The Drought Of ’76. Do You Recall The Drought Of 1976 And The Dalton’s You Are Probably As Old As Me.

Desperate for a holiday during that glorious summer, and short of money , I turned to the Dalton’s Weekly for inspiration and found us a caravan on a farm in Bala, North Wales. For twelve quid! On a Saturday in August we set off in the MGBGT, with our three yr old son and five year old daughter in the back. What we lacked in space we made up for in enthusiasm. Nothing could dampen our spirits. We were going on holiday – we were young, hopeful and excited!

The caravan was just about big enough to accommodate us – luckily we did not have a cat to swing around! But what a wonderful holiday we had. Mr & Mrs Jones were in the farmhouse just yards away, along with their brood. When we weren’t exploring the surrounding countryside and beaches, our kids played with the other children. My one abiding memory is of them pushing an old pram around with a very sleepy cat in it.

During those lazy hazy days we would pack a picnic and put the wine in a river or a nice cool rock pool.

In the evenings the lovely and homely Mrs Jones used to send us over her delicious rice pudding made with milk from their own cows.

After dinner we would make our way to the nearest watering hole , with my husband deliberately weaving from side to side in the narrow lanes, causing the children to whoop with joy. There was absolutely no traffic around, or so it seemed; maybe it’s one of those myths, like the way we remember it always being sunny when we were children.
We’ve had many many holidays since that one in 1976. Much more expensive and luxurious.
But that one sticks in my memory for the sheer simplicity and joy of it. On the journey home it began to rain and we all cheered. It hadn’t rained for many weeks and that heralded the end of the drought. We felt so lucky that we’d squeezed in the final week of the dry spell.

That sort of holiday could not be repeated. Sadly, you can never go back. But my husband and I have been very fortunate and travelled to far and distant parts of the world . What is wonderful for us, as parents, is that now our daughter – yes the 5 yr old in the back – and her husband have teamed up with another gentleman to run a airport parking company company that takes away all the stresses and strains of flying abroad.

The business is Star Parking star parking. You drive to the terminal and a very nicely turned out member of staff will be there ready and waiting. All you have to do is decamp with your luggage. The driver takes your car away and that’s it! Off you trot into the terminal and your holiday starts. And when you return, a short phone call from Departures ensures you will be met with your car.

So Bon Voyage to all you out there. From one very happy and contented traveller.

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