How To Avoid Hotel No-show Charge

It’s beyond doubt contemporary pace of life is crazy. That is why, it can often happen that people get sick or injured and can’t travel. What’s more they can miss planes or connections and don’t arrive to hotel on time. The saddest thing in this situation that unless you cancel within the hotels allowed cancel period, they would simply take the fee from the credit card that secured the reservation. Do you have the possibility to do something about this?


Primarily, you need to keep it in mind that not all hotels would waive a no-show charge when bad weather prevents people from arriving. Despite the fact, some hotels may do this, still in lots of hotels the management assume that weather is a part of traveling, so they don’t count it as a Force Majeure. This suggests that if you are late to hotel because of the weather, you would still be charged the no-show. On contrary, if hotel would accept the weather as an excuse for not showing of, people can simply make up a story about bad weather when they in fact missed their flight. And, it sounds quite logic that most hotels do not allow cancellations for weather related travel problems.

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In fact if you get into a situation when you may be charged the no-show, you may need a few tips from the guys who have already find the way out.

If your are late because of the plane delay, you may do the following. Start from getting documentation from your airline that your flight was canceled. When you would have to ask an Eugene Hotel management to cancel your room, they will almost always require something showing you couldn’t fly anyway. Additionally, if a traveler was injured or sick, he/she would also need some documentation that can confirm this. So, you need to get a ‘note from the doctor’ or anything else that can show why you couldn’t travel.


The next advice is to book rooms at hotels or motels that have a 6pm hold. You would definitely know well before 6pm are going to come or not. Anyhow, if you are going to need the same room for the next night (for example at Eugene Hotel), you may ask at the reception of hotel to change the reservation to the next day. You may as well buy inexpensive travel insurance that would cover your expenses in case you haven’t manage to show in hotel at the date of reservation.

You may assume that hotels like charging for no-shows. In fact it’s better for Eugene Hotel that you check in and live at a hotel, than to charge you for no-show.

To cut the long story short, we can conclude that if you are afraid of no-show charges, it’s better for you not to reserve a room if you have any doubt that you may not make it.

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