Alanya – History, Culture And Fun Capital Of Turkey

Alanya is located in the Gulf of Antalya towards 135 kilometers east of Antalya. It is believed that the town was built in 2nd century BC by Cilician pirates. Alanya was called Coracesium in the ancient times. Alanya is one of the Turkey’s crucial vacation resorts. Alanya Resorts are also the first choice of Turkish citizens for Summer Holidays.


Alanya may be simply divided into 2 zones. Old Alanya is on the sides of Alanya hill. One of the most remarkable part of Alanya is the Alanya Castle from where you can watch the remainder of the town. On the other hand, New Alanya lies on the west and east of Old Alanya. Lately, many motels, pensions and residences have been built just right behind the beach. Along with the constructions, banana farms have been replaced by touristic facilities.


old Alanya (

You can start walking around in Alanya from Red Tower (Kizil Kule) near the harbor and continue with the Castle. However, you might want to pick early hours in the morning or towards evening due to the fact during midday hours it is usually very hot.


Red Tower is among the most notable building and the symbol of Alanya. Red Tower was constructed in 1226 by Seljuk Emperor Alaaddin Keykubat. Its name is from the reddish colored bricks, the tower was built of. The tower is 33 meters in height and it has 5 floors. Ground floor is used as museum and ethnographic items are exhibited there.


Alanya is also well-known for its castle. Alanya castle is among the most important historic structures of Antalya Region. The castle is built on the top of a hill. You have two alternatives to go up there. One way to Alanya Castle is from the main square of the town and the other way is from Damlatas Cavern. However, second way is steep and crooked, thus it will be much better to prefer the way from main square. It requires about 45 minutes from town center to Alanya Castle but there are plenty of cafes on the way to have some relaxation. It is usually very exhausting to go up the hill specifically in Summer months, so it is possible to also take dolmus bus from the town center.


On the halfway towards the castle, historical mosques and churches start to appear. Then, you will can come to inner castle. The very first notable structure in the inner castle is a cistern that consists of red-colored stones. It is among the 400 cisterns in the castle and the greatest one. The most significant monument in the castle is Byzantium Church. In Seljuk period it was used as Seljuk Mosque. Ultimately, you will arrive Adam Atacagi (Man Throwing) Tower. According to some rumours, imprisoned men were brought to Adam Atacagi Tower and they were given 3 stones. Then they were throwing stones to the sea. If one of the 3 stones reaches to sea, he would be set free.

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If you follow the second way coming from Alanya castle to go down the hill, you will reach Damlatas cavern. There exists a beach in front of cavern, called Damlatas Beach taking its name from the cavern itself. There are several colorful stalactites and stalagmites in the cavern. Inside the cavern, it is about 22-23 degrees centigrade and humidity is about 90 %. It is told that the atmosphere inside cavern has many positive aspects for asthma patients.

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