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Saladin Citadel Of Cairo

Saladin Citadel of Cairo is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Egypt. This impressive fortress is considered one of the wonders of the ancient world. No hill rises above Muqattan, which was once famous for its magnificent and extensive views over Cairo.
Saladin Citadel of Cairo, Egypt

Perched on a steep spur, this heavily fortified bastion offers unparalleled views. Saladin Citadel is the work of military genius Sladina or Salah al-Din (Ayyubid ruler Salah al-Din), who is known for his fight against the Knights. Saladin wanted to erect massive bastion to protect his land from the employees of the cross.

The fort in Cairo was built in 12 century by Saladin and is emblematic of another period of great history in Egypt. Over the next 700 y. over Egypt stands Mugatan hill. Legend says that Saladin had chosen the site of the citadel because of the wind, which cools the air. Everywhere around the city meat spoils faster because of heat. Only on the hill of Saladin Citadel livestock products are kept for long.

For construction of the Citadel, Saladin used the most advanced weather technology. The walls are 10 meters high and 3 meters wide. The towers are rounded and curved to create the best chance for the defenders and for monitoring. Under the rule of the great malmuksk Sultan Al-Nasir Muhammad, were demolished many buildings of the Ayyubid, to build the complex to his desire, including several palaces, mosques and barracks for his army.
Mohamed Ali Mosuq at Saladin Citadel in Cairo

Bir Yusuf is the source that fed Saladin Citadel with water, but is currently closed to tourists. Most of the fortress built by Salah al-Din was destroyed in the invasion of Britain. Still under its control, towers were erected such as the powerful Burg al-Haddad and sand tower Burgar-Ramlab, which was three times greater. These towers guarded the narrow transition between the Citadel and the hill.

Today, almost nothing remains of the original fortress, with the exception of some of the firewalls. The centerpiece of the summit of the citadel of Saladin is given to the Mosque of Muhammad Ali. This mosque was built between 1828 and 1848 in memory of Tusun Pasha, the eldest son of Mohammed, who died in 1816. The mosque has two minarets, although the Ottoman law prohibits it. Behind this golden mosque, stands the elegant Mosque of al-Nasir Muhammad, which impresses with exquisite decorations and perfect proportions.

Today at Saladin Citadel, one can see many museums, ancient mosques and other structures, such as Al-Gawhara Palace, National military Museum, and Police Museum.
This is an amazing sight, filled with history and mistique, and one that no visitor to magical Egypt can afford to miss. It has become not only a landmark of Cairo,but a monument of the country’s rich history as well.

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Zanzibar Stone Town – Excursion Guideline & Reservations


Zanzibar Stone Town tour is a 3-hour guided tour to that begins and ends up at your hotel where you will walk/driven to the town market (opened 1904). This part of your holiday mainly focuses on a visit to the popular Zanzibar Stone Town.

The Activities

Walking Through Narrow Streets

The Zanzibar Stone Town tour takes you to the old Zanzibar Stone Town (the heart of Zanzibar city) where you can see and buy tropical fruits and spices. You will also feel the pulse of Zanzibar and hear different dialects being spoken by the people of the town at the market. From there the tour takes you to the Anglican Church of Christ built by Bishop Steers in 1874 on the site of old slave market.

While in Stone Town you will see a tiny and dingy room where slaves were kept before reaching the auction table in the old Stone Town slave market. Then proceed to the National Museum of Zanzibar (opened 1925) to see many interesting relics from the time of the Sultans and the early explores in Zanzibar.

Then the excursions proceeds along the beach road up to Forodhani Gardens where you will see the Old British Consulate, the Arab Fort built in 1700, the House of Wonders built in 1883, National Museum, High Court Building, Old German Consulate, former English Club and the Old Harbor are among the topic of the tour.

A Visit to the Sultan Palace Museum

One of several royal palaces of Zanzibar. This served as the town house of the Busaidi Sultans, looking out across the harbor. Part of a palace complex was the main official residence within the Zanzibar Stone Town. The museum is furnished in what would have been typical nineteenth century style for members of the royal family. Sultan Said and some of his descendants lie buried in this palace graveyard.

A Visit to the Peace Memorial Museum

Located in Stone Town on Creek Road near the intersection of Kuanda Road and designed by the same architect who designed the High Court (also located in Stone Town but not part or the Stone Town tour), J. H. Sinclair, the National Museum is home to many of Zanzibar’s memorabilia including, most notably, Livingstone’s medical chest. Also on display are a piece of Zanzibar’s (and East Africa’s first) railroad, and an old, palm oil-powered bicycle lamp.

For history buffs the tour is a great way to read up on Zanzibar’s history as it relates to everything from Zanzibar slavery, the royal families, Zanzibar coins, Zanzibar stamps, Zanzibar local crafts, trade and the many and varied colonial years. Next door to the museum is a small Natural History museum that includes some stuffed and jarred specimens along with a few bones. The only live specimens are the large land tortoises that live outside in a large cage.

However, these are found on our Zanzibar Prison Island tour, not in Stone Town.

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Slave Trade Tour In Zanzibar – Tour Guide & Reservations


The Zanzibar slave trade tour is a guided tour that will take you back to the 16th century when Zanzibar was commercial empire. We can trace you to the points of history where slave trade by any means were concerned. This part of your Zanzibar holiday mainly focuses on Zanzibar slave trade history.

The Activities

Visit Stone Town

The slave trade expedition will take you from Kelele squire (the small former slave market) you will walk along the alleys of Stone Town to the house of former Slave trader Tippu Tip.

You will learn some more information from our professional guides when you reach to the largest former slave trade market at Mkunazini (Stone Town) where slaves were brutally whipped before they were auctioned like non-human beings.

Then you will be driven to the house of the good slaves friend Dr. David Livingstone who used his much time to campaign for the termination of slave trade which marked its END in 1873. You will stop to Maruhubi Ruins where 99 necked enslaved women were entertaining the Arab Sultan of Zanzibar (1870-1888) in the luxurious palace.

The Mangapwani Caves

Your last stop will be at Mangapwani slave compartment in which slaves were kept waiting for monsoon winded boats to fetch them and to be exiled.

The slave compartments were built around 1880 from the cave and connected to the seaside 2kms away, the area is surrounded by varieties of native trees such as Breadfruit, Rambotans and scent shrubs. It was an important transit point for the captured slaves to be sold to the outside world at the time of the abolishment of slavery in 1873 especial in the Middle East.

Between 1880-1905, the chamber was being used as a place of concealment of the human cargo pending their disposal. A utilized as the hideout by the Arabs for their human cargo ready for shipment. 

Finally your guide will kindly take you to a nice white sand beach for your relaxation.

About Tippu Tip

Tippu Tip or Tib (1837 – June 14, 1905), real name Hamad bin Mu?ammad bin Jumah bin Rajab bin Muhammad bin Said al-Murghabi, was a Swahili-Zanzibari trader of mixed descent. A notorious[spin] slave trade champ, plantation owner and governor, who worked for a succession of sultans of Zanzibar, he led many trade expeditions into east-central Africa, involving slavery and ivory trade. He constructed profitable trade posts that reached deep into Central Africa.

The notorious Tippu Tip built himself a trading [spin]realm that he then translated into clove plantations on Zanzibar. Abdul Sheriff reports that when he left for his twelve years of “empire building” on the mainland, he had no plantations of his own. However, by 1895, he had acquired “seven plantations and 10,000 slaves.”

Be part of the slave trade tour in Zanzibar tour to learn more about Zanzibar’s history on slavery.

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Africa : Paradise of Wildlife Holidays

If you are longing on to experience the real safari experiences in wildlife safari, Tanzania is your destination. You will never such a spectacular sight on the planet. Where else will you find zebras and wildebeests roaming freely around you? You will also enjoy watching daring cheetahs springing from cover to welcome you on this beautiful land. In addition, the roaring of lions can be heard loud on your visit to the Serengeti or Ngorongoro Crater. animal kingdom tour

A True Classic

Kenya is a package of entertainment. It carries so much to impress everyone who comes here. Mountains, deserts, tribal culture, beaches, wish you anything and you can get in Kenya easily. In a nutshell, Kenya is African microcosm which cannot be stretched. You will find stunning landscapes by visiting Kakamega’s rainforests, enjoy strolling at Indian Ocean beaches, challenge your hiking skills by taking a trip to Mt Kenya National Park, the rolling grasslands of the Masai Mara, the desert near the Jade Sea etc.

The Real Jungle Trek

Small is wonderful. The statement applies truly on Uganda, the African powerful offering the best of everything. Being the home to the highest mountain range in Africa, Uganda offers a lot for everyone. Visiting the Rwenzori National Park gives a chance to see the mighty Nile. You can also enjoy taking up rafting exercises in the world in Africa. The country has so many things to explore such as majestic gorilla and other rarest animals on the planet.

Luxury in Excellence

Zimbanwe has some of the greatest national parks and private wildlife ranches with special offerings. You can reap so many great opportunities for viewing and enjoying bird-watching. Interestingly, you can witness some great animals such as buffalo, leopard, elephant, lion and rhino in the country. Use one of the safest medium to witness the greatest jungle sight quickly.

Pure Adverture

Botswana is an exclusive African destination which offers unusual combination of desert and delta creating unique concentration of wildlife to all the visitors. Whether it is complex wetland in the winter or different species of birds in the summer time, you can definitely enjoy a lot. Being a wild, expansive and pristine land, Zimbabwe is best known for its national parks and reserves that offer a safe haven for about some 85 species. wildlife of gujarat

Close and Personal

South Africa
South Africa is one of the most diverse locations for enjoying the wildlife chemistry. Roam freely into dense forest, stony desert and mountains in this country. india trips

Kenya Safari Holidays – What To See In Kenya

Enjoy a Safaris in Kenya for an authentic Africa wildlife safari holiday experience. Endowed with beautiful flora and fauna of through out Africa, you will find yourself relaxing in this great holiday destination called Kenya. The main attraction to Kenya is wildlife with the long white sandy beaches of the coastal strip, the tropical sunny weather that would give you a superb tan and the various culture of the more that 45 tribes being no lesser attraction. To enjoy a complete holiday in Kenya, a wildlife safari is a must. Kenya offers an ideal African holiday destination for those who adore the sun and sand and who would love to try out adventure and wildlife. Climatic conditions vary throughout the country starting with the coastal regions of Kenya that enjoy a tropical climate which implies high temperatures and constant rainfall throughout the year. Getting to the interiors of Kenya there are lesser rainfall and frequent temperature variations. Knowledge of Kenyan climate at a particular time of the year is important before you decide on your Kenya holiday.

There are several tourist attractions in Kenya starting with the national parks. The Amboseli National Park is a very popular national parks mainly because of its great heards of elephants and the spectacular view of the Kilimanjaro. It is situated in the southern part of Kenya very close to the Tanzanian border. If you decide to stay at Amboseli you are sure to enjoy overwhelming views of Mount Kilimanjaro and you can even go for the Kilimanjaro Amboseli Balloon Safari. An a must for any visitor to kenya is a Masai Mara Safari. With more than 450 wildlife species, Masai Mara offers the best of kenya wildlife safari. It is recomended to visit Masai mara between July and October when the climate remains pleasant and the migration of the wildebeest, a spectacular experience declared one of the new wonders takes place.

As for the beaches, the Bamburi Beach is one spot that you could visit. Located in North Coast of Mombasa, the center of the tourism industry in Kenya, Bamburi offers prestine white sandy beachs that is ideal for beach walk, diving and game fishing. Mombasa city has lots to offer in terms of entertainment, cuisine, culture and attractions of Kenya.

One has endless options to choose from as far as accommodation is concerned in Kenya. There are many hotels, safari lodges, motels and camping sites in different cities of Kenya like Nairobi and Mombasa. Safari lodges and safari campis in Masai Mara are also great for places to stay. Your safari holiday would not be complete without enjoying the local cuisine. Traditional Kenyan dishes like Irio, Ugali, Sukuma Wiki, Nyama Choma, Githeri and fish are a must-have during your vacation.

Enjoyable Kenyan holidays can be planned by professional travel experts who will take care of everything including travel, accommodation and guided tours. You can book a tour at your leisure, from your home, by just exploring options online. You will find many travel websites that give you great deals for African tours.

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Why You Would Want To Explore Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the finest tourist destinations. But just what is so special about Cape Town tours? The Mother City, as Cape Town is also known, is well known for its vibrant night life, excellent photo shoot locations, exotic foods and (amongst the guys) the beautiful women who dominate the beaches during summer time.

Cape Town just has so many experiences to offer the visiting tourist and what makes it even extra special is the fact that there are places to go to and things to see that can be found nowhere else on earth except in this city.

Table Mountain is one of the most unique and distinct features of Cape Town and is incomparable to any peak of the planet. Table Mountain was given its name because of its distinct flat mountain top. This mountain receives thousands of visitors yearly and has features such as restaurants and the famous cableway or cable car as it is also known.

Vibrant nightlife is another highlight which this city if known for. Cape Town offers a host of various night clubs that caters for a variety of tastes, sports bars, restaurants, casinos and also gentlemen’s clubs.

Cape Town is also great for whale watching. Hermanus is hailed as offering the best land based whale watching in the world. Shark Diving is another highly sort after activity for tourists from around the world and Gaansbaai, which is approximately 165km from Cape Town, serves as the best shark diving location in the country.

So should you plan to tour Cape Town I recommend getting in touch with a tour operator named Stobers Tours. They are considered to be one of Cape Town’s leading tour operators with guides who know the Mother City like the back their hands. Their website can be viewed at .

If it is romantic sunsets that appeal to your interests or if unforgettable memories you wish to gain then Stobers Tours is definitely the tour operator you want to make your touring plans with. They are able to advise on spectacular locations to catch those exquisite sunsets that can only be seen in the movies. They also have great deals on various tour packages available. So visit their website now and start making your plans to experience the magical city of Cape Town.

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A Memorable Table Mountain Tour | Stobers Tours I Thank You

The Cape Town Table Mountain is described by Wikipedia as “a flat-topped mountain forming a prominent landmark overlooking the city of Cape Town in South Africa, and is featured in the flag of Cape Town and other local government insignia. It is a significant tourist attraction, with many visitors using the cableway or hiking to the top.”

Table Mountain is unquestionably one of the most eminent tourist attractions in Cape Town and also the whole of South Africa. Should you ever tour Cape Town then Table Mountain is assuredly a destination to check out.

I think one of the most exciting parts of touring Table Mountain is making use of the Table Mountain cable car to get to the top and back again. I had by the most phenomenal view from within the cable car. This view cannot be seen from any other angle except from within the cable car. One could even describe the cable car as a tourist attraction in its own right.

Another noted mountainous tourist attraction is the Cape Point, believed to be the place where two oceans meet. Don’t expect a cable car ride up this mountain though. You will have to get to the top by foot, but yet worth every step once you reach the peak. And it’s a very short walk, so no major workout expected.

I had the most fulfilling tour of various other Cape Town tourist destinations all thanks to Stobers Tours who really delivered what they offered. On their website they offer the most memorable tours of the world famous Mother City. Their website can be viewed at and bookings can be made directly from their website.

They also offer the safest and most comfortable transfers to and from the Cape Town International Airport directly to your place of accommodation.

Romantic sunsets, the finest exotic foods, unforgettable sunrises, superb wines… all of which I experienced with the exceptional help of the professional tour guide appointed to me by Stobers Tours. Oh, did I mention the most fantastic views of the most gorgeous women on earth? Hahaha, surely a tour I will never forget.

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Uganda Safaris – An Experience Of A Lifetime

If you’re looking to vacation in a far off locale, Uganda is rapidly becoming the place to go. This beautiful country in East Africa is located on a plateau as well as within the Nile basin. Its location makes it the home to many different habitats, from mountains to marshes to desert. Much of the southern half of the landlocked country makes contact with Lake Victoria. For English speakers hesitant to visit foreign countries for fear of language barriers, English has been the official language of Uganda since 1962, when the country gained its independence.

Uganda boasts an incredible array of wildlife, especially its gorilla population. Many companies organize safaris and tours throughout Uganda, which are simply not to be missed. Taking a wildlife safari through Uganda can show visitors animals that they only see in zoos in their natural habitats. Lions, elephants, giraffes and dozens of different primates call Uganda their home. The country is also considered one of the world’s best destinations for bird watchers, with over 1,000 species of birds residing in Uganda alone.

It is not just animal lovers who should go on safari in Uganda, but nature lovers as well. Uganda is home to a multitude of habitats and eco-systems and the beauty of the country is breathtaking. The country has not only the vast expanses of savannah most recognizable in East Africa but snowy mountain ranges. It has winding rivers and lakes and lush rainforests. Lake Victoria rests against the south of Uganda. For visitors searching for the more traditional style safari, Queen Elizabeth National Park offers everything that would be expected in a safari.

Pack up your bags and your family, because a safari in Uganda is a once in a lifetime experience that you simply cannot miss, and is best shared with others. Safaris offer the excitement, beauty and exhilaration that people spend their lives dreaming about. Ugandan safaris are a world away from vacations to museums and monuments that children so often complain about. Ugandan safari companies can even plan your entire trip for you, coordinating and tailoring safaris to best suit the needs of you and your family.

With so many options and places to go, it is best to pick a specific safari. The most popular safaris are gorilla safaris, which take you through the rainforests and mountains. There are safaris that travel through national parks and conservation areas, best for nature and animal lovers, and for photography enthusiasts. There are also special interest tours, focusing on one area. These include fishing tours, bird watching trips and, for the athletic tourist, mountaineering. Be sure to choose a safari that you are best equipped for.

Now Try – Volcanoes Safaris

Cape Town: Lion’s Head

Lion’s Head is a mountain located in Cape Town, South Africa, near Table Mountain and Signal Hill. Lion’s Head peaks at 669 meters (2,195 feet) above the sea level. The mountain offers a spectacular backdrop to the city of Cape Town and is part of the Table Mountain National Park. From here you have a spectacular view of Cape Town harbour, where many Waterfront Cape Town restaurants are found.

Suburbs are located very close to the top of Signal Hill but the strict management of the authorities of the City of Cape Town has seen the development of housing restricted to only the lower levels on the slopes of Lion’s Head. The area is important to the Cape Malay community, which historically lived in the Bo-Kaap neighborhood close to Lion’s Head. There are a number of historic tombs and shrines (kramats) of Malaysian leaders on the lower slopes.

In the 17th century Lion’s Head was known as the Leeuwen Kop (Lion’s Head) by the Dutch, and Signal Hill was known as Leeuwen STAART (lion’s tail), whose shape resembles a crouching lion or a sphinx. The English in the 17th century called it the Sugarloaf.

Lionhead is known for its spectacular views of the entire city, and the one hour walk to the top is particularly popular during the full moon. Even for beginners the way up should not be a problem. But the last 10 minutes are very strenuous. There are also some sections where you have to climb stairs and climb the rocks. After having descended down the mountain again, relax in one of the Long Street restaurants, which are very close by. The slopes of Lion’s Head are also a popular launching point for paragliders in the summer.

The top of the peak is composed of sandstone and the lower slopes are formed by the granite of the Cape and older Precambrian rocks. Lions Head is covered with natural fynbos vegetation and supports a variety of small indigenous animals.

If Lionhead has proven too easy for you, there are many hiking trails up Table Mountain. They range in difficulty from beginner trails to expert routes. However, when hiking up Table Mountain always respect the weather elements. There have been many cases in the past that have not ended well for hikers – especially on trails for experts.
The Cape of Good Hope also offers many hiking trails for eager hikers. This is where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet. You can drive by car or take a bus, but the Cape of Good Hope is also accessible by one of the most spectacular and beautiful trails in Cape Town. The hike is not strenuous at all, but it does take several hours to reach the Cape of Good Hope. It just makes the view that much better.

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Ratanga Junction In Cape Town

If you are planning a trip to Cape Town these holidays then you will most definitely be going up Table Mountain, visiting the Cape of Good Hope and shopping at the V&A Waterfront and sipping Cape Town Cocktails at the Camps Bay beach front. Of course you should not forget to make your way to the wineroute as well to taste some of South Africa’s most prestigious wines.

But one thing you should also consider if you are looking for a few thrills is going to Ratanga Juction – the wildest place in Africa. This is the biggest theme park in the Cape Town region situated right next to Century City which hosts many Canal Walk Restaurants.

From Cape Town’s city centre it is only a 10 minute drive by car to reach the theme park. Parking is available on site for a small fee. The current entrance fee lies at 140 Rand which is approximately $18. If you arrive early you will be able to ride several rides without having to wait in a queue for very long as the masses only arrive around 11am. Ratanga Junction already opens at 9 am.

There are several rides that are only intended for adults and teenagers. These include the Cobra and the sling shot. The cobra is Ratanga Junction’s biggest attraction – a huge roller coaster which can be seen from far away. It is 34 metres high and 940 metres long. It reaches a top speed of nearly 100 km/h. The sling shot is a combination of sky-diving and and hang-gliding. People are hoisted up several metres above the ground and then released. The momentum will have you swinging for several minutes.

The water rides are also very popular among visitors. The Monkey Falls is one of the highest waterfall rides in the world and is fun for the entire family. Crocodile George is a water current circuit where you will need to dodge waterfalls or get wet. And you will definitely get wet!

There are also several rides for smaller children such as the Bushwacker (a smaller rollercoaster), the diamond devil run and bumper cars along with many more.

During your adventures at Ratanga Junction you will soon get very hungry but do not fear – there are several fast food and cafes around to keep everyone happy. If you are looking to bring back a small souvenir there are also various shops around where you can buy clothing or other momentos. You are also able to purchase pictures which are taken throughout each ride. Further entertainment is provided by snake charmers, clowns and other entertainment making Ratanga Junction fun for the entire family.

It must however be noted that Ratanga Junction is only open during the Cape Town school holidays.

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