Tips for Single Traveller

Travelling alone can be very fun. You can do anything that you like at any time and also travel to any where that you like and no one will budge you! However being a single traveller also has the disadvantage; more expensive and safety concern.

Check out online for hotel deals or cheap hotel for travelling accommodation. There are many travel deals that can save you lots. Using phone card and calling card can also save your calls. If you can travel anytime, booking in last minute might save you even more.

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There are some tips below that are very helpful for single travellers:

15 Tips:

Tips 1 :A lot of planning is the key to make travelling fun! If you have a few places that you want to travel at the same time, then Yes, it might take lots of your time, but its worth it to make it.  It will surely to make your travelling easier and save your travelling time and make you feel more confident during travel

 Tips 2: If you choose to travel and explore alone; not with tours then transportation is an important aspect. You have to check the cost of transportation (you will use that a lot) especially if you catch taxi and travel in the country that you do not understand the language. If you found out the cost of the taxi is much more expensive than the one you research from, change the taxi. Check your destination route properly before you travel.


Tips 3:  Once you have found hotel deals for your accommodation, it is important to check out the check in time, so that you do not check in too early or too late.

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Tips 4 :Use your sixth sense, go with your feeling when travelling solo


Tips 5 :Always bring your first aid pack (pain killer, hand sanitizers, bandages, food poisoning medicine etc). Pack your first aid pack depend on your country destination. If you travel for eco tourism area in mangrove, you might want to bring insect ointment as well. Once again, do your research in advance


Tips 6 :Keep your passport and other identification of yourself in different place, in case you get lost. Always make multiple copies of your identifications and have a copy of each of your bag and luggage.


Tips 7: It is better to travel to the places that are crowded, particularly night time. Ask the staff in hotel about local places that you ought to avoid

Tips 8:Travel confidently, it will send away the bad guys.


Tips 9 :As you are travelling alone, you might be taken advantage of; the tips are do not wear cloth like a tourist and holding a tourist guide book. And also do not wear the cloth that is drawing attention


Tips 10 :Sometimes lying help during travelling; do not let people know that you are alone, especially if you travel on 3rd world country.


Tips 11:Yes, you might meet new friends, new people, but do not trust them easily and hold on to your belongings. by Leo Reynolds

Tips 12:Do research on your destination, especially the custom. In some countries, their custom might be totally different from your own. If possible, learn a few phrase of the native language of your destination , like “hello”, “good morning”, “ thank you”, “ sorry”, this helps a lot


Tips 13:Be careful of your packing, take only necessary items, you don’t want to overtire yourself when travelling and surely you don’t want to be charged extra because of overweight baggage.


Tips 14:Beware of everything that goes around you, keep your eyes on your belongings and do not leave your belongings alone or place it in the place that can easily be spotted. If you are being followed then go into any store, hotel or restaurant and report them. Keeping the country destination emergency phone number (police, ambulance etc) is suggested. Also buy prepaid phone card for the destination country prior to travelling so you can always get in touch with your family back in home country.


Tips 15 :Do smile and do your best to interact, especially inside on your accommodation when you travel. You might meet other single traveller.


There are also a lot of organised travel tours for single traveller online. Using tour might be good if it’s the first time you travel to your country destination, and also it is a good way to meet new people and friend who share the same interest as you.

Indulge yourself fully by being a single traveller; climb Sydney Harbour bridge, go to the top of Mount Everest, explore African Safari, try surfing, diving, whatever things that you bordered yourself just because other do not want to do it with you!

 Explore yourself and the world!

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