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Economic Sun Not Quite As Bright As Carribean Sun

Tourists are being advised to continue on their Caribbean holidays as a destructive but thankfully relatively un-deadly hurricane season draws to a close.

Hurricane Tomas was responsible for the deaths of 14 people in St. Lucia at the beginning of the month. With houses flattened and infrastructure damaged, the Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility (CCRIF) quickly paid out $13 million to Barbados, St. Lucia and St. Vincent. Though even St. Lucia has been quick to recover from the Hurricane, the destruction has rocked people’s faith in the sustainability of the Caribbean economies. Others are taking heart in the fact that all twelve of the hurricanes failed to make landfall in the US, keeping a valuable source market in good health.

With the wider Caribbean economy so heavily dependent on tourism, the bad weather has been less than fantastic news. Whilst some islands like Trinidad and Tobago have remained resilient due to oil and gas resources, the reliance on timber and agriculture aside from tourism puts a lot of investment in resources that can be easily destroyed by hurricanes (as happened in St. Lucia). Critics have been quick to point to this lack of diversity in produce as a decisive issue, but they also believe that tourism should be targetting outside the comfort zones of Europe and North America.

The problem with tourism isn’t that the sun has stopped shining of course. A holiday to Barbados, St. Lucia, the Dominican Republic or any other of these fabulous islands is as wonderful as it has ever been. However, there’s a futher problem: the Caribbean no longer has sole control over the image of the tropical paradise. Mauritius holidays are a fantastic Indian Ocean destination, and responsible for much of the European Source Market’s fickle attitude to Caribbean destinations in the last decade. Tourists are also keen to discover new tropical destinations, such as Thailand holidays for a continental tropical climate.

Shanghai and Xi’an Group Tour

Day 1 – Arrive Shanghai

  • Shanghai Picture
  • Shanghai Picture

On arrival into Shanghai and after completing any necessary Customs and Immigration formalities you will be met by your friendly China Holidays guide who will transfer you to Holiday Inn / Novotel Shanghai or similar where you will spend two nights.

Holiday Inn Novotel

Day 2 – Shanghai
After breakfast you will depart for a full day tour of Shanghai. Your day will include a visit to the Yu Gardens, the Old Chinatown and of course the Bund. Then over to Pudong to visit the Jin Mao Tower, one of the world’s tallest buildings, from where you will get a remarkable view of the city. In the evening you will have the opportunity to enjoy a cruise on the Huangpu River where after dark you will experience the ‘neon’ contrast of the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ Shanghai. (B/L/D)

Day 3 – Shanghai / Xi’an

  • Xi'an Picture
  • Xi'an Picture

This morning your guide will meet you and transfer you to the airport for your flight to Xi’an. On arrival your local China Holidays guide will be waiting for you and will transfer you to Mercure / Holiday Inn Xi’an or similar where you will stay two nights. (B/L)

Mercure Holiday Inn

Day 4 – Xi’an
Today you will depart for the Terracotta Warriors Museum, one of China’s top historical sites. Here you will see the magnificent Terracotta Army of Emperor Qin Shi Huang which has been painstakingly restored by archaeologists. Then you will get the opportunity to have a go at making some Chinese dumplings followed by lunch. On returning to your hotel there will be some free time. In the evening you will get the opportunity to sample a Chinese dumpling banquet and a performance of a Tang Dynasty Cultural Show. (B/L/D)

Day 5 – Depart Xi’an
After breakfast at your hotel you will visit the Big Goose Pagoda, the ancient City Wall, the Great Mosque and the Muslim snack street. After lunch you will be transferred to the airport for your onward flight. (B)


The Chinese Seals

Chinese Seal

Chinese Seal

The role of seals in the Chinese culture can hardly be overestimated. For the last 3,000 years they have been used in official, private, even magic spheres. The earliest examples of seals come from the Shang dynasty (BCE 16-11 c.) from the archeological sites at Anyang. Very little is known, however, about their usage at this early stage, it is only starting from the Spring and Autumn period (BCE 722-481) that we begin to see an increased quantity of seals paired with textual references to them. According to a Han dynasty story, the first seal was given to the Yellow Emperor by a yellow dragon with a chart on its back. Another story says that it was given to Emperor Yao by a phoenix as the emperor was sitting in a boat. In any case, the receipt of the seal signifies the conferral of the Mandate of Heaven. He who has the seal possesses the Mandate of Heaven, in other words, he has been given the right to rule the empire. So when Tang, the first ruler of the Shang dynasty overthrows the last tyrant of the previous Xia dynasty, he seizes the royal seal and thus establishes his power.

Until the end of Warring States period (BCE 403-221), there was only one way of calling seals, both official and private, regardless of their use and material. This name was xi, which in the following periods gradually became the designation for imperial seals. According to the History of Tang dynasty, Empress Wu (634-705) issued an order to change the word xi, which was up until then used for imperial seals, to bao (treasure). Apparently, she disliked the fact that the word xi was close in sound to the si (death). But when Emperor Zhongzong resumed the throne in 705, he changed the name for imperial seals back to xi. In subsequent centuries the two words were alternated, depending on the period.

At the time of the Han dynasty, the emperor had six seals, during the Tang he had eight, during the Ming over a dozen, and by the time of the Qing, there were several dozens of official imperial seals. The inscription on these official seals usually refers to receiving the Mandate of Heaven or being the successor of Heaven.

Chinese Seal

Chinese Seal

Another type of imperial seal was a seal that the emperor used to indicate that a certain document was written in his own handwriting. Emperor Qianlong (1736-1795) for example, was famous for his literary ambitions, including calligraphy, and had produced a large amount of texts affixed with his seal. When his calligraphy was carved into stone steles, the seal was copied onto the surface of the stone too.

Yet another seal was used by the emperors to appraise and appreciate art. It was customary for collectors and connoisseurs of art to affix their seals on the surface of a scroll of painting or calligraphy. The paintings acquired by the imperial household were affixed by the imperial seal. Many famous paintings from the Forbidden City have seals of generations of subsequent emperors on them.


Come To Sunny Bournemouth A Lovely Area Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring

Bournenmouth is a seaside holiday resort in Dorset. It’s location on the south coast makes it particularly attractive for holiday makers for a number of reasons. It is only a 90 minute drive from London and only 30 minutes from Southampton. It has a rapidly developing airport which services many of the low price airlines and a ferry port at Poole means that it is only a few hours by sea to France. Also close are such delightful areas as the Isle of Wight, Brownsea Island, the New Forest and The Purbeck Hills making it an attractive base for hikers and bird spotters.
With seven miles of sandy beaches which hold several of the coveted blue flag award where Bournemouth and neighbouring Poole have both won four and Bournemouth and Boscome have been presented with impressive Quality Coast Awards means that combined, the resorts have more Blue Flags than any other holiday destination in the uk. Bournemouth seafront gives you something for everyone. From watching a show at Bournemouth pier theater or spending a few hours with the children looking at the wide range of fish at the Oceanarium or even having a or meal at Aruba which is Bournemouth’s new and lively bar and bistro on the beach which is unlike anything seen on the English coast before. Throughout the summer time the pier approach offers a variety of stalls, attractions and events.
Beach Huts are available to rent as are deck chairs so you can just sunbathe, lounge about with a good book or just snooze for a while surrounded by some of England’s most attractive coastline. For the thirsty or peckish there are many cafe’s and ice cream kiosks dotted along the promenade and a well organised color coded Kidzone means that even in high season when the beaches become more packed, kids are always safe with their wristband on taking some off the stress and anxiety away from parents. With RNLI guards constantly patrolling this makes Bournemouth one of the safest beaches in the United Kingdom.
A easy walk or by taking the land train takes you to Boscombe. Boscombe used to be Bournemouths little brother but with its new Honeycomb Chine development, whole new 21 century seafront regeneration and Europe’s first synthetic surf reef is now re-inventing itself as surfing heaven. Overlooking the reef are a complex of refurbished luxury beach huts, a trendy new glass fronted bistro cafe bar and deli called Urban reef a surf store called sorted which which hires out surf gear and also teaches surfing and the recently restored Boscombe Pier which in March won the pier of the year award. Both Boscombe and Bournemouth.
Not only is Bournemouth just known for its glorious beaches however as less known is the fact that Bournemouth also holds 10 green flag awards for its beautiful parks and gardens. Bournemouth’s Gardens are split into three areas of Victorian beauty – starting with the Lower Gardens, adjacent to the sea and heading to the Central Gardens in the town center and then the Upper Gardens. The Lower Gardens play host too many events and attractions during the the summer months including concerts at the Pine Walk, Bandstand, the Aviary with it’s friendly cafe and the open art exhibition. The magnificent Grade 2 listed rockery in Bournemouth’s Lower Gardens is regarded as the largest municipal rockery in the United Kingdom, and since it was first produced in the 1930’s by the esteemed Vietch nurseries to entice holiday makers down toward to seafront, it has had to endlessly adapt to cater for the changing tastes of it visitors.

Bournemouth features a wide range of shops, malls, dress shops and department stores and most of the town center is pedestrianised. Boscome has a market twice a week on Thursday’s and Saturdays and is excellent for grabbing that bargain and Pokesdown is known for its many quality Antique shops. There is ample parking all over the Bournemouth area at reasonable prices or better still park for free at the Castlepoint Shopping Centre which is located on the edge of Bournemouth, full of brand name stores and restaurants and is the perfect venue for the big shop.

At night Bournemouth has over 250 restaurants covering any palette from Italian to Indian, Cantonese to vegetarian or even gourmet, Bournemouth literally caters for any preference. Less exotic but just as tasty are the numerous fish and chip shops and fast food outlets which cover such delicacies as burgers or shish kebabs. There is a multitude of bars, pubs, and Bournemouth has become famous in the last few years for its vast number of nightspots and has in turn become very popular with hen parties and stag-nights. In Boscome there is the O2 Academy At one time the Bournemouth Opera House has been used as an entertainment venue for over 100 years. It boasts a glorious interior with period features, including the proscenium arch, art-deco styling and ornate steel work. It has a capacity of 1,925 and hosts in the region of 150 events per year. Bournemouth also has a number of cinemas, theaters and an Exhibition Centre.

After a long day on the beach or shopping and then dancing the night away or just having a quiet drink or meal it is time to get some sleep. Bournemouth has an astonishing variety of types of accommodation whether you are looking for self-catering, bed and breakfast, camping guest houses or top class hotels such as the Royal Bath Hotel, Bournemouth has it all.
Bournemouth Tourism promotes establishments that have been either graded under their own Bournemouth Quality Standards Scheme or quality assessed either by the AA or Quality in Tourism. So you can be sure that the quality of your property will be paramount.
Bournemouth has a range of attractions and activities to suit all ages, budgets and weather condition. From The Xmas Market to the free Bournemouth Airshow in August, Bournemouth has lively and topical events year round. It is a modern town that is forever re-inventing itself and staying ahead of other seaside resorts. It is not afraid to try different things and bring the best that is on offer to this pleasing part of the South Coast.

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Regarding Santos Dumont Airport

If you are coming from another country rather than Brazil, you will most likely not use this airport at all in Rio de Janeiro. However, if you travel inside Brazil, you could possibility go through it. This airport is International only because as of today it has one international flight. The Flight is to and from Asuncion, Paraguay. The other flights are 100% in Brazil covering mostly Sao Paulo, and Minas Gerais.

Santos Dumont Airport is among the 5 in Brazil in terms of number of people per year. It has a amount of people in the house of 7,000,000 per year. This number tends to increase drastically in the next few years because of the World Cup 2014, and the Olympic in 2016. In Fact, improvements in infrastructure have been approved by the Brazilian government to guarantee that passengers will have a good experience through this airport.

You will find ATMs, post office, that translated to Portuguese is called Correios the store is yellow, WI-FI Internet, and many public telephones. This airport is accessible for those with disabilities. However, it is wise for you, in case you need that, to inform your airline company, so they are prepared for you whenever you land or take off. There is a parking lot with about 1000 spots. One good portion is for disabilities purposes.

You will find lots of places to eat. You will also find stores to buy newspapers, books, souvenirs, and service stores as travel agencies, among others. You will find the main international car rentals there. They can be very pricy thought, if you can rent from the downtown area, you could find better deals.

Santos Dumont Airport also has a doctor’s office for emergency purposes. Since this is owned by the government, you will not pay anything in case you have to see the doctor inside of the airport’s facility. You will have to buy the drug only. Do not hesitate in case you need it.

It is pretty safe, however, you should not be too relaxed upon arrival in terms of petty crimes. It can definitely happen. In fact, you should, as soon as you land, go get your luggage to make sure you do not get robbed. If you do not find your luggage upon arrival, talk immediately with the airline company.

There is a Lost and Found place there. In case you lost anything you should look for them immediately. If they do not possess whatever you lost, you should leave your contact information. Your chances of getting it/them back is/are slim though.

Santos Dumont Airport is located near the downtown area. I believe to be somewhere around 2.8 km away from downtown. This can be an advantage because everything else is cheaper out of the airport.

Have fun coming to Rio de Janeiro, and be safe!

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How To Find A Great Discount Travel Vacation

Vacation is what the majority of people look forward to most summers and thus why not to consider a discount travel vacation and as a result save some money while you are at it? As well these kinds of vacations are not short on anything compared to full priced versions. However, you will have some benefits over full priced vacations. For instant, you will end up spending less on a discount vacation deal. It means that you will have more money in your pocket. With as many places as there are to visit in the world, trying to visit just one of those places could set you back a lot. In fact, there is a solution to it. And it is called a discount vacation.

A discount travel vacation no longer has to sound sinister. When people think sinister, they tend to think about dirty, cheap hotels. However, it does not have to be the vacation you take. Instead of it, you can go where you want to. In fact, there are a lot of different places in the world that have discount attached them. Today almost everything is possible, but you only have to find the proper person to go to. Different travel agencies will be a good way to save some money on your vacation.

In fact, it is easier to look into discount travels on the internet. All you need to do is to type in travel rates or your destination and you will get a lot of links. But, when you do so, it is necessary to choose reputable vacation dealers. You have to be ready that some online websites will claim to offer discount vacation deals, but in fact, it is scam. One of the smartest is things that you could do is to watch out for these. Like in any other vacation, research is a key. The best way to find deals will be through the link for vacation deal finders on the tourism website for your place of destination.

When you buy a discount travel vacation, you could start to plan put your vacation if you have not already. Asking for tourism material on the country or the city of your choice will help you to understand what your vacation will bring. In fact, there is almost countless number of different opportunities. The majority of these ravel materials will include a map for easy navigation as well. It will make it easier to find some important landmarks and restaurants that you could visit. Browsing the travel website will give you an idea of what you could do on your trip. It will make it easier in you to get the most out of your travel.

These days we are living in the world of urgent affairs. Often job takes practically the biggest part of our time. But it cannot last forever! If you are bored with everything, then it is the right time to dream of boracay.

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Top 3 Things Your Travel Agent Will Never Tell You

Today a lot of people are living paycheck to paycheck and are facing the possibility of tougher economic times. However, at the same time, at last one vacation per year is necessary for every family. With less money to spend, a lot of vacationers are searching for some advice on how to travel cheap whether with an online travel websites or traditional travel agency. Of course it is much cheaper to use online travel agency. But should you really use it?

In fact, there are a lot of pros and cons to which travel agent it s better to use and you could find cheap travel deals with one at a certain time. But, still it is necessary to keep in mind that if you are using brick and mortal travel agency, there are some things that you will never hear from them:

– As a rule, traditional travel agencies tend to consider online travel agencies as their rival, so they will never recommend you to check the internet in order to get a better travel deal. There is no matter whether you end up paying appreciably more for your tickets, but they want you to stick with them. For sure, it does not mean that you will never get a better deal at a traditional travel agency. In the majority of cases you can and surely will as these professionals know all the ropes and could negotiate a deal for you that you could or could not get on your own. But, at the same time if they cannot, they will not tell you it.

– You can be paying a lot of service changes. Several years ago travel agent personnel can end up making a lot of money only on commissions. For instant, you will book a flight and the airline will pay the travel agent a commission allowing them to make quite attractive salary at the end of the year if they manage to book a lot of airline fares. But, with the development of the internet, this practice has been almost stopped. These days, travel agents receive money only with service charges rather than commissions. And thus you have to make sure to check in advance how much the charge will be because it could be disclosed to you till later toward the end of your visit or after you have secured your tickets.

– In fact, travel agents make a lot of mistakes, tickets get entered in wrong, bookings get missed up and a lot of other problems. However, the only good thing is that you will have a human to speak to when you get to your destination and finds that things are not as they have to be.

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Travel Marvel of South India

When any South Indian hears the word “Vellore”, he can think of two things immediately – one is Vellore Jail and another is Vellore Fort. Vellore Fort is very popular in South India, as it is very rare to find forts and palaces in South India. Vellore Fort is one of the largest forts among those very few forts of South India. It is located near Chennai city on the Chennai-Bangalore route.

Inside the gigantic Vellore Fort, there are a lot of government buildings, museums, Churches, and mosques. However, the most important structure inside the Vellore Fort is the magnificent Jalagandeswarar temple. The fort was in fact built due to this temple. Before I write about the architecture, structure, sculptures, and idols of Jalagandeswarar temple, I would talk about its history.

As per the legend the current site where the temple is located was an island surrounded by lake. In the island, there was an snake hole. Near the snake hole, there was a Shiv Linga idol which was protected by a five headed snake. A cow used to feed milk to the snake. After hearing all these stories, the king named Bommi Reddy who ruled this region started building the temple in the site. The temple construction
was started in the year of 1274 AD. A sculptor from North India lead the construction of the temple. However, it was later found out that the day selected to start the construction was not auspicious. Hence, in order to protect the temple, the king had to build a fort around the temple so that he could protect this beautiful temple.

After Bommi Reddy, there were ten kings in his dynasty who ruled Vellore. It was in the 17th century AD that the fort city was captured by Bijapur Sultan. His son KanKhan and his grand son Abdullah ruled the city after him. As Abdullah was made to believe that there were costly stones lying below the Shiv idol, he removed the Shiv idol and threw the same into the moat surrounding the fort. After that, the Vellore city was captured by Marathas. Marathas brought the idol back to the city. However, within two years, the city went to Muslims again.

The poojas were stopped for around 21 years. When the city was recaptured by Marathas, the temple poojas were restarted. When it was recaptured by Muslims, the poojas and rituals didn’t stop. However, it is said, even though there is no historical proof, a Muslim prince who tried to misbehave with a female was killed by her within the temple complex. Since then (during 18th century AD), the Shiv Linga idol was shifted to a nearby village and the temple was without the main idol. It was only during the recent time towards the end of 20th century AD, the temple got back its idol as well as the original glory.

A big legend with some historical facts….tried to write briefly as far as possible. I will talk about the temple structure and idols in my next post about India Tourism.

Save Your Time And Money By Planning For Travel Effectively

Research and expert planning are the guarantee of enjoyable travel experience. As well proper planning for travel is essential for preventing hold-ups, unanticipated costs and those other irritating problems that tend to happen during vacation.

At least you will want to arrange the best available combination of flights, hotels or resorts and car rent. As well you could need to find out about shows, exhibitions, restaurants, local attractions and all other types of other entertainments where you are going.

A lot of experienced travelers have developed the skills necessary to discover, you have to plan and arrange all these aspects of travel effectively and quickly. A lot of other travelers do not have this expertise and have to depend on selective websites or non-independent travel agents to arrange their itineraries. Traditionally they spend hours on the internet on their own aware that they are probably missing out on the best deals just as they do not know where to look for or want to ask for. As well you cannot be sure that the information is updated.

In fact, the best information is not very easy to discover without the help from really independent travel agent or expert. As well it is not easy to find quickly. As well many experienced travelers find shortcuts and other ways of making their particular requirements easier to get without wasting a great amount of time on the internet or phone.

If you are busy and inexperienced traveler, then for you it is better to use a good travel guide – one that shows in details the ways for getting the best deals for airfares, accommodations, car rental, entertainments and so on. You could have seen some budget travel guides available on the internet that advertise immense savings to be made whenever you purchase an airline ticket. As well these guides include a lot of other possible areas in which you can save a considerable amount like discounted cruises, hotel accommodations, half price theme park admissions and so on.

In fact, the majority if not all of these saving claims are really true. Good guides will surely show you how to plan and arrange cheap and at the same time more enjoyable travel. In this case you can be sure that you will save as much time and money as possible and you often get there in a higher travel class than expected. As well these travel guides will show you how to find and enjoy the best deals in entertainment and food throughout the whole vacation.

As well the majority if these budget travel guides include details of the wide range of freebies and discounts available to those in the travel industry. And of course, it is possible to get an access to all thee industry allowances and proms.

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How To Find The Best Deal On All Inclusive Vacations

In fact, all inclusive resorts and hotels are a great idea for any traveler or family wishing to plan their vacations. One of the obvious reasons for it is price certainty. One of the things that a lot of vacationers complain about is that the cost of foods, entertainment and transportation very often turn to be higher than they have planned on. Due to it, they are not able to enjoy their vacation as much as they want to.

With all inclusive vacation, you have none of these concerns. But, even with all the benefits that an all inclusive resort or hotel could offer, people would still like to be able to find the best deal. Below there are some tips that will help you to do so:

– It is a good idea to plan your vacations during off seasons

As a rule, on the majority of world’s resorts the peak season is traditionally from December to May. And if you are searching for travel deals on all inclusive resorts or hotels, you will definitely want to avoid the busiest periods. During these months the resorts and hotels are fully booked and so have no incentive to offer you any discounted deals. But, if you take your vacation between the other half a year you have an opportunity to book a room for as little as 40 per cent of the common regular price. If you want to save maximum of your money, then it is better to plan your vacation in July or August.

– Try to take a mid-week vacation

If you are planning to take a vacation for a week or longer then it could not be quite applicable. But, if you are just searching for a 4 or 5 day vacation, you could find greatly lower prices during the week in comparison to the weekends. Today a lot of people plan their short vacations during the weekends so that they could take fewer days off from the work. You could benefit from it by booking your vacation when there is less competition.

– You have to be flexible

In fact, instead of planning a travel date and searching for resorts or hotels during your planned vacation period, why not to flip the tables? You have to look of great deals and discounts. Once one comes up, you could use those dates as your starting point for planning your vacation.

– Consider last minute deals

Resorts surely have deal with cancellations and do not always fill up all their rooms. When it happens they become quite desperate and will offer package deals at discounts. For them it is better to sell the vacation for cheap, but not have empty rooms. And thus you could look for last minute deals on your favorite travel website or ask your travel agent to alert you when one shows up.

Currently we are living in the world of pressing affairs. In many cases job takes practically the biggest part of our time. But it cannot last forever! If you are bored with everything, then it is the right time to think of boracay.

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