Main Principles Of Ecological Tourism

1. Combine tourism with preservation of the environment

Put your means in the organisation of such rounds which care of environment preservation. In this way you already support a right direction in development of ecotourism and create positive image of the firm in region.

Receive all necessary permissions for visiting of reserves or other protected territories. Leave these territories in the same condition in what they were before your arrival, do not disturb the wild nature.

Study and observe laws, follow the instructions called to protect region environment.

Begin with yourself, namely: never destroy and do not promote destruction of rare and protected kinds of animals and plants. Remember: hunting and fishing for them are forbidden and purchase of production from protected kinds stimulates their destruction. There is no demand – there is also no offer.

Become the supporter of the nature protection organisations and support projects on environment preservation.

2. Support the protection of the nature

Study the information on the actions directed on wildlife conservation. Your help to these actions can be various: from monetary contributions and public work to the nature protection organisations before education and propaganda of those persons and businessmen on which you have influence.

At the co-ordinated visiting of reserves and national parks the payment raised for visiting of similar territories, support existing systems of protection and promote development of security actions in other territories requiring preservation.

3. Rationally use natural resources

In order to reduce to a minimum a damage of district visited by you prefer vehicles without harmful machines. On water try to use kayaks, boats. It will help to avoid superfluous noise and consequently to reduce to a minimum a district damage.

As less as possible use snowmobiles, especially in places with a thin snow cover. The tundra nature is especially sensitive to influence of snowmobiles.

There, where hunting and fishing is resolved take only that is really necessary for you. Remember that on hunting and fishing it is necessary to obtain the permit.

Observe and photograph animals in their native habitat on big enough distance. Inhibit in yourself natural desire to approach and consider more close, reckon with signs anxieties (alarm signals), signs of strong excitation (the pressed ears).

Remember that it is more preferable to use already existing bases and tracks than to create the new. Use such kinds of the organization of campings which have the minimum influence on environment.

Don’t collect samples of plants if you preliminary haven’t obtained on this permit.

4. Reduce to a minimum a consumption level of natural resources, development of a waste and environmental contamination

Great value has the production and habitation choice. Choose production in the minimum packing, subject to biochemical decomposition and secondary processing.

Whenever possible use system of secondary processing.

Limit energy consumption and also heat and hot water.

Leave as less as possible traces of your visit and take away garbage with yourself.

Choose transport which has the least influence on environment, avoid some oil fuel and motor-transport.

Choose habitation which has systems of recycling of a waste and secondary processing. It is desirable, that in such habitation ecologically safe power supplies (solar or hydraulic power) were used.

5. Respect local culture and a life

Cultural-historical aspect is attractive and interesting feature of many rounds. Familiarize with culture and customs of local population of those places which you want to open for visiting.

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