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When you heard of the term” Business Traveller” you might think that whoever is on business travelling is very lucky to spend their time flying from one place to another, or even fly out of countries. You might envy that the business travellers travel on at least business class and upon arriving will be showered by leisure; having pleasurable meal, having cocktails in trendy bars, while signing their multimillion dollar business deals and stay at 5 star hotel.

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Well, that might be the case a couple years ago, however since the Global Financial Crisis the trend has changed! More of large International companies are changing their ways for business travelling.


A lot of business travelling expenses have been cut. There has been increase on searching more for cheap hotel deals and bargain discount hotels as well as cutting flight cost. You will be surprised to know that a recent research show that more than 70% business travellers are now travelling in economy.

Park Central Hotel New York (

Park Central Hotel New York (

Aha! Think of yourself who work in an office, rarely has business travelling to be luckier than those business travellers as you do not have to spend more than 8 hours in a plane, working on laptop on a small table, sharing their working space with more than 200 others passenger and children with hardly any room to move around. The toilet is even smaller than the one you might have in office or your house! It is in a size of cupboard. And in addition to that, the food in some aircraft might not be as good as the one that you can get back home.

When you are tired of sitting in office, you might get yourself out from the office to breathe a fresh air, or if you are sitting near window you can just simply open the window. However, this method of getting fresh air is not recommended on air at more than thirty thousand feet.

After a long haul flight, the business traveller arrives in early in the morning and has to go straight into meeting. Some business traveller also has to travel a few more hours by car to reach the location of their business need in the destination.

Getting back home and relax, with sitting and do job in office might be what business travellers want to do instead of flying. Flying back home is also not a relaxing moment for business traveller; some business travellers have to submit report on their business deals, which they write their report using laptop on the plane back home. If a good deal is done during the business trip, more business trip will be given for the business traveller, however if a good deal is not obtained during the business trip, the business traveller’s expense on the next travel will be cut even more. That is hardly a paradise.


Working in an office, travelling for holidays with friends, family, or even alone is much more fun than travel on business trip. You do not need to worry on what lies ahead when you landed on the holiday destination and just enjoy the in-flight entertainment or have a good sleep during the flight. Make sure you always check travel blog online to get local insider information which would save you time of planning your trip upon arrival. Even though you might sit in Economy class yet you will have holiday, away from work!

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