British Airways Can Give You Very Bad Baggage Problems

British Airways Can Give You Very Bad Baggage Problems

According to a survey, passengers from UK who are flying with British Airways are most likely to experience baggage problems with this major airline. An approximate one out of 3.8 British Airline passengers have experiences either lost or damage luggage as they were traveling with BA. At the very least, the packages were delayed. The survey covered passengers who have travelled with BA in the past five years.

When presented with the figure, the British Airways dismissed the claim, saying how it was “complete rubbish” . The AUC of Airport Users Care scored BA low on baggage handling, although this survey was conducted in 2007. BA scored second worst, next to TAP Portugal. Contrary to the recent survey, however, the figure was much lower, amounting only to 2.6 passengers out of every 100.

This survey, however, did not specifically state if the baggage was lost, damaged, or delayed. Its also necessary for us to note that in 2007, strict security rules were being imposed. This included the limiting of cabin bags to one which significantly strained a number of baggage systems, not just the BAs . According to AUC, they can no longer get sure figures today because the British Airways is not obligated to give them one.

The same survey, however, reported that Virgin Atlantic scored the third worst, with one in 8.3 passengers suffering from lost, damaged or delayed baggage. The Emirates, which is based in Dubai, also scored closely low, with nine passengers complaining about baggage problems. Easyjet scored fourth worst with one in every 11.1 passengers, while Ryanair scored fifth worst with one in every 12.5 passengers experiencing baggage troubles.

Zero Evidence

Although the survey vehemently stated that 29% of British Airways passengers suffered from baggage problems in the past five years, the airline still said that there was no hard evidence supporting this claim. The BA representative also added that their baggage system has dramatically improved since the opening of the Heathrow Terminal 5 in 2008.


The BA representative also pointed out that the “dirt” on the airlines poor performance usually comes out whenever its cabin crew workers go on strike. The most recent strike was just last Thursday and Friday, and while members of the union have successfully paid and retained staffing levels during the strike, theyre still working on keeping the striking staffers travel perks, and having disciplinary actions against strikers called off.

The strike significantly cost BA money, making the airline lost as much as £7 million per day. The passenger numbers also went lower, crashing up to 14.2 percent just this May. Should the strikes go on, BA plans to perform 80% of its long flights and 60% of its short ones from Heathrow Airport.

The BAs departures from London City and Gatwick Airports are still unaffected.

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