Trinidad and Tobago Fusion of Beauty

Trinidad and Tobago are a fusion of beauty, culture, history, fascinating cuisine and so much more. They are as different as the proverbial “chalk and cheese”, but therein lies the allure. Visitors get a two for one deal when they visit the twin island republic. It’s known as “TNT” by its citizens, a name that’s apt and fitting.

In Trinidad the destinations are lively, friendly, bubbly, people; while Tobago will woo you with its serenity, beauty and mysticism. These islands were joined hundreds of years ago by the British who once owned them. They became independent since August 1962. They have managed their economy successfully since then and have established themselves as an economic power house in the region.

Trinidad and Tobago needs to be explored separately, and then merged to truly appreciate their uniqueness, while recognizing their compatibility.


Tobago is the smaller and quieter of the two “sisters”, contributing her natural beauty to the allure of the islands. Travelers will be welcomed by her exquisite charm. They will be mesmerised by the wonder of the Buccoo reef, which is a marine protected area, as they are taken out in glass bottom boats to view the variety of marine life that call the reef home. The Nylon Pool lies just behind the reef, it was named by Princess Margaret when she visited it back in 1962. The locals claim that the Pool has rejuvenating powers. Pigeon Point is one of the most popular beaches in the Caribbean. The white sandy beach is lined with coconut and is well-kept and managed.


Tobago has a varied cuisine, some of it can also be found in its sister isle Trinidad. Nevertheless, they have their own unique dishes, such as crab and dumplings. bene balls (sesame seeds formed into a ball and held together with sugary mixture), toolum, another island confectionery, is also round. Its ingredients are molasses with grated coconut. Visitors can enjoy other creole dishes such as callaloo, ( a dish made with dasheen leaves, coconut milk, ochros and seasoned with green seasonings). salt fish buljol, this is shredded salt fish seasoned with fresh seasonings and heated with hot oil. Make My Trip


There are many different types of restaurants on the island. Some provide international as well as local dishes, while others offer mainly local cuisine. For the lovers of fast food; there are restaurants to satisfy you as well. Most are reasonably priced and well run.


Tobago is rich with culture and tradition. In July and August a festival that depicts the rich heritage of the island, and is aptly named The Tobago Heritage Festival. Stories of the island’s history is portrayed in plays, song and dance. The Jazz Festival, held in April, has become a main attraction for tourists. Internationally acclaimed artistes grace the stage of the festival, giving it a high standard and making it a must for lovers of jazz and good entertainment. If you want entertainment with a different flavor, the Goat and Crab Races is surely an event to intrigue and interest the curious. Goats run the down the track with much cajoling by their riders, while crabs are unsuspectingly lured to the pot by a guide.


One of the most picturesque beaches in the Caribbean is Pigeon Point Beach. It is one of the most popular beaches on the island. The famed aforementioned Bucoo Reef is accessible from Pigeon Point Beach. Store Bay is another of Tobago’s excellent beach tour packages. It’s just a few minutes from the airport, this is convenient for the visitor who might want savor the last splendor of the island before departing to colder parts. Mount Irvine Bay is a snorkeler paradise, all the gear and amenities for snorkelers are available on the beach holidays. There are some more wonderful beaches on the island, nevertheless, they’re worth discovering first hand. These are just samples to whet the appetite.


Less than half an hour’s flight southward welcomes the traveler to the island of Trinidad, the stark contrast between the two islands is evident upon arrival. The island nation explodes with life and effervescence. Trinidad offers a night life for the tourist who are interested in fun and frolic.


This is the biggest festival of both islands, however, Trinidad has the bigger festival. Masqueraders flock the street for two days, this street jam takes place at the end of February or the beginning of March. Carnival bands compete for the coveted title of band of the year. The music is also an integral part of the festival. The local music known as soca is sung mainly at this time of the year. There competitions for artistes of this genre of music. The winner is crowned soca monarch. The traditional calypso music is also performed at carnival time. The calypso and soca monarch reign for one year until the festival comes around the following year.


The Asa Wright Nature Centre has proven to be a hit with visitors. There are daily scheduled tours on the facility. It is a haven for the many species of birds on the island. Many other animals are found on the compound. The highly trained staff provides much needed information about the island birds, they also engage in educating the traveler about the importance of preserving the wildlife and the environment.

The Caroni Swamp is another conservation site. The swamp is home to the Scarlet Ibis the national bird of the islands. A daily return to the swamp by the variety of birds is a moving sight for those who have experienced this routine migration. The Pitch Lake is the largest of three pitch lakes in the world, it covers an area of 40 hectares. It’s reported to be 75m deep. Thousands visit the lake each year. The lake is a source of asphalt for road resurfacing in the country and is exported to other islands. Wildlife Sanctuary


Trinidad’s cuisine reflects the diversity of its population. The Afro Trinidadian has contributed creole cuisine to the delicacy landscape of the island. The Indo- Trinidadian dishes spice up the palate with the tasty curries and other eastern cuisines. The Chinese-Trinidadian has brought their own flavor to the culinary table, and many restaurants producing delectable food are ubiquitous on the island.


Trinidad and Tobago are different but equal. The visitor who wants to get away from it all and experience nature can be satisfied in various ways on both islands. Looking for festival, food and fun, the islands each offer their unique cultures merging in the carnival festivals, and diverging with their own festivals. The avid shoppers can explore the malls of Trinidad and the tourist booths of Tobago. It offers a whole lot more than the usual sun, sea and sand. The visitor gets a two for one experience on the islands.

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