The Wrong Advices For The Tourists

After arrival at once hand over things in a left-luggage office and number of the chamber and the code number write down on a piece of paper in large figures or loudly say aloud – if you suddenly forget them there is a chance that serving chambers or casual witnesses will remind all to you.

In another’s country use only private taxi drivers, and it is not necessary to study in advance a route or to watch whether the counter is included. Local driver so will take you the shortest route, won’t force to overpay and still delivery from a large denomination will hand over all to kopeck.
Walking on an unfamiliar city, completely disconnect vigilance and simply enjoy beauty of landscapes.

Going at excursion, always hire the car, safely get into the car, signal all successively, overtake and cut, and to features of link sided movement get used already in process. Let all on road understand that you are the foreigner, and reckon with that you not in a course of their local rules.
Don’t hammer to yourself in a head preventions of dangerous sea living creatures which lives in a surf strip. If you come on a resort at night – there and then run to bathe! Night swimming is so romantically. And all poisonous jellyfishes and prickly sea hedgehogs sleep at this time deeply in the sea.
Don’t bother the children with total shadowing. Give them more freedom – let feel pioneers on this unfamiliar earth. Independent walks on east markets, inspection of wild beaches, heats for anchor buoys – all it so is interesting and is instructive for your kid.

Don’t carp at local guides who will kindly invite you to fascinating sea walk on the comfortable yacht. Well it is not a problem that you float in a boat full of holes to the exotic island and instead of oars row with shovels. For you it is an entertainment, and children should work all the day on heat in such awful conditions. The economic situation of the exotic countries is very difficult, there is no work, children starve, and to you only can see “a boat full of holes”. Shame on you
It is not necessary to offend your instructor in diving by remarks that the diving suit here and there is torn, and from an aqualung regulator gives strange smelling air. Would it be pleasant to you if the foreigner would began to scoff at separate lacks of products of a domestic production? Here that. It is necessary to have patience and to be more tolerant. This diving suit has already served to thousand such as you tourists and if nothing happens with you it will serve to hundreds more people.

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