TOP 4 places to see before they disappear

First place: The pyramids of Giza
The pyramids of Giza are the most famous monuments from this world. A huge number of people have visited them during their history, and almost everyone has heard about their existence. There are many tourists and the increasing number of Cairos population lead to excessive pollution of the atmosphere, a lot of trash and many poor people who stole pieces of pyramid in order to sell them to visitors. All these particularities lead to catastrophically consequences, to degradation of Pyramids. Additionally, you should visit them now, because tomorrow can be late.

TOP 4 places to see before they disappear

Second place: Taj Mahal, India

Taj Mahal is one of the most significant views of India. This monument attracts yearly between 2 and 4 millions of tourists, and about 200 000 are overseas visitors. Nowadays, of pollutant cars are prohibited to access that zone, so that tourists should walk in order to reach the wished destination. Therefore, the enormous number of visitors that breathe, sweat and touch things that they should not to, affected negatively the building and it seems that the unique method to resolve this problem is to reduce considerably the number of sightseers.

Third place: Lord Howe Island, Australia

TOP 4 places to see before they disappear

The Lord Howe Island is situated in the Pacific Ocean, and it is located in 600 km from the est of Australia. This island was a zone with rich subtropical forests where used to live numerous species of animals and plants, especially birds that are now on the way of disappearing. After tourists exploitation, more than half of species have disappeared. The causes are: excessive hunting, introducing of new diseases and air pollution.

Fourth place: The reservation of butterflies, Mexico

The butterflies Monarh are very sensible to pollution, coldness and humidity. Thats why they need a stable place of relaxing in their migration from Canada to Mexico. Michocan is the favorite place of these butterflies, but this zone is destroyed by poor people who burn forests to obtain more cultivable areas.

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