Discover The Philippines, 7100 Island Are Ready For Your Adventures

Discover the Philippines.

Trekking and more

People who like the combination between nature and adventure have to join the offers of the Planet Action Team in Moalboal (Cebu-Island). Also Children will like it. And the prices are fair.

Adventures include Mountain Bike Tours locally or a field. Trek to active or non-active volcanoes on climbing tours, or cool of with the ever-popular River Climb Tour, or explore stalactite caves with unique rock formations, or repel jungle waterfalls on the Canyoning Tour. Or a leisurely Trekking Tour of the surrounding mountain sites.

Of course, the most activities are based on the water which is surrounding all this paradise islands. The Philippines offers plenty of activities in Aqua sports.

Jetskiing, sailing, fishing, bananaboat riding, windsurfing, swimming and lots of other offers u will find next to your location.

Diving in the Philippines

Every Sports fan has his favorite. Climbers have to go to Nepal to see the Mount Everest.
Surfers are dreaming about Hawai. For Skiing the people want to see the Alps of Switzerland. For Scuba Divers the Philippines are the goal to reach, and if they had been here, they will come back.

The underwater environment is still intact, the different kinds of ocean creatures and coral reefs are the reason, why scuba divers, can’t resist seeing this unique underwater world.

Wreck divers, have plenty of goals, from ancient ship wrecks up to the wrecks of WW 2. The map on the right shows a variety of different dive spots in the Visayans.

Cebu is the divers Paradise. Within the heart of the Philippines divers find lots of divespots, and reach the most beautifullest locations. The local dive instructors are friendly and knows what is recommended for divers from all over the world.
Adventures Philippines
Living on the Ring of Fire sounds thrilling. Indeed the Philippine Islands are located on the Ring of Fire and are part of an active volcano chain in the Pacific Ocean. It is far away from the nervous hustle and bustle of other tourist strongholds.

Actually the typhoons and the monsoons are some of the more exciting events which have to be faced from time to time. Small earthquakes can happen daily and we are a reminded of our closeness to nature. Most earthquakes can’t be felt.

It sounds more exciting than it is, but it’s just actually quite normal for this part of the region.
Travel guide Philippines
If you now got some appetite to visit the Philippines you have an easy start while visiting the private website of Mary and Klaus. Get you some insider information’s and discover what you are going to expect in the Philippines.

Discover 7100 Islands and the unique landscaped world by the “Ring of Fire”. Amazing how close nature can feel.

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