The thrilling Desert Safari in Dubai



Nowhere in the world seems to epitomize an exciting pleasure trip quite like the Desert safari ride in Dubai. An unquestionable charm and passion on the desert safari tour sweeps along the tourists like the inimitable pied piper’s charm. The pulsating round trip cast its spell and echoes the spirit of Dubai desert safari for the life time. Desert safari drive, Camel ride, barbecue, camps away from home, belly dancing in the camp at night, Bedouins culture will be your heartthrob in the marooned place.




Desert Safari also known as dune bashing is a form of off-road driving using an off-road vehicle to explore the way on sand dunes of the desert. The desert safari tour on the sand dunes are exhilarating and at the same time risky. A lot of travel companies are waiting on your way to take you to the ride on desert safari. Get an experienced driver hired and have fun of the desert safari ride.

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The wandering nomads ‘Bedouins’ are one of the oldest aborigines of the place who will make you interact with a rich and cultural legacy in the sand dunes of desert safari. Bedouins camp situated deeper inside the desert safari drive is another eye catching sight for the outsiders. Purchase some souvenirs before relaxing on a majlis (low cushions) in traditional Bedouin tents. You can also get traditionally dressed for the occasion by dressing in traditional Bedouin male or female garments, and also have Henna (temporary tattoo) decorate your hands, legs and feet and smoke flavored sheesha (hubbly-bubbly/water pipe) and other traditional activities to fascinate with the thrilling tour of desert safari. Explore the typical Bedouin campsite in the desert with Arabian carpets, low tables and cushions for tourists to lounge.

The glaring sun leaving its shadow on sand and the colorful sunsets making the dusk overwhelming steals the soul in desert safari. At various place there are camel farms, take a trip on this desert safari with camel back and watch the beauty from camel top.

Desert safari tour can be fully enjoyed with the barbecue at the desert camp. Make this a beguiling experience with a dinner buffet under the night sky, followed by belly dancers and other entertainers paving the way. Enjoy this Arabian BBQ (barbecue) buffet dinner and dessert beside a blazing bonfire with traditional cups of coffee and dates, underneath the pitch-black night sky along with your day long desert safari drive.


Photographers found the place as a heaven, as the sun descending in the horizon reflects a perfect picturesque, while standing on the top of the fading sand dunes of the desert safari. Tracks on the dusty yet transparent sand dunes, belly dancers coalescing with Arabian rhythms, sun getting out of the horizon leaving its beautiful fragrant colors, camel awaiting to make you move around the desert, desert safari ride on four wheelers crossing all the boundaries of driving, the innocent Bedouins captivating eyes—– Desert safari experience can be kept preserved in your camera.



Desert safari holidays give you the opportunity to meet with the local traditional culture, to enjoy the fascinating sights, to enliven an adventurous drive, mingle with Bedouin and their way of living, pleasuring on camel drive and above all enjoying the delicious barbecue with ceremonious belly dancers dancing to the feet of Arabian music. Desert safari – a unique experience for a life long fun.


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