Scuba Diving in Kenting

As I entered the still, cold water, my mind focused on the sudden freezing sensation that ran through my body. My waist was now underwater, then my shoulders, finally my head. I sunk deeper and deeper, yet I was still breathing. The flaming sun high above was shining at its most, and I could see clearly beyond my mask. My teeth were biting on the breathing apparatus and with the marine pressure, breathing seemed too easy. As I went further below, I discovered one by one the splendors of the ocean. Never had I seen such stunning beauty.


The crystal azure water reflected perfectly the sun light during sun holidays I could see the white beams slithering on the sand which then seemed alive. The dark seaweeds and the twisted rocks covered with the most wonderful varieties of coral made this moment almost magical. And then, in this amazing stage, the show had just begun, as a mass of diverse colorful fishes paraded not too far away from me. I had never see so many different species of fish at the same time in the ocean.


A few dozen minutes ago, I was walking on the sidewalk. Besides me, a few lonely cars passed on the dark grey road. I was near Kenting, Taiwan’s most southern point. As I walked, a particular resort attracted me.. It seemed nice, and had attractive scuba diving posters on the door. I entered and saw a little shop filled with swimming items and small decorative souvenirs. I asked a man behind the desk about the scuba diving posters and he told me that for a quite reasonable price, they could give me a professional to show me the aquatic landscapes.

I agreed and he took me to the back of the building where all the supplies were stored. There, I could see a variety of diving suits, air tanks and other useful equipments like masks, weights… They gave me a black colored suit which wasn’t really comfortable, and they made me a weight belt depending on my mass. I put all my belongings in a locker.

My guide informed me that we would reach the coast with his car. The problem is that his car was the poorest cars I had ever seen in my life, literally. The outside of the car, made out of iron, was rusted, one window was broken and sand and pine needles claimed home on the driver and passenger seats. It looked as this car had never been washed in twenty years. I was scared on the road that the engines would blow up any moment.

On the way, we met this funny old woman progressing slowly in the middle of the road in an electronic wheelchair. Normally, if this ever happened in France, the driver would step out of the car rentals and rudely tell the woman that she was disturbing traffic. But here, the driver simply laughed and just waited for the old woman to notice that she was a small inconvenient for the cars behind her.


We arrived, at last, after a long way of slow motion with our good friend on the road. We checked all our equipment and I followed the travel guide between the rocks covering one side of the beach. We entered the cold water and the guide gave me a short but precise briefing of all I needed to know. He taught me how to say with signs if I was OK, if I had a problem or if I was critical. He then showed me how to check my oxygen, what to do if water ran in my mask, or in my mouth, and how to decompress my ears as we go deeper.

And now there I was, in front of this aquatic madness. I saw more wild fish than I had ever seen in my whole life. I even spotted a gigantic sea urchin well hidden in the rocks. I was so excited and accidentally broke a bit of coral with my elbow. I didn’t tell my guide as I knew that this would not make him happier.

We go out of the water a few minutes later and we got dried up with some towels the guide had brought. He offered me a hot cup of coffee which I greedily accepted. The wind was freezing me but I was so happy to have passed this one in a lifetime moment. We went back to the resort without encountering anybody. The manager lent me a room where I could take a shower and change. The next thing I remember doing was going back to my hotel booking and resting in a sofa watching TV.


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