What Does Ecotourism Mean?

Ecological tourism is rather new phenomenon.
Activity of ecotourism is necessary to consider as the beginning of formation of the concept of 80th years when there were researches on this them, connected with western works – the German and Swiss scientists. The principal cause of the reference to ecological tourism lays in not regulated relations in system “tourism – ecology“.

Concept of ecotourism was promoted by some tendencies.
First, tourism became one of the largest global economic activities. The number of visitors of protected territories is worldwide so the potential damage which they could put to natural complexes has increased and began to cause serious concern. At the same time, it became obvious that at the rational organisation tourism can provide real financial support to wildlife management and raise the importance of those natural sites which should remain in a primordial form. Experts in the field of environment began to devote many researches to tourism.

Secondly, it became obvious that the success of nature protection actions is inconceivable on the basis of only one “prohibitive” measures, especially, if they are directed against interests of local population. It is necessary that local residents became partners in this activity and that the solicitous attitude to the nature was valuable for them. Tourism can play a positive role in it.

Thirdly, there was a change of priorities and in aspirations of tourists. More and more people, especially in the developed industrial countries began to think about not broken nature. The analysis of modern realities of tourist business in the world market allows to allocate following major reference points of development of tourism and a recreation:
1) holiday is perceived by the person as more intensive form of carrying out of the free time;

2) the tendency “affinity to the nature” – direct availability of the river, lake, wood, a meadow gets the major value. “A life in a landscape” is the slogan of modern tourist; hence, special value gets a state of environment in rest regions;
3) a holiday individualization is aspiration to individual travel according to own representations (it is frequent even with risk elements and adventurousnesses). The preference is given to flexible programs of rest with a set of various recreational employment: gregarious movement “in crowd on excursion” is unacceptable, the role of a personal touch to cultural curiosities of the visited country simultaneously increases, huge value gets informal dialogue.

Desire to find on rest “the second house” and a house cosiness of ethnically implanted dwelling of the visited country (the hut, a log hut, a bungalow) gradually starts to supersede a semi-official organ of magnificently expensive hotels.
The tendency to holiday “on wheels”: the individualization of the program of rest assumes, naturally, and moving freedom. Holiday-makers aspire to see as much as possible in a short space of time, therefore possibility to move within the selected region – not luxury but an indispensable condition.
Thus, new approaches to the recreation and tourism development defined by new character of a recreational product demand especially attentive relation to features of territory, revealing of its natural and cultural potential.

Despite of the economic crisis tourism still is very popular, especially popularity is being gained by eco tourism. Those who are fond of traveling might be interested in fashionable directions of eco travelling – all this is available on this eco tourism site – this is the very place to find costa rica ecotourism tours and many other popular directions as well as eco lodge without which your eco trip won’t evoke eco feelings in full manner.

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