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Today, more and more people are searching for cheap hotels, discount hotel and hotel deals. Not only hotel deals and travel deals that attracted people to holiday, but also importantly flight deals. For that reason, more airlines are offering cheaper flight rates. In addition to that, more low class carrier airlines emerging in every country, extending their flight to popular travel destination.

In the post Global Financial Crisis era, there are many holiday travellers and business traveller downgrade their airlines class. Those who used to travel on first class downgraded their class to business class, and for those who travel on business downgraded to economy class. Even those who travel on traditional airlines economy class downgraded their airlines to low cost carrier airlines.

Business travellers, who used to travel in business class, now have to squeeze themselves in a long haul flight in economy class. It might not be a good choice if the business travellers have to attend a meeting a few hours after arrival however, for a company the downgrade has saved up to 20-30%. And by downgrading first class to business class, the company has saved up to 70% or even more in some airlines costs. Travellers with big family will surely choose the cheaper option for flight, such as economy class or even low cost carrier.

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With the competitive price in low cost carrier, the carrier company try to maximise their revenue by just offering travellers with the maximum 20kg bag per traveller. Some low cost carrier even put the maximum of 10kg per bag per traveller. Some low cost carrier even charge extra for 3rd checked in baggage, and some airlines is also planning to charge extra for hand luggage. This means, if you want to travel on long haul flight in a longer than just a few days holiday, which include shopping spree, you have pay extra charges for the overweight baggage. Some travellers end up paid more than travelling in traditional flight.


 Many flight companies are now making some changes to the plane in order to meet the new needs of travellers; Qantas is planning to remove first class in many of their aircraft (which include A380), others remove first class totally and replace it with more business and economy class seats. Many airlines are now introducing premium economy class, which is half price cheaper than business class, with larger seat and separate exclusive cabin. Air France introduced a similar premium voyage cabin, which has fix shelf seat, with 40% space more than economy class.

Put more business and economy class seat, put extra premium economy class is what some airlines make changes to adapt to the current trend. To encounter more demand of low cost carrier, some low cost carrier is planning to remove some of the toilet in their airlines and replace it with more seats.

The introduction of premium economy class has also earned huge interest for travellers who seek for good flight deals with a maximum comfort. This option has gained the most interest the business travellers. Deals are what people looking for these days. Flight deals are just as important as hotel deals as it might cost more to fly than to stay. Check out travel blog to see more updates from hotel and flight industries. This will definitely help you to plan for your future holiday.

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