought of driving through deserts, you might want to visit Phoenix. While youre not exactly roughing it with expensive all-in-one hotels, the city does offer the most comfortable lodgings across the US. The city also places fourth as a relaxing retreat and doesnt to so bad in terms of shopping (7th place). If your travel bags looking all worn out, you can use the excuse to throw around some cash.

Again, its a nice and expensive place to be in if youre all for warm weather, but if youve had enough of that in your city, hop into the car and look for another vacation spot.

Las Vegas

The Most Expensive Cities in America

Surprisingly, Sin City doesnt even make it to the top 10 most expensive cities in America. Its just trailing behind in the number twelve position, despite having the biggest sounding hotels across the states. It also ranked fourth for its restaurants and luxury stores, but its a city worth visiting because (as addictive as its slot machines) Las Vegas always has a “cheap deal” .

While the hotels are posh and popular, there will always be inexpensive packages for the weary traveler. Restaurants also have buffet deals, so unless you blow off all of your money on poker, you cant possibly go hungry in Sin City.


The Most Expensive Cities in America

The weather is horrible in Chicago, but its still one of the most expensive cities in the US. On most days, youd probably just want to stay inside your hotel room and enjoy the cable. So why is it so expensive to live here?

For some reason, people always hold business engagements here. Hence, the high ranking for its business hotels (it got the top spot). If youre a foodie, Chicago is also a worthy destination simply because it ranks second for having the most celebrated restaurants in the country.

Dallas / Fortworth

The Most Expensive Cities in America

Dallas is probably only one of the most expensive cities because its known for its shopping centers, ranking 10th on the list. However, its pretty average in a lot of areas including hotels (most would even describe them as affordable) and popular restaurants. Dallas, after all, produced Chilis, but as bigger-named restaurants were born, most people just put Chilis on the casual dining category.


The Most Expensive Cities in America

Unless you travel for work a lot, you might not even be thinking of going to Atlanta. Its business hotels are pretty popular, ranking sixth of the most popular (and priciest) on the list, and it may have a pretty impressive airport whose amenities place fourth best. However, the business-like air in this city ranks 27thout of 30 for relaxation. No tourist attractions come into mind, and its probably not the best place to bring your family for a vacation.

However, the place has a lot of impressive amenities for partnership deals, presentations, and every other activity which requires you to wear long sleeves and authoritative ties. A briefcase is certainly fashionable in Atlanta.


The Most Expensive Cities in America

While it is pretty pricy to stay (or live) here, most people think its worth it. Theres never really a boring moment in Orlando, unless youve been to Disneyland a hundred times and youre sick and tired of the sun, the beach, and the clear blue skies.

However, doing all of these things can quickly drain out your funds, so you still have to look for the best accommodation deals, most affordable Disney packages, and, of course, the best time of the year to enjoy the sun without battling the crowd.

Orlando placed first for travelers who are looking for the best family vacations, and third for its affordable hotels. You wont go hungry here either with $8 nachos all over the city. Youll spend your money mostly on the theme parks when youre in the city.


The Most Expensive Cities in America

The best attractions in Denver involve outdoor activities. This is probably why its not known for its shopping centers and its the countrys most athletic city, by a mile. If you like hiking and bird watching, Denvers the best place to be in.

Youll probably spend an average amount of money for your hotel room, and not so much on cocktails (because they rank low, placing only 20th out of 30). However, its a good city to be in if youre looking for some fresh air. The most expensive investment here is probably your camping gear and the fees youll be paying your tour guide if youre new in the area.

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