Europe’s Top Countries : A Short Guide For Beach Loving Tourists

Have you already started formulating your summer holiday plans? Have you considered Europe? Specifically, the countries in Europe with marvelous beaches? A vacation to Europe offers rich culture and plenty of history, but it can also provide some great summertime fun at one of hundreds of beautiful beaches and seaside towns. Here we will outline some of these locales for you to help you make the best decision for your upcoming holiday.

If you’re thinking about traveling to Europe in search of some of the best beaches, one country that has to be seen is Spain. A trip to Spain not only offers rich culture and history, shopping and mouth-watering cuisine, but miles and miles of warm, beautiful beaches. All up and down the Mediterranean coastline you’ll find a number of all-inclusive beach resorts with plenty of water and land activities by day, and a non-stop nightlife featuring plenty of bars and nightclubs.

Portugal is another country that is well known for its beautiful beaches and its summer time activities for the whole family. Just a stone’s throw away from Spain, Portugal features beaches in places like Algarve which is perfect for enjoying a day at the beach with your family-and a nighttime full of promise and adventure. Azores is another popular beach locale, with nine different islands, all offering great beachfront activities and plenty of nightlife. For a great beach holiday, it’s hard to beat the country of Portugal.

As you make your way across Europe this summer, be sure to stop in for some beachfront fun in the countries of Cyprus and Greece. In Cyprus, specifically the town of Kyrenia, you’ll be treated to magnificent views as you sit on the beach enjoying your favorite summer cocktail, and in Greece you can make your way to one of hundreds of majestic beaches on the Mediterranean coast. Both Cyprus and Greece offer plenty to do by day and a non-stop nightlife, perfect for the single traveler.

The countries of Croatia and Turkey, although not immediately thought of for their beaches, do offer many coastline resorts and activities for the holiday traveler. October is a popular travel month for the country of Turkey, as the warm Mediterranean sun allows for long, lazy days spent on the beach and a rich nightlife loaded with lots of things to do. Before you finalize your summer travel plans, be sure to consider Turkey and Croatia as must-see locales.

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