Prescription Medicine Warning When Traveling to Dubai

Prescription Medicine Warning When Traveling to Dubai

If youre traveling to Dubai, you might just witness the inevitable: people dumping prescription medicines they need for serious medical conditions so they can dodge the risk of being imprisoned. The airport security in Dubai has tightened yet again, this time with passengers who carry prescription drugs.

A man flying with the Emirates Airlines was recently subjected to a customs legislation during his thirty six-hour stopover. This forced him to get rid of medication which he needed for serious medical conditions because the medicines were not in their original packaging anymore. More lenient airports would have let this go, given the passenger has enough paperwork to legitimize his possession of them.

However, due to strict drug trafficking rules in the UAE, travelers are advised to carry their medicines in the original form of their packaging. While travel cases for medicines are convenient, especially if youre so used to carrying just these in your home country, it can land you in trouble in Dubai.

The man traveling via Emirates Airlines did not expect the stopover. He said that he already read about the strict legislation from accounts of Dubai holiday visitors who were imprisoned because of the same reason in the past, but since he was supposed to be just passing through Dubai and not landing here, he thought it would be alright to take the medicines out of the original bottles.

Learning about the sudden stopover, his seatmate told him to seek the advice of the cabin crew. Upon consultation with the captain, the man was told to dispose of his medicines before landing. Unfortunately for the rest of the passengers who were not so lucky to hear the warning, they were detained and sent to prison in UAE.

Even if youre not planning to stay in UAE, or were not officially notified that youll be having a stopover there, you should keep your prescription medicines in their original packaging just to be safe. Especially with the recent explosion of the volcano in Iceland, there is now a greater possibility that your plane will be making an emergency landing to Dubai. After all, it is one of the busiests if not the busiest airport in UAE today. Just this year, the number of passengers has risen to 22 percent or roughly almost 4 million. Majority of these passengers were en route other destinations. They were also caught unaware of UAEs attitude about drug trafficking, in general.

On UAEs defense, though, the country is only worried that a lot of addictive drugs that can be bought via the counter from Britain that may find its way to the country. The government is closely controlling the prescription of a long list of imported medicines, especially anti-depressants, because these have caused problems in the past. Carrying poppy seeds that you want to use for baking can also cause travelers four years of imprisonment.

Dubais Foreign Affairs Office has already given fair warning that if drugs were found in a passengers body, it will also be considered possession. Back in 2007, for example, a tourist from Egypt smoked a cigar containing some marijuana content before flying to UAE. Because of the substance found in his system, he was imprisoned in Fujairah for a total of four years.

Because of the growing number of travelers found with these drugs, though, Dubai is trying to do a different approach. Now, if youre found with controlled substances, youre least likely to be imprisoned and interrogated. However, your passport will be confiscated for a day or two. This is enough time for the customs officials to process the substances and validate your prescriptions.

The embassy of UAE in London said that any medication will be considered legal, as long as it was prescribed to the passenger by a medical doctor, and given the passenger is carrying the correct prescription in the flight. The passenger should also carry these medicines in their original container, and the prescription should include the passengers name, address, and age.

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