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The Most Expensive Luxury Hotel Rooms In The World

It is a dream of everyone to spend at least one night in a super luxury hotel room. Some have the privilege to stay in a luxury hotel and for some it remains a distant dream. But there are certain luxury hotel rooms around the world that are just so much more unattainable to the common man or woman! These are the type of suites that you will see in Hollywood movies, where suave men and classy ladies swan around in suits and slinky silk dressing gowns. They drink expensive champagne from long fluted glasses and sleep on probably, pure silk or satin bedding – so we imagine!

We know that the furnishings, décor and service are out of the world with a price per night to match the standard. These rooms are playground of the richest people around the world. Given below is a list of top three most priced luxury hotel rooms around the world and a short description of what facilities they offer. The luxury that these hotel rooms offer are really out of this world and not even something that can easily be imagined!

1.Hugh Hefner Sky Villa: located in the Fantasy Tower of the Palms Casino Resort in Los Angeles, this is the most expensive luxury hotel room priced at a whooping $40,000. Perhaps this is the reason for associating the room with the name of Hugh Hefner. The room has an eight foot high revolving bed with mirrored ceiling, a waterfall, sauna and a swimming pool projecting over the edge of the tower.

2. Ty Warner Penthouse: situated on the 52nd floor of the Four Seasons Hotel, New York, this penthouse is decorated with curtains woven with gold threads, onyx bathroom floors and a coffee table made with shark skin. Priced at $30,000 per night, this luxury hotel room comes with an around the clock butler and a masseuse. A Rolls Royce is also provided to the occupant as a part of the package, to drive around.

3. The Bridge Suite: priced at $25,000 per night, this suite sits on top of the bridge that connects the two royal towers of the Atlantis Hotel in Paradise Island. The room has a 10 foot long four poster bed and a butler is present at your service 24 hours. The royalty of this luxury hotel room lies in its 50 foot long personal bar lounge and entertainment center.

To stay in any of the above mentioned luxury hotel rooms is perhaps a dream come true for anyone but not necessarily a dream that anyone can afford! In order to be able to afford a luxury hotel room such as these ones, a luxury income is an essential component that sadly, is probably out of reach for most of us.

3 Tips to Choose a Good Travel Agency in New Delhi

Delhi, the Capital of India, is known for its contrasts. At one hand, there is Chandni Chowk, the labyrinthine oldest market of Asia with narrow crowded lanes that have been home to some of the most reputed business houses, food joints and shops for centuries; and on the other hand, there are well-planned markets of Connaught Place and Palika Bazaar that form the focus of New Delhi, proudly bearing copious resemblances to well-planned European cities with wide roads lined with shady trees.

Delhi is home to the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Properties in India and is also the political and commercial heart of modern India. It is imperative to choose a good travel agency in New Delhi to really enjoy the true colours of the city and to successfully embark on North India tours, Golden Triangle circuit, and Rajasthan travel opportunities that you might want to explore. Here are three main tips that you might find useful in your endeavour:

  • Prompt Services and Responses: Delhi is connected to almost all the major cities in the world by national and international flights. Hence, many first time visitors to India get introduced to the country from this very city. In such a situation, choosing a travel agency in New Delhi makes sense to ensure that you receive prompt services and proper guidance about the rules and regulations of the country soon as you enter it. A travel agency that responds instantly to all your queries (whether they are made face-to-face, on phone, or online) is the one that has the highest probability of providing you quick assistance throughout your India tour.
  • Easy Accessibility: Delhi has a circular city plan and even people who have lived here for years find it difficult to remember all the routes in the city. Choose a travel agent in Delhi, who has an office that is located on one of the main roads and has an address that you can easily reach. You don’t want to waste hours trying to locate where your travel agent’s office is, in case you face a problem with his services.
  • Nativity: If you are looking for a travel agency in New Delhi, you will want a tour manager who knows the place like the back of his hand. Knowledge about the shortest routes to reach a place in time, and awareness about the best local restaurants, pubs, cafes, and shopping venues are some of the things that are desirable in the travel agent you hire in Delhi.

Testimonials and recommendations from former clients of the travel agency in New Delhi give you important insights into what you can expect from it during your India tour.

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Montreal – It Has A Lot of Culture

If your interested in experiencing a bit of European culture but don’t want to fly across the ocean then Montreal is the place for you. Situated in eastern of Canada, Montreal is only 1 hour from the New York / US border. It is a short flight from most cities in North America by plane. The train is also an option, all trains arrive at “Bonaventure” Montreal’s main train station, which is situated right in the center of the city.

Montreal is Canada’s second largest city and one of the largest cities in North America. It’s population is close to 4 million people. Over 50% of the population speak french (Quebec’s official language) while around 20% speak English. If you can’t speak french you still will have no problem as most people living in Montreal are bilingual and will switch to English.

The weather in Montreal is hot in the summer and cold in the winter. If you plan on doing a lot of exploring outside then it’s recommended to visit during the summer. The winter can also be fun as downtown Montreal has many shopping malls and metro stations that are connected by underground tunnels. During the winter it’s possible to spend a whole day shopping throughout different parts of downtown without ever stepping foot into the cold. Winter’s bring strong cold winds and quite a bit of snow. It’s not uncommon to see people digging out their cars in the morning after a night of snow.

Montreal is famous for it’s street festivals. Most take place during the summer but you can still find some when visiting in the winter. Two of the most popular festivals are the Montreal World Film Festival and Just For Laughs.

There are many sights to see in Montreal, you can easily spend a month here without seeing everything. Mont Royal park is one of the biggest parks in Montreal, it’s located downtown at the top of Peel Street. There is a long footpath leading to the top, on a hot summer day it may seem like quite a hike but in the end the view is worth it. Montreal’s architecture is very unique, walking through the old part of the city (old Montreal) it’s easy to forget that you are in North America not Europe. Close by to Old Montreal is the financial district with many modern skyscrapers. Notre-Dame Basilica or in french Basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal is located in Old Montreal. The Gothic architecture of this church makes it one of the most unique churches in the world.

Getting around Montreal is very easy due to it’s great Metro and Bus network. The Metro runs in a grid pattern with two lines running parallel through downtown. Each station has been decorated by a different artist, so just riding the Metro can seem like a visit to an art gallery. The Metro does not run 24 hours but after each line closes a network of night buses begins to operate with stops outside each Metro station. If you want to visit somewhere in the outskirts of the city there is also a network of commuter trains.

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Traveling Using A Prepaid Card

Prepaid cards are very often utilized for spending and buying goods. The owner will be able to take advantage of money in almost any sum that he or she wants. There is also the device we call the prepaid travel credit card, that will look nearly the same as the standard credit card with a signature along the company trademark plus the unique number. Once again, this kind of plastic card can be absolutely handled and operated by the owner. This piece of plastic can be easily accessed, and additionally placed simply by any amount of cash. The accumulated level of money is the credit card’s credit limit. As being the owner, you can transfer the dollars in the card, and then use your money wherever you just want to. On the other hand, there does exist still a slight difference between the standard charge card that people frequently use along with that prepaid piece of plastic. They differ considering that prepaid credit cards fail to supply the card holder the allowance of a type of delayed repayments. Examples of this plastic are Prepaid Visa, MasterCard and Prepaid MaestroCard. These cards can be utilized in any part of the world.

Just what is very good in regards to the pre-pay credit cards is they will not let the owner to shell out above the restriction with the card. This is why these plastic cards will be able to serve as the most effective solution in working with their credit. However one drawback in using these kind of prepaid credit cards is the fact that the user cannot enjoy the privileges that include getting advanced funds. Nonetheless, it truly is compensated by the point that each Mastercard and Visa Card works extremely well anyplace throughout the world. The Gold Visa cards can be utilized without any stress or trouble to the user. The greatest plus that comes with having a prepaid card is you can withdraw funds from your account, and currently use local currency.

No matter where you are in the world, it is possible to easily cash out money and use it completely, with no need of having to go to a foreign exchange. The agency can do well the exact same for you. There exists a fee you need to compensate, though. Nonetheless, it is really a benefit. But bear in mind, in case you are a penny pincher, perhaps it might cost you actually more than merely going to a money changer that will deliver you ready cash with you. That’s the reason why it will be much better to buy a prepaid credit card online which you can use around the world as you are offered having the most beneficial choices for getting hard cash. It’s very simple to obtain one, as well. You just need to secure your identity, and you’re simply enabled to go. Undoubtedly getting prepaid travel card will make traveling in foreign countries whether it is business or enjoyment a much easier one and convenient for you. No need to take large amount of bucks because you simply need your prepaid travel card in your wallet.

Golden Triangle Tour Packages get a boost due to Commonwealth Games 2010

Whether you have been to Delhi or not, you have still heard about it. It is the richest city and state in India in history, greenery, and the cosmopolitan outlook. It is also the Capital of India and a popular gateway to an India Tour. Thus, it is one of the three chosen cities that complete Golden Triangle Tour Packages in India. The other two are Agra – the City of Taj Mahal, and Jaipur with its treasure of royal forts and palaces and colourful Rajasthani culture.

Delhi’s past has been exciting. It stands on a history of seven cities that came up here. It’s present is fascinating – as it is the place of power play in politics as well as trade and commerce. And its future seems bright with all the infrastructures improvements and strong position of Indian economy. Being host to the Commonwealth Games 2010, Delhi has seen some massive changes recently and Golden Triangle tour packages are offering it as ‘Brand New Delhi’.

While the Games venues are in the limelight these days, the architectural heritage Delhi already has is unmatched and offers a lot of cultural excitements too. The massive Red Fort, where the tricolored flag of India is unfurled on 15th August every year to celebrate its Independence Day, has several palaces and buildings that are worth seeing. The Light and Sound Show conducted here every evening narrates the freedom struggle of India and throws light on the history of Red Fort itself.

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Cheap Hotels In Johannesburg

Johannesburg is the capital of Gauteng State, the wealthiest province in South Africa. Gauteng in not only the wealthiest province in South Africa, contributing to 33% of the GDP of the country, but the economy of Gauteng alone contributes to 10% of the GDP of the whole of Africa. Perhaps this is the reason why this vibrant city is known by different names like Jozi and Egoli where Egoli means ‘City of Gold’. Being the economic capital, there is no doubt that there will be a number of places to accommodate tourists, ranging from 5 stars to cheap hotels since people visit Johannesburg from all parts of the world and from all walks of life – from wealthy businessman to curious tourist – looking to see if there are still lions roaming the streets. Sadly, this is not the case any more, all the lions in Johannesburg are safely ensconced in the Zoo or in the Lion Park which is situated just outside Johannesburg and is a worthwhile attraction to go and see!

If you are planning a trip to Johannesburg though, you do not have to worry about your pocket thinking that this is a city only for the very wealthy. Hotels in Johannesburg range from urban chic to African theme décor, from self-catering to 24 hours personal butler, there is something for everyone. A list of 3 cheap hotels in Johannesburg is given below as example.

1. Garden Court Morningside: priced at $30 to $500 per night, depending up on the room booked. This Johannesburg Hotel has a French restaurant available on the premises along with a swimming pool. The rooms are small but airy; the staffs of the hotel are friendly and are always available for your service.

2. Gold Reef City Hotel: located just opposite to the Gold Reef city theme park, the price of a room ranges from $35 to $70 per night. This cheap hotel of Johannesburg has a bustling night life with a theatre complex close by, as well as a massive theme park based on the theme of gold being found in Johannesburg.

3. Mercure Johannesburg Randburg: the price range of the rooms is $60 to $79 per night. The rooms are small but clean and airy. Situated right next to the popular shopping and eating destination of the Randburg Waterfront (now called the Brightwater Commons, this Johannesburg cheap hotel provides a lot of dining and shopping options for its occupants.

The above three hotels are just examples of Johannesburg Hotels. There are hundreds of such small, cheap luxury hotels available all over the city. You just need to spend a little time and effort in searching the best hotel satisfying your needs. Numerous websites are available on the Internet where you can not only get tariff rates but also read reviews by people who have stayed there.

Why To Go To Boracay During Off Seasons

Boracay is one of the best beaches in the world. It is considered to be so great due to incredible white sand and clean blue water that make this island a great beach to relax. In the island there are a lot of different establishments that could make your experience much better. During the seasons there are a lot of people as well as a lot of fun.

However, not a lot of people know what is happening in Boracay during the off seasons when there are a lot of winds. It could seem quite stupid for the majority of people to go there when the rain is pouring and winds are scary. The rains will make people think that it will stifle their night life. However there are some reasons why it is still normal to go to Boracay even during off season. Below there are some reasons that could help to convince people that this island is great in absolutely any seasons.

– During off seasons it is much cheaper to go to Boracay. If you are limited in a budget, then it is the best time to go to Boracay. As well the flights from Manila to Caticlan are less expensive than during peak seasons. If you are limited on a budget and have some motion problems while riding boats, you could go to Boracay during off seasons as you could ride the planes and it still will fit your budget. As well the food and accommodations are cheaper on average up to 25 per cent.

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Gibraltar – What to See Outside Town

There’s plenty to see and do outside the obvious destinations of the Gibraltar’s town centre and even the Upper Rock. Gibraltar has a quieter, less frequented side with natural beauty and Mediterranean views not to be missed.

Alameda Botanical Gardens

The gardens serve as a lush, peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of town. Located next to the cable car station, just 10 minutes walk from the town centre, the Alameda Gardens have been part of Gibraltar for many years. Here you’ll find an impressive and well organised array of tree and plant species, along with quiet areas where you can picnic or rest in the shade. A small children’s park lies at the lower edge of the park alongside the Alameda open-air theatre, a magical location used during summer for local performances.

Don’t miss the charming wildlife conservation park which is part of the top edge of the gardens. Run by 3 full-time workers and a number of dedicated volunteers, the wildlife park is home to abandoned or homeless animals, many of whom have come over on ships. Currently it’s home to many species of bird, terrapins, reptiles, bats, prairie dogs, pigs, monkeys and more.

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The Island of Gibraltar – a Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth is where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic; you can view three countries and two continents from one vantage point, , apes roam freely, English is spoken, currency is pounds, there is no VAT and the sun shines almost everyday of the year.

A place where Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Hindus, Muslims and other denominations live in peace, harmony and understanding. Is there such a place I hear you say? Not a million miles but only 2,000 miles from Britain and only a short 2.5 hours flight from London is the British Colony of GIBRALTAR. Gibraltar a little piece of Britain in the sun offering the leisure traveler a whole spectrum of entertainment from Dolphin Watching, Scuba Diving, all types of sports, more history than you can handle in a short stay (especially the period from 1704 when Britain took possession of the Rock), sightseeing tours of the famous Rock itself, tunnel tours, cave exploration and much, much more.

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Best Hotels in Brussels for your holidays!

Brussels is always in the world news as one of the most important base for international politics in the European Union. It is basically a collective city as many institutions and organizations all have headquarters in this place. This inland capital city is by The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France, because of this it claims the name ‘Capital of Europe’.

Brussels-Capital Region, Brussels Region or simply Brussels, is the European Union’s de facto capital city. It is Belgium’s largest capital that comprise of 19 municipalities including the French Community of Belgium, Flanders and the capital of Belgium – City of Brussels Proper. From a tenth century fortress town it has grown into a metropolis with over a million inhabitants. Its metropolitan area alone has an estimated population of more than 1.8 million. It is for this reason that Brussels became Belgium’s largest town.

Narrow streets open suddenly into the breathtaking Grand-Place, with its ornate guild houses, architectures of Brussels is worth seeing, hotels are stylish too. Here are a few recommended Luxury Hotels in Brussels:

Rocco Forte Hotel Amigo Brussels (

Rocco Forte Hotel Amigo Brussels is one of the stylish and traditional hotels and is without doubt one of the best hotels in the city which is highly recommended. The Hotel Amigo has received the award of “3rd best hotel in Europe” by Travel + Leisure “World’s Best Awards 2008″ CG 03/09. It is a traditional hotel but very well visually decorated with flowers, canopies, together with helpful and courteous doormen. This hotel is perfectly located within a few minutes walking distance of the Grand Place, making itself the most central hotel in Europe!

Residence Grand Place Brussels (

Residence Grand Place Brussels – Again with a traditional exterior look and its central location, Residence Grand Place is within easy reach of most attractions and businesses in Brussels. Each guest room is tastefully appointed with non smoking rooms, bath robes, television, bathtub, shower, mini bar, laundry service/dry cleaning, business centre.

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