Sakura blossom in Japan

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sakura @

World is full of beautiful view everywhere. For this time, I choose Japan as destination. Japan is full of natural wonder; the lake, the Fuji mountain and many more. One of the natural wonder that I choose this time from Japan is Sakura.

Have you ever heard of the sakura festival or Sakura viewing in Japan?



Sakura is the famous cherry tree which produces the beautiful cherry blossom.  It is said that there are over 200 varieties of cherry bloosom tree in Japan

Cherry blossoms in Japan can be viewed in different regions, mostly on March to May .Every year, Sakura’s top viewing destination will be crowded by Japanese and tourist flying across the country just to see this event. This viewing Sakura event is called “Hanami” by Japanese. Hana means flower and “ mi” means seeing.


For Japanese, hanami(viewing flower) is combine with eating home-cooked meals or take-out food under the cherry blossom tree, combine with drinking sake, talk and song are also sing songs. The hanami is until evening.There are also food vendor nearby to buy the traditional food such as Yakisoba and Takoyaki  . Before April is a very busy period of time for working Japanese; account has to be finalised, deadlines, school graduate ceremonies,report finished etc. And then April is like breathing a fresh air. April is when most of the Sakura bloosomed.


Hanami in some region is also followed by Cherry blossom Festival, which include a lot of Japanese arts presented, including the tea ceremonies which held under cherry blossom tree. It is such an experince

Top destination of Cherry Blossom Festivals:

Kumamoto Castle Cherry Blossom Festival

Kumamoto castle (

Kumamoto castle (@

Kumamoto Castle located in the Kumamoto city in Kumamoto prefecture, Kyuushu. Kumamoto castle is gorgeous castle that was built about 400 years ago. There are more than 800 sakura trees. And during the cherry blossom festival,the sakura breathtaking view, combine with the illuminated castle at night, create an amazing view.

Yaedake Cherry Blossom Festival

Yaedake Cherry Festival (@

Yaedake Cherry Festival (@

Located in Motobu Town, Okinawa prefecture. It is known as the earliest cherry blossom festival in Japan. The hills are coming alive with the beauty of the cherry blossoms. Mount Yaedake is the island’s second highest point, and it is also known as the orchid capital of Okinawa.

Matsuyama Shiroyama Koen Cherry Blossom Festival

Matsuyama Castle cherry blossom (@

Matsuyama Castle cherry blossom (@

Located in Matsuyama-city, Ehime. Matsuyama Shiroyama is a park that surround The Matsuyama castle. The castle is on the hilltop and surrounded by more than 300 cherry blossom tree. During the Cherry blossoming, the castle will be lit up by the cherry bloosom.

Tsuyama Kakuzan Koen Cherry Blossom Festival


Tsuyama Cherry Blossom Festival (@

Located in Tsuyama-city, Okayama. Cherry blossom festival is well known in Okayama as the place place to view Sakura. There are more than 5000 sakura tree standing among the Japanese castle ruin.Tea ceremonies and Japanese music performances are also perform during the festivals.

Takato Joshi Koen Cherry Blossom Festival

Takato Joshi Cherry Bloosom festival (@

Takato Joshi Cherry Bloosom festival (@

Located in Takato-machi Ina-city, Nagano prefecture .The cherry tree in Takato Joshi Koen is famous in the whole Japan for its beauty and height. There are over 1000 cherry tree in Takato, including the one over 100 years old!Some of these Cherry tree found in Takato can only be found in Takato. The blooming of cherry tree complement with the beautiful white Chuo Alps, bringing the city to life! Its sure a jewels of Nagano Prefecture

Takada Koen Cherry Blossom Festival

Takada Cherry bloossom festival (@

It is located in Joetsu-city, Niigata prefecture. It’s known as one of the most beautiful illuminate cherry blossoms in Japan. There are over 4,000 cherry trees.

Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival


Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival (@

Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival (@


Located in Hirosaki Koen Hirosaki-city, Aomori prefectureHirosaki-koen is one of the best spots for viewing cherry trees in the area. Hirosaki has more than 2600 Sakura tree.In the park, there is also ancient castle which was build by Tsugaru Family

Matsumae Koen Park Cherry Blossom Festival


Matsumae Cherry Blossom (@


Located on Matsumae Town, Hokkaido. The town is known for 17th century matsumae castle which is surrounded by more than 10,000 Cherry tree in more than 200 varieties. Not only there is castle in the park, the park has also a library, where you can learn more about the cherry tree and see the cherry blossom paintings as well.


When will be the best time to view Sakura (cherry blossom) in Japan? Cherry blossom date changes every year, be sure to check before planning your next trip if you want to view Sakura because the blooming period of sakura is short. Usually, sakura begin blooming in January in Okinawa, and they are in full bloom in late March to April in Honshu region. In Hokkaido, sakura usually reach their peak in late May.

Daiwa Roynet Hotel Koen Yokohama (

Be sure also to book your hotels earlier because not only tourist is interested in viewing the sakura, but viewing Sakura also has become a custom for Japanese. There are still a lot of hotel deals and discount hotel available for Cherry blossoming period.

For traveller on budget, you can save cost of calling back to your home country by using calling card or phone card. Happy travelling!

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