Setting Healthy Boundaries- Surviving The Holidays And Beyond.

To achieve better physical health it is important to protect your mental health. Throughout the holidays this becomes even more important. Additional responsibilities, family tensions and over-spending can create year long problems. The increased demand on you and your time can cause a severe stress overload! In order to safeguard your sanity you must create healthy boundaries.

Boundaries provide for two main purposes. Just like a traditional fence, they keep out what you don’t want in your space, and keep safe what you do desire in your space. For many different reasons it is often hard to set boundaries. With the constant barrage of stimulus we encounter daily, it becomes necessary to filter the incoming data and emotions you are confronted with.

Setting boundaries gives you the power to control the gate and only allow into your life what is useful and beneficial. It also gives you the authority to close the gate on people, information and behaviors that are harmful to you and your goals.

Creating personal boundaries is significant when people make demands on your time. You need to have clear guidelines to measure against when deciding how to spend your time throughout holidays. By establishing your personal time boundaries in advance, you will be able to make more beneficial and reliable decisions. You will have a clear cut yes or no, based on if the activity lines up against the priorities you have set for yourself. These should be based on your personal priorities and values.

Today’s society has become so fast moving that people are “plugged in” 24/7. You are accessible by cell phone, email or even GPS. This unplugged time can become a haven in your day. The first step is to notify those who regularly make demands on your time. They may not like it, but they need to see that it can help organize your day and reduce stress. The following instructions can help you set some healthy technology boundaries.

1. Specify a set-aside time of day when calls will be made. Don’t answer your phone at home during “specified” family times. It’s OK–really, they can leave a message and you are able to get back to them during your specified period.

2. Limit checking the computer, electronic planner, cell phone or email to once or twice a day and at specific times. Don’t gasp! If you want to get really crazy- try scheduling some days off!

3. When spending time with people, kindly don’t use these technology devises. Use common courtesy and supply your full attention to the person you are with throughout the holidays. Through technology dependence, society is learning to diminish actual human contact. It is no wonder there has been a rise in Attention Deficit Disorders! Technology encourages you to regularly do multiple things at once. If you are on a tight budget, then you should opt for budget Tacoma hotel. Tacoma is one of the finest locations of this interesting and exciting state. Known are several budget Tacoma hotel in Washington state offering a convenient stay. You can get 1-star, 2-star, or 3-star Tacoma hotel to meet your budget.

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