Shortly About Tourism. Ecotourism

For the majority of the countries tourism plays a huge role in economy, solves problems in stimulation of social development of regions and also in receipt of considerable means in the state treasury. It is necessary about ten percent of a world total national product, the world investments, all workplaces and world consumer expenses on a tourism share.

Tourism development has stimulating influence on such sectors economy as transport, communication, trade, building, agriculture, manufacture of the consumer goods, and makes one of the most perspective directions of structural reorganisation of economy.

From the beginning of the eightieth years of the last century one of priorities of travel is ecotourism as the tourism has the purpose of wildlife management. It forces to speak about a phenomenon of so-called ecological tourism, special sector of tourist area which, by some estimations, already covers more than ten percent of the tourist market, and rates of its growth in two three times exceed corresponding rates in all industry of tourism.

Here are some important reasons of so active development of ecotourism:
1. For today practically in all regions of the world an essential problem is preservation of favorable environment.
2. People for the reasons of an urbanization, industrialisation began to feel increasing requirement for dialogue with the nature.

The greatest attention is given to problems of development of ecological tourism abroad, problems of development of ecological tourism in our country are shined to a lesser degree. A main site objective is studying of development of ecological tourism. Within the limits of an object in view following problems were solved:
– To consider concept and kinds of ecological tourism;
– To analyse literary and cartographical sources;
– To show problems of development and a way of their decision;
– To give the characteristic of ecotourism, and also development examples of ecotourism.
Distinguish ecologically boating (on kayaks, on rafts, a canoe, sailing vessels and others), foot, ski, horse, bicycle, automobile (electromobiles), aviation (gliders, balloons). The increasing distribution receives agrotourism.

It is tourism in a countryside at which tourists during the rest conduct a rural way of life on farms.

The system of national parks is on a card. There are also steady synonymic terms in wide use, or supporting tourism and green tourism. They mean tourism with application of the technologies having the minimum influence on environment. But it is not possible to consider any steady tourism ecological as ecological technologies can be used and in the organisation of beach tourism, and in hotel business in big cities, and even in air service. Usually on travel the tourist hopes, on the one hand, to receive certain volume of knowledge, and with another – to have a rest on the nature. On prevalence of this or that purpose it is possible to allocate scientific, informative and recreational kinds of ecotourism.

In spite of the economic crisis tourism keeps being very popular, especially popularity is being gained by eco tourism. Those who love going on travels might be interested in finding eco tours – all this can be found on this eco tourism site – this is the very place to find costa rica ecotourism tours and many other popular directions as well as eco lodge without which your eco trip won’t evoke eco feelings in full manner.

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