The Safari Guide

Safaris can be exciting and thrilling places, when on safari its best to be knowledgably and know the safety guidelines to get the best experience you possible can out of your safari experience.

Things you might need
Camera – there’s no better to document the magical Safari memories!! Make sure to bring plenty of film and Batteries with you as you may end taking more photos than you thought

It’s hot out there in the savannahs so keep yourself hydrated, as nobody wants to catch a case of sun stroke ruining their Safari Holidays. Bring plenty of water with you unless your planning to visit the crocodiles down by the river.

Suitable attire
As I’ve noted its Hot out there and you don’t want to be draped in thick layers of clothing, keep to short and t shirts a breathable fabric if possible, a hat to keep the sun off your head and sun glasses to keep the suns glare out of your eyes.
Animal Knowledge

Doing some research on what animals you’re looking for and where would find them will be a great essential as you can act as an extra eye for the tour guide as he may miss a mesmerising sight that you might of spotted then you can take some credit for your tracking achievements.

Calm and Quite
When the safari Jeep comes to a halt and the engine cuts it’s probably for a good reason, many of the animals you may encounter may be timid such as Leopards and Rhinos. So please remember to keep quiet and still when your around most of the animals, Elephants and Giraffes tend to be quite friendly and aren’t usually phased by fast movements and Sounds, your safari guide should set some guidelines before the tour starts.

Don’t leave it to chance
In peak season Safari excursions are booked full or prices may be absurdly high so contact a specialist in the area of Africa you may be visiting from Mozambique Holidays to South Africa Holidays with a specialist booking your trip expect to get the best safari experience possible.

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