Top Airport Transfer Deals in the World

Every time you arrive at a strange new airport without a pre-arranged transfer to your hotel, you worry about the same things: will your luggage be safe? Will you get to your hotel on time? Will you have to shell out a lot of money just to get there?

While airport taxis may look more convenient than public transportation services like railways, taxis are not always the best options. People can end up burning as much as $32 more on taxi fares from the airport compared to what they would spend should they decide to hop onto a train.

Wherever your destination may be, below are the best alternatives to expensive taxi transfers.

Heathrow, London

Top Airport Transfer Deals in the World

Should you find yourself in Londons Heathrow Airport, the cheapest airport transfer you can get is through the Heathrow Express Train. This will only cost you around $25. In about 25 minutes, youd already reach downtown London.

On the other hand, taxi rides from the airport can cost you about $60 to $120, depending on where youre staying. Because if the traffic, the ride will also take longer, ranging from 30 to 60 minutes.

The only disadvantage of taking the Express Train is that youll be missing out on that “great London cab experience” that most tourists are raving about. You might be missing out on the scenic routes and the London cultural primer from your accommodating cab driver.

The train ride isnt so bad, though. While theyre not as fast as Japans bullet trains, you can enjoy 25 minutes of free WiFi connection. The trains are also available almost round the clock. They leave every 15 minutes from 5 A.M. to midnight. If youre fully booked on a business trip, you can take the same train to Paddington station and check in for a return flight. This way, youll dodge the long queues at the airports counter.

Forth Worth/ Dallas

Top Airport Transfer Deals in the World

If youre trying to cut back on travel expenses and you need a ride from Forth Worth or Dallas airport, the best taxi alternative is the Trinity Railway Express, more popularly known as “the T” . The average taxi fare downtown from the airport costs about $40 per 20 miles. On the other hand, a ride in “the T” only costs about $3.50.

The downside is that the railway transfer takes longer: 20 minutes from the airport to the T terminal, and 50 minutes to get to the Dallas Union Station. If you take the more expensive taxi cab ride, youll reach the town in 25 minutes.
If you take the cab, youll be saving about 25 minutes of travel time. On the other hand, a ride with the T saves you $36.50 per trip.


Top Airport Transfer Deals in the World

One of the top business meeting places across the US is Atlanta, and unless your company already arranged and paid for your airport transfers, you can end up burning a lot of money this way. That is, if you keep on taking cabs. A good taxi alternative when youre in this city is the MARTA. This is a direct transfer service from the airport to the downtown train station. It only costs $2 per transfer.

The trip takes about 18 minutes, but it can take longer if you take the more popular Buckhead route. This will also require you to change trains when you reach the Lindenburgh Station after 7:30PM. On the plus side, its much cheaper than your average 20-minute, 12-mile taxi ride. This will cost you a flat rate of $30 and an additional $2 per extra passenger.

The MARTA is definitely the better airport transfer letting you save $28 and a few minutes per way.


Top Airport Transfer Deals in the World

When in Denver, the only reasonable way to travel to and from the airport is through the Skyride Express bus service. This transfer service runs throughout the week, and almost 24 hours a day. The only real drawback is that you need exact change if youre not purchasing your ticket from the kiosk. The bus has four main stops downtown making traveling convenient even with your luggage.

Aside from the, youll be saving a lot of money. The bus ride only costs $10 and the trip lasts for a reasonable 45 to 60 minutes. A cab ride will take just as long, averaging 45 minutes, but it will be more expensive. A single trip to or from the airport costs $50 per 25 miles. Globetrotting experts say, though, that the bus ride is only ideal if youre traveling alone. If youre hauling in a huge group, a taxi ride might actually be cheaper.


Top Airport Transfer Deals in the World

Probably one of the most expensive cities to live in is Tokyo. That doesnt exclude your trips to and from the Narita Airport. Whether youre going here for your job or for pleasure, you would want to take a taxi alternative transferring to and from your hotel. For a 36-mile trip from the airport, youll have to spend a mind blowing $220 by cab. The Narita Express is by far more affordable with $32 per trip.

The train ride isnt bad. It will take only 53 minutes to reach the city proper. Each terminal also has a station, so traveling is convenient even if you have a lot of luggage. While the train ride is still expensive compared to other airport transfers around the globe, Narita Express cars are using all new cars by June of this year. Youll be transferred to and from your airport like royalty even if youre just taking a public means of transportation.

New York

Top Airport Transfer Deals in the World

While its one of the most expensive, classiest, but unfriendly cities in the United States, theres probably no escaping that trip to New York. Even businessmen living outside the U.S. need to visit the jungle of concrete at any one point in their lives. With the stereotypical crime-busting scenes shown on TV, how can any traveler not be worried about their transfer services to and from the JKF airport?

It seems like the only way you can survive in the city is if you have a lot of cash, a lot of smarts, or both. Now, if youre traveling with two or three other adults, the cab rate isnt so bad. Its a flat $45 rate for a 17-mile ride. It will also take only 35 minutes. However, if youre traveling alone, this rate is not exactly practical.

The best taxi alternative you can take is the New York Airport service bus. This takes passengers to the Grand Central Station or the Port Authority. Adults need to pay $15 per way, with one child allowed a free ride per adult. It takes approximately 60 minutes to get to the Great Central Station. The only drawback is the additional 30 minutes of travel time.

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