Bad Advices To Tourists: It Will Not Be Boring!

Everyone is ready to help the tourist with a good advice. Friends and acquaintances share with pleasure experience of travel, type headings “advices driving off” are in all tourist editions. All it isn’t so new. Another matter is the bad advice. Following them, you will add in the travel of thrills and deliver many efforts as to yourself and people surrounding you.

Always use the small travel agencies which office is in a tiny cellar of one of lanes. Never trust publications in the mass-media telling about the next deceived tourists and tourist agencies-swindlers are all “sneer company”.
If the travel agent is confused in names of resorts and hotels, and telling about the program of your round he can’t put two words together – don’t pay attention. Simply you were pleasant to him, and he is confused, speaking with you.
Railway tickets always buy privately – so you will spend less time for purchase and will save the time.
Gathering in a trip, don’t forget to combine all things in beautiful and expensive bags – so all associates will understand that you the provided person and you will respect.

Take in a trip more money, put all of them in one pocket, a purse or a bag. In the same place there should be the passport, rights, documents, etc. All should be always near at hand – and if to lose – so all at once.
To put on in road it is necessary with a glamour and comfort. In the winter for women the fur coat, in the summer – a decollete and a miniskirt will approach.
When you are on platform or in the airport, make so: all things combine in big and a long line and turn away – to whom superfluous suitcases here are necessary? At this time you can tell fortunes on clothes of the visitors.
As soon as will occupy the seat in a compartment or aboard, at once tell to fellow travelers where you go, where work, how many earn – you have nothing to hide from others – you after all is the fair person.

At all customs hide all money in underwear, and in the customs declaration write the small sum – after all anybody never begins to doubt your honesty and won’t risk to search you.
Even better – instead of money to take with yourself a plastic card. Be assured that even in the most wild and exotic corners of Globe always there will be cash dispenses in which are accepted Visa and MasterCard. And do not forget your PIN code, necessarily write down it, it is desirable directly on the back of a card.
Never take medicine in a trip – you after all are absolutely healthy, and the stomach, heart, a head never will bring yours.

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And bear in mind that we live in the world of high online technologies. It wouldn’t be smart not to make use of the web network to look for a hotel and anything else required to get prepared to a nice trip at the best prices available on the market. Search engines, social networks, blogs and forums – all this will help you solve many issues.

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