Top 8 Driving Routes out of the U.S.

For most travelers, its not really about the destination. Its about the journey. This is never truer for anyone else than for those who love to drive. Some people find that driving actually relaxes them. If youre planning to fly out of the U.S. and rent a car to explore the landscape, these are the best driving routes to take.

Baja California Sur, Mexico

Top 8 Driving Routes out of the U.S.

While this driving route is not ideal for those who are only used to casual driving, people who love challenges will find this interesting. Filled with narrow, two-lane highways, adventurous drivers will be kept on the edge of their seats while traversing this path. The best road to take is Highway 1. However, word has it that it has plenty of potholes. Youll need a pretty sturdy vehicle for this drive.

Despite the challenges, youll be rewarded with great sights and weather. Even if youre an excellent driver, though, you shouldnt try to take this route at night. Staying well below 50mph will also keep you away from accidents.

Northern Tunisia

Top 8 Driving Routes out of the U.S.

Its no Nurbrugring circuit, but Northern Tunisia certainly has entertaining roads by the mountain that are worth driving through. Avoid this route if youre driving a fragile, exotic looking sports car, though, because youre most likely going to encounter extreme roads. While sometimes they come with warning signs, most of the curbs dont, so caution is necessary.

P15 and P17 of this route are always good places to be in, although sometimes, the road quality here changes too. The only downside here is that locals tend to drive slow-and thats an understatement. You can probably entertain yourself with the unique scenery while waiting for the car in front of you to move faster.
There are a lot of Roman villages along the road, too, so you can consider the trip an educational one. Who knows, you might just find something interesting enough to take a picture of along the way.

Western Cape, South Africa

Top 8 Driving Routes out of the U.S.

If you think that the only way to traverse the Safari is through a Land Rover, think again. Despite the commercialized image, thanks to Hollywood movies, African roads are actually pretty well-maintained. The N1, N7 and N2 (Western Cape) are exceptionally impressive, although top speeds are kept at 75mph. Just watch out for animals that may be crossing the roads.

Taking this route can be therapeutic especially along the Cape of Good Hope and the South Atlantic. It may even remind you of the Mediterranean. The climate is also quite similar.

M8, Scotland

Top 8 Driving Routes out of the U.S.

If youre a driving enthusiast, its most likely that youve explored almost all if the UKs challenging roads. However, have you tried driving in Scotland? If you havent, youre missing out on a lot. Scotland has a pretty diverse landscape, and between the Highlands, the Southern Uplands, and the Central Lowlands, youre sure to have a generous share of challenging roads.

A mountain pass tagged by the locals as Rest and Be Thankful is even notorious for making vehicles overheat at least once while their ascending. While the M8 is the main highway, youd probably want to explore its secondary arteries more. Youll be surprised at what youll find-from an old Scot castle to mind blowing twists on the road. Just make sure you come with a trusty map on your dashboard.

Kumamoto, Japan

Top 8 Driving Routes out of the U.S.

While Japan is thought of a densely populated in the global media, theres another side to this Asian country. When you take the Kumamoto route, youll get to see Japans mountainous countryside, where things are pretty much kept in slow motion, contrasting with Tokyos fast-paced lifestyle. This route also lets you into Japans most scenic and well-maintained roads.

The Kyushu Highway, for example, can take you back in time. This region is where the civilization of Japan originated. Gorgeous views and traditional architecture will welcome you as you drive by.

Coastal Roads, Portugal or Spain

Top 8 Driving Routes out of the U.S.

Do you notice how European car manufacturers always set their new releases on a road in Spain or Portugal? This is because the routes here make for the perfect backdrop if youre trying to sell a car. Who says they need to be exclusively for advertisements, though? You can go ahead and book yourself a trip to either Spain or Portugal. Once youre there, rent a sturdy car and take the Coastal Roads connecting the two nations.

Youll be rewarded with great scenery which seems to be untouched by time. If youre planning pump on the gas pedal and make like a racer in these roads though, hold your horses. While the Coastal Roads may be the perfect backdrops for those new sports cars, those sprints can only happen in front of the camera. In real life, though, the cops in both Portugal and Spain are buzz-kills. Theyll make sure you traverse their highways without a scratch.

Great Ocean Road, Australia

Top 8 Driving Routes out of the U.S.

Aside from its magnificent coral reefs, Australia also has its fair share of scenic routes. One of the best ones is the Great Ocean Road in Southwest Victoria. The sights range from resort towns to light houses and rain forests. Youll end up at the beachfront of the Southern Ocean between Apollo Bay and Lorne. Here, youll be greeted by huge waves which are every surfers dream.

You might also want to park your car so you can enjoy the Twelve Apostles, a stunning line of limestone structures jutting from the water of Port Campbell National Park. The Great Ocean Road was completed in 1932 and is a source of pride for all Australians.

Millau Viaduct, France

Top 8 Driving Routes out of the U.S.

If you find yourself in the Southern area of French town Millau, youd be wise to rent a car and go for a drive. Roads along the Massif Central Mountains can be quite a challenge with their requisite grades. What makes this route stand out, though, is the steel which competes with the magnificent landscape. The viaduct is definitely not just an ordinary bridge.
It comes with a price, though. Be ready to spend about $5 just to drive across the sky-high 4-lane highway. The tallest point is a good 1,118 feet above the Tarn River.

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