Top 7 Gadgets you must have when traveling with your pets

During the Global Pet Expo which was held in Orlando, Florida, ingenious entrepreneurs launched a line of products that can actually make traveling more enjoyable for you and your pets. Whether youre driving the furkids to your hometown or taking the plane for a much-needed summer vacation off a distant pet-friendly island, these pet goodies will surely make the trip easier.

Below is a list of pet travel gadgets you would want to get your hands on.

SnoOzzy Orthoair

Top 7 Gadgets you must have when traveling with your pets

If youre worried about your pets joints, the perfect solution is the SnOzzy Orthoair. This therapeutic airbed is inflatable, and you can use it for both outdoor and indoor activities. Some pet owners even use this bed as a lilo for the pool for their small dogs. You dont have to worry about water accidents. Aside from the fact that dogs can swim, this bed is also made from marine-grade PVC. Its scratch-resistant.

Out of the pool, you can adjust the air chambers firmness so you can have a comfortable bed which provides maximum comfort for your pets joints. The Orthoair bed is also sold with a washable fleece cover so your pet wont even know its the same lilo used in the pool. Aside from circular mattresses, a variety of other shapes and sizes are also available.


Top 7 Gadgets you must have when traveling with your pets

If youre tired of picking up loose dog kibble from your trunk, its probably high time that you get yourself a Traveltainer. This product is basically a feeding system thats especially designed for mobile pets and pet owners. The feeding system is comprised of an airtight plastic container for the food and 2 food and water dishes which slip on both ends of the container. It also has a carry handle which makes it easy for you to lug everything together.

Come chow time, all you have to do is twist the travel bowls off the container and serve your pet some kibble. The gadget is perfect if you love taking spontaneous picnics or weekend getaways with your pet.

The P@W

Top 7 Gadgets you must have when traveling with your pets

The P@W is basically a travel system which spells “pet at work” . This was designed by Emanuele Bianchi for pet owners who are mobile but couldnt leave their furkids behind. With this travel system, you can keep both your pet and your laptop in one pack. The carrier can be expanded to a portable kennel with a comfortable mat (double size) lining inside the bag. Of course, this is only ideal for small breeds.

Your laptop is just as safe as your pet because the compartment is fully padded and fits any medium-sized laptop.

Road Refresher Bowl

Top 7 Gadgets you must have when traveling with your pets

Most pet owners are worried that their furkids might get dehydrated while theyre on the road. Unless your car has tracks, though, its not very wise to leave an open water bowl at the trunk. Thankfully, theres the Road Refresher Bowl which is a spill-proof water bowl for your pooch. This container allows only enough water to flow though the surface. The rest are restricted at the base of the bowl just in case it gets knocked out during the ride.

The bowl has a Velcro attached at the base so you wont have to worry about flying objects in case of a rough ride. The Velcro should stick to any carpeted surface in your car. This is a great pet gadget to have if your pet takes its seat at the back of your SUV. You can now travel without worrying about the mess.

The Road Refresher bowl is offered in either 54- or 24-ounce sizes. The color combos include black/gray or black/green. The bowl is fashioned out of non-toxic plastic so you dont have to worry about leaving it outdoors on hot summer days.

Package Rain Poncho

Top 7 Gadgets you must have when traveling with your pets

If you have to walk your dog during a very fickle weather, you can purchase the Package Rain Poncho which is sold in an easy-to-handle carry pouch. This is the best water proof accessory which wont get in the way of your pets leash.

The poncho is made from lightweight taffeta which dries very quickly. The access holes at the edge lets you simply slip the leash through and take the poncho out when you no longer need it. The package is available for all dog sizes, so its perfect for you and your pet whether you own a large German Shepherd or a small Chihuahua.

Towel Togs

Top 7 Gadgets you must have when traveling with your pets

Have you ever been showered with water and dog shampoo just because your pet couldnt help but shake off the moisture from its coat? If you want to keep yourself (and the whole place) from soaking, you can get Towel Togs. These are doggie wraparounds which you can just slip over your dogs head and tail and secure safely around its tummy so he wont have to shake off the water. The Towel Togs will just absorb the water off your pets coat.

These togs are made from absorbent microfiber cloth. It can dry off your pets coat even before your pets can begin its shakedown. Its definitely a necessary accessory if youre planning to give your pet a bath while youre out of town. You wouldnt want to get that rented chalet all wet.

Calming Pheromone Collar

Top 7 Gadgets you must have when traveling with your pets

If youre trying to tame a hyperactive cat, disciplinary measures might do more harm than good. You should get the Calming Pheromone Collar by Good Behavior instead. This is especially beneficial if youre mobile because most cats prefer to stay at home than travel. Sentrys good behavior collar is proven to significantly reduce any cats travel anxiety. They also help your kitties adapt better to new environments.

Just in case you need to be seated far from your cat, the pheromone in the collar also lessens separation anxiety. Your cat wont be meowing loudly the whole time, and neither would it be scratching all the delicate surfaces of the resort youre going to. What exactly is in the collar?

Sentry said that they used common soothing ingredients like chamomile and lavender. The effect can last for a month, so its not so heavy on your budget. You can use it on kittens, too, because it has a safe break-away clasp which wont strain your pets neck. You may also purchase these calming collars for your dogs.

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