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Fun of Group Holidays

The term Group holidays can sound a little daunting to people who don’t know what it means, but help is at hand, and if you’re unaware of what a group holiday is, then here is your chance to find out. A group holiday means, is exactly what it sounds like, it entails going on holiday as part of a group of people, this group is usually family or friends, so if you’re going on holiday with a group of strangers, that is not a group holiday.

So now you know what a group holiday is, it sounds really straightforward doesn’t it? The reality is as group holiday is a really very simple and fun way to travel, but it needs organisation, compromise and responsibility, but above all delegation. When organising a group holiday like this, it’s important to listen to one another and delegate tasks to people, so that one person isn’t lumbered with all the important things, such as booking flights, organising accommodation, tours and payment. The secret to organising a fun and memorable group holiday is not a secret at all, in fact it’s a very well-known fact, and that is communication. Talking to your intended travel companions throughout the organisation process, from inception right down to booking your flights and any Vacation Packages that you want to go on.

Holidaying with old friends is always fun and people of all ages can holiday with a group of their most loyal and most trusted friends. It’s also more fun than going on holiday with family, especially your parents, as you can do what you like without having to answer to your family (within reason of course).

Going on a group holiday will also mean that you can enjoy group discounts on hotel bookings, dinner reservations and holiday activities such as Golden triangle tour, day trips,wildlife holidays and crafts and going to the theatre. Saving money is just one the perks you can enjoy on a group holiday as going with a number of people will also mean that you can break off and do your own thing in much smaller groups or alone, as the one downside of going on holiday with a group of your nearest and dearest is that you can spend too much time together, which can lead to you getting annoyed with each other. So whenever possible or appropriate, break off from your group, go off with a handful of your friends, enjoy being alone or just do something you want to do whilst on holiday, and get the most out of your holiday in places to visit in India .

Qiongtai Academy

Qiongtai AcademyQiongtai Academy

Qiongtai Academy is located on Wenzhuang Road, in the Qiongshan District of Haikou City. It was initially built in 1705 in memory of Qiu Jun, a famous scholar from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The academy was named Qiongtai because Qiu Jun was called ‘Mr. Qiongtai’. At one time, the academy was the supreme institution of Qiongshan. It is now the site of the Qiongshan Teachers’ Training School.

The main building of the academy is the ‘Kuixing Lou Building’. ‘Kuixing’ was believed to be the god of examinations and the building was named after Kuixing to ‘help’ the students who trained here to win the imperial examinations. The building is a typical Chinese brick-and-wood structure architecture with two floors. Green tiles, red corridors, carved beams and painted rafters are splendidly set off by the green trees which surround the building.


The events behind the famous story Search the Academy occurred here. Sometime during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), a student of the academy fell in love with a maid of local governor. At that time, young people did not have the right to choose their husband or wife. So the governor was very angry after he found out about the relationship.

The maid escaped before he could punish her and ran into the academy for help. The governor wanted to search the academy, but the schoolmaster Xie Bao denied his request and sent the maid out of the city during the night. Finally, the maid and the student married. They lived happily together, and later the student succeeded in the imperial examinations.

Qiongtai is included in many China Holidays itineraries – please contact us or visit our website for further details.

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    Top Places near Taj Mahal Tempting You

    While you are on Agra tours, Taj Mahal is one monument that doesn’t lies beyond your eyes. Listed in the Seven Wonders of the World, the marble edifice stands with a great pride on the bank of river Yamuna.

    Gardens– The beauty of Taj is enhanced by the beautiful gardens surrounding it from all over. The gardens named as ‘bagh-i firdaus-a’in’, is paradise lookalike and a very National Rail Museum - Delhiimpressive part of the entire complex. It is square in shape that has been divided in four individual parts with two walkways; moreover, these four parts are also subdivided in four parts with much narrow walkways. Therefore, all in one square garden lies sixteen sub-squares. A line of fountains passes from the mid of main walkways. At the centre of the walkway, there is a ‘chabutra’ i.e. a raised platform of marbles having pool with five fountains.

    Great Gate– The great gate is massive structure with a triadic opening. The huge door is the passage between jilaukhana to the garden that ultimately leads to beginning of the India Gate - Delhigreat mausoleum. It is a red sandstone structure beautifully carved with floral patterns in the white marbles. The tomb has pishtaq arches whereas the ceiling and walls have geometrical designs.

    Jama Masjid– When you are on Taj Mahal Tours, the heritage destination of Fatehpur Sikhri will also fascinate you. It has many monuments but Jama Masjid is well known, as it is the largest mosque in India. The symmetrical building is decorated with beautiful architecture befitting the religious purpose, as well as the walls are in-scripted with color tiles and geometrical designs.

    Mosque and Mehmaan-Khaana– On the left of the gardens is mosque whereas on the ride side lies the Mehmaan-Khaana (Guest House). In front of the mosque, there is a pool, Mosque in Taj Mahal Agrawhich is used as a place for ablution before prayer. Both the buildings are covered by three marble domes over platform.

    Riverfront Terrace– It is approx 1.22 m above the garden level, and is among one of the most spectacular and impressive platform ever built. The front side of the building are ornamented with carvings of flower vases and palm trees framed with white marbles.

    Jilaukhana (Forecourt) – The entrance to the masterpiece of the Mughal Era i.e. Taj Mahal is gained through a large forecourt area. The courtyards is lined by red sandstones buildings. There are 128 shops in the red building as well as two elevated royal tombs for the visitors in the forecourt. There in the Jilaukhana lies a freestanding entry gate to the Taj Mahal.

    Rajasrhan – The wildlife escapade is full of thrill and adventure at Sawai Madhopur & Bharatpur where you can spot tigers, leopards, colorful migratory birds and many wild Rajasthan Tour Packagesanimals. Shopaholics and food lovers will find their paradise amidst the effervescent shopping orb and traditional Rajasthani cuisines. Rajasthan tours is incomplete without the camel outing and desert safari. Enjoy the rural village, sparkling sand dunes, nomadic lifestyles, and customs of tribes on a camel back at Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, and Chittorgarh.

    Rajasthan Trio the Ultimate Protector of Great Indian Tigers

    Royal land of Rajasthan is a fascinating topography of natural beauty, man-made wonders, history, culture, and ethnic disposition. From villages to its royal highlands to it’s newly found urban picturesque Rajasthan defines a unique procreation of the cosmos. The land of royalty is also beautified with wildness of nature amidst its wildlife destinations, which is a habitat to numerous wild animals, migratory birds, and flora.

    Rajasthan Tour PackagesThe state of Forts and Palaces has come forward to protect the highly endangered great Indian Tigers from becoming the victim of extinction. The trio of wildlife parks famed as Ranthambore National Park, Bharatpur Wildlife Sanctuary, and Sariska National Park has taken the responsibility to protect the tigers from all kinds of adversity including hunting, poaching, and illegal smuggling.

    This sole reason now adds up to the tourism of Rajasthan and Rajasthan wildlife safari are just a hit with wildlife lovers from across the world. Rajasthan Vacations will take you across some out of ordinary wildlife escapade of elephants ride, camel ride, Jeep Safari, bird watching, recreational facilities like bon-fire, slide shows, wildlife films, indoor games, nature walk, massage etc. Apart from this full of exciting adventures you will get an exceptional opportunity to witness the Great Indian Tigers yawning after an afternoon nap with her cubs. This sight will behold the eyes of every beholder yet will make you hungry for more sights, wild jaunts, and fun.

    Rajasthan Tours of wildlife gets a special meaning with Go Heritage India Journeys and offers extraordinary tailor-made packages for an ultimate adventure tour. To book wildlife safari contact representative of Go Heritage India Journeys available 24*7.

    Taj Mahal not Far Away from the Catch of Bollywood Celebrities

    It seems that world’s wonder Taj Mahal has become a hot spot for bollywood celebrities as there is continuous news coming of arrival of famous personalities one day or another.

    Few weeks back it was chocolaty boy Imran Khan and bollywood hottie Katrina Kaif who were spotted performing on a song for the upcoming movie of Yash Raj banner, ‘Mere Brother ki Dulhan’. After the shooting was over, Imran Khan was joined by her beautiful better half, Avantika, and the two of them spent some great time together at the eternal love symbol Taj Mahal in Agra.

    One Day Tajmahal Tour Packages from DelhiRecently, the bombshell of film industry, Bipasha Basu, who admits herself as single and seemingly quite ready to mingle, took a tour to Taj Mahal. The actress paid homage to the monument of love when she visited Agra in between shooting for her film “Singularity” in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. Later, she uploaded her pictures taken at Taj on a social networking site. And as per the latest buzz the diva is looking forward to Visit Agra again along with her co-star Josh Harnett.

    Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders in the World attract tourists from all across the world. The travelers are fascinated with its beauty that is really admirable. Now, with new trends India Tour Operators have come out with several Taj Mahal Tour Packages that takes you straight to Taj where you can spend some quality time with your loved ones. Whether you choose a weeklong trip in Agra or opt for Same Day Taj Mahal Tour, the fun, thrill and beauty of Taj would fascinate you same.Palace on Wheels DestinationsYou can consider Go Heritage India Journeys for booking Taj Mahal Tours as we assure you with most exclusive packages at reasonable prices and best accommodation facilities.We Suggest  to travel agra by Indian luxury train Palace on wheels to make your  tour memorable for lifetime.

    10 Tips to Enjoy Holidays in Nepal

    Going to the land of Lord Buddha, the Himalayas and Dahl Baht? Get the tips and enjoy your trip to this amazing country.

    1. Carry toilet paper everywhere, and if you can’t handle squat toilets, rethink your travel plans.

    2. Traffic in Kathmandu is chaos – motorbikes, push bikes, cars, buses and rickshaws – sometimes livestock too – will go any which way at any time. Just be careful, but keep walking. Cars and buses will also use their horns for any or no reason, even at four in the morning.

    3. Nepali people are very touchy-feely. Get used to it. Men will hold each other very openly in public but there are no homosexual connotations associated with this. Also – Nepali people have no qualms about invading your personal space – they will happily walk into your room, start looking through your photos, or want to go through your camera, computer or phone to see some snaps as well. But – never touch anyone with your feet, or step over someone’s legs, or something important like a religious item. If you touch someone, or something important, with your foot, you must touch your hand to your head and then touch them/it. Also don’t use your foot to point at anything, or touch people’s feet.

    4. Don’t drink the water, or even brush your teeth with it. You can buy cheap chlorine drops at any pharmacy/drug store in Kathmandu which will do the trick and save the money and waste on bottled water.

    5. When around the tourist district – you should barter down prices as they will start at around double the local’s price. Bartering is fun to Nepali people, so just enjoy it! The seller will say a price, you say “Oh that’s a bit expensive…” and they will say another and then you have a go etc, until you’re happy. You will also get harassed in the Thamel area for taxis, rickshaws, beggars and store owners. However, the people are friendly but persistent, so just decline and keep walking. Best to assume everyone is trying to get money out of you, especially ‘porters’ at airports and people posing as friendly locals who offer to show you around or direct you to where you are going, and will most likely ask for money at the end. Another important thing to note – there seems to be a national change shortage in Nepal, so keep hold of your small notes, or you might be stuck giving a very big tip!

    6. Kathmandu is a dust bowl. There is rubbish everywhere – in the river, on the streets, and people go to the toilet and litter anywhere convenient with no thought about the environment or sanitation. Bring a face mask if you will be traveling around the city streets, and just be ready to see people throwing rubbish out car windows. This is just due to ignorance, poverty and a lack of infrastructure and awareness, but be prepared for this, especially if you are environmentally minded.

    7. Nepal is a very religious country. Hindu and Tibetan Buddhists live, work and worship very harmoniously, and you will be confronted with all things religious everywhere you go, so embrace and enjoy. There are regular religious festivals and events to experience, so check out what will be occurring while you are in the country.

    8. Get out of the city and do a trek. The Himalayas are an amazingly beautiful place to explore, but do some research to be prepared for the trek, the cold, and the altitude.

    9. Kathmandu suffers from electricity shortages, especially when the seasons mean that hydroelectic power is at a low. You will only be able to charge your various gadgets at a certain time of day, or night, depending on your accommodation establishment. You may also have no running water, or no hot water at least.

    10. Food in Nepal is wonderful. The common fare is Dahl Baht, lentil soup and rice, and you should try it, or if you are living in a host family, get used to it real quick. Your hosts will also try to feed you a massive plate that might be too much, so be stern, or allow your stomach to expand! In the city restaurants, there are Western options around, and various different cuisines to try. There are always vegetarian options, and you may decide to stick to the meatless option after you see the animals being slaughtered in the street and the carcasses sitting out in the sun and the dust.

    Important note: Nepali people have something called ‘jutoh’, which is food that has touched someone else’s lips or mouth – you cannot give ‘jutoh’ to someone higher than yourself, e.g. a wife can never give ‘jutoh’ to her husband. You will see people drinking straight from pitchers of water, but they will never let it touch their lips. So, when sharing food, use the communal spoon or ladle to dish up – never use the spoon or fork that you are using to eat with.

    Nepal is a beautiful, wonderful country, filled with amazingly friendly and happy people. Enjoy your time there, and whilst the above seems to be only about the more difficult sides to the country, the smiles and genuineness of the people you meet will make any negative points seem trivial. Enjoy! For more details check india trips online and india travel packages also India Tourism

    Unforgettable Kerala Honeymoon Tour Packages with Unlimited Destinations

    India is a land of rich cultural heritage and a long history. It has some of the most exotic locations to offer in the world. One of them is Kerala. Kerala is traditionally known as God’s own country. All over the country, it is also recognized as land of coconuts. Kerala tours offer tourists an experience to a destination that is one of the most famous destinations in the world.

    The beautiful state of Kerala is in the southern part of the incredible India. Kerala tour packages offer tourists various exclusive and exotic locations. The weather in Kerala is pleasant and lovely all around the year. This makes it even more enjoyable for the tourists. Kerala is a site of great locations, pleasing weathers, attractive destinations which as a whole give a lifelong memorable experience to the tourist. It offers a wonderful experience to the tourists with its beautiful hill stations, splendid beaches, exotic and mesmerizing flora and fauna and its very fabulous backwaters. This shows Kerala’s diverse and beautiful culture to its tourists in Kerala tour packages.

    The Kerala backwaters tour is so famous among the tourists that it has proven to be the most beautiful, exotic and popular location and for its journey to the backwaters on the comfortable and relaxing houseboats, tasty cuisine, magnificent temple and warm hearted people. Kerala offers mesmerizing destinations for sight-seeing to the tourists. With that it also gives opportunity to the tourists to taste the famous cuisine of Kerala that is mostly made of rice and different types of fish.

    Ayurveda has a lot of influence in Kerala, so the tourist while on a trip to Kerala can get various ayurveda therapies. These ayurveda therapies revitalize and relax one’s body, mind and soul and give a totally different and new experience to the travelers to rejuvenate in God’s own country.

    Taking a Kerala honeymoon tour is a great way of enjoying a honeymoon. Walking on the sun kissed beaches, looking at the sunset, sipping coconut water while holding hands is a lovely feeling. Some of the best hill stations of Kerala are Ramakalmedu, Munnar, and Rajamala, apart from these there are many national parks and sanctuaries also. Some of the famous national parks and sanctuaries are Idukki, Periyar, Silent valley, etc. There are many amazing temples in Kerala like Guruvayoor, Sabarimala, etc. beaches in Kerala include places like Kappad, Varkala, Kovalam, Alappuzzha, Cochin, etc.

    Kerala has a wide range of luxurious tourist resorts and hotels that are of international standards, therefore making it more comfortable to stay. Kerala tours are among the most popular packages of various incredible India tours. The tourist can enjoy a holiday of their own. They can choose a tour package of their own. For example, the tourist can choose Kerala tour packages for adventure, pilgrimage sites, honeymoon, natural scenic beauty, etc. come, visit this gods own country and experience the charm of this exotic state’s grandeur that would never disappoint its tourists and lure them to take Kerala tour packages again and again.

    Author is an eminent analyst for writing informative articles on Travel and tourism India. Kerala tours and North India Tours . Find all possible information about Golden triangle tour packages and Incredible india at only.


    Clean, shopping, multicultural, food is what you can find during your holiday trip to Singapore. As Singapore main language is English, it is not hard even for the one who is travelling alone to get around. In addition, Singapore is a good choice of holiday destination for those who are on budget and searching for a nice holiday place; many hotel deals, cheap hotel, discount hotel,affordable taxi, affordable attraction and last but not least is a lot affordable and delicious food.
    Just one thing that is very important to keep in mind while travelling to Singapore; that is to keep and stay clean! Littering of any sort is an offence in Singapore and you can get a big fine on that.

    Singapore is a multicultural country, dominant by 3 racial groups (Chinese, Malays and Indians). Visit Chinatown, Little India and Arab Street to discover the most about the culture that surround Singapore. Singapore is so multicultural that you might be surprised to find one of Singapore’s oldest Hindu temple and mosque in Chinatown.  While you are in Chinatown, enjoy the trishaw tour of Chinatown. And if you are spice lover, sari lover or authentic india’s jewelry, you have to visit Little India.

    Singapore is a best destination for family holiday too! Singapore zoo is one of the famous zoo in the world. While you are in Singapore, have a unique experience visiting the magic of the zoo at night time and you and your family ought to visit Sentosa ( the underwater world). Be amazed!


    In addition to the zoo and underwater world, the newest attraction in Singapore is Universal Studio. Universal Studio in Singapore is the 1st and only Universal Studio theme park in Singapore.

    Not like other country in Southeast asia, you can get around Singapore easily by MRT. MRT is express train that goes basically everywhere. It is convenient and not expensive.

    If you love shopping, you can find most of the world famous brand such as Louis Vuitton, Dunhil, Gucci etc in Singapore’s shopping district; Orchard road. In Orchard Road you can find ranges of clothing from cheap yet fashionable clothing to expensive and branded clothing. There are bargains also to be found in electronics, ranges of arts and unique goods.

    For food lover, when you are in Singapore, you ought to try Singapore multicultural food. Char kway teow, Chicken rice, fish head curry, Singapore Chilli crab, oyster omellete etc, you can find it in most of the “hawker” center. As the food portion is not big and not expensive, you can taste different food and have a food experience in Singapore.
    Other than the new Universal Studio attraction in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore adds to the list of newest Singapore attraction. Search for discount hotel for Marina Bay Sands Hotel in your holiday to Singapore.
     This newly built hotel has world-class gaming, 150-meter infinity edged swimming pool and the world’s largest public cantilever housing an observation deck at 200 meters high. In addition to that, guest can also experience the world class dining by world famous celebrity chefs such as Daniel Boulud (New York), Wolfgang Puck (Los Angeles), Santi Santamaria (Barcelona), Guy Savoy (Paris) and Tetsuya Wakuda (Sydney ). And also there is night time entertainment.

    Tour Packages in India

    View the diverse culture, tradition and rituals of India, with the most exciting India Tour Packages, 3 nights Golden Triangle Tour india, and please your soul with the enchanting beauty of north-India. The package highlights the three most exotic destinations of India, i.e. Delhi-Agra-Jaipur. Extract all essence of ancient and recent history along with colorful culture and wildlife holidays, all in one single Tour to India.

    The incredible journey begins with the country’s capital, Delhi, the heart of nation. The city witnesses a mélange of diverse culture around 5,000 years old along with majestic glory of today. Distinct in two parts, i.e. Old Delhi and New Delhi, the city has sprawled over the West Bank of Yamuna River. Although, the streets of Old Delhi are narrow, still the scenic beauty of the city lies in its historical buildings.

    During your Delhi tourism you can relish some of the beautiful and serene temples, like, Lotus Temple, Akshardham Mandir, Birla Mandir, Iskcon Temple, etc. along with popular historical sites such as, Red Fort, India Gate, Qutub Minar, Iron Pillar etc. Enjoy the pleasure time while shopping in the bustling markets of Delhi with bargain until you get your thing!

    Make your stay comfortable with best accommodation facilities in the Delhi Hotels.
    Next destination of the tour is the city of architectural wonders, Agra. Home to number of heritage sites the city has lot to explore for its guests. Enjoy the spell bounding beauty of Taj Mahal in Agra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World made of pure white marble. The edifice is the symbol of undying love of Shah Jahan for his wife Mumtaz Mahal. Enjoy the other grand monuments of the Mughal era with your Agra Tours including, Agra Fort, tomb of Itimad Ud Daulah, Akbar’s tomb, etc. all representing the incredible architecture of Mughals.

    Jaipur, the pink city of Rajasthan is the final place of the Golden Triangle Tours. Located in the deserts the city structure resembles the taste of Rajputs and royalty of Rajasthan. Where on one hand the magnificent historical forts and palaces attract tourists, thereby on the hand, the excellent infrastructure of the city supports the tourism as well.

    Get into the flashback of around 300 year, when Mughal Empire in India was on decline and lost yourself in the sagas of Jaipur’s rich and vibrant heritage. Other than relishing forts, palaces and monuments you can have pleasure time in shopping particularly, semi-precious stones, miniature paintings, silver jewelry and lac items.

    India Travel Destinations

    India is a country full of tourist attractions. India is in the nature seventh largest country and second in the world-famous. Continuous matrix attractions statement is why many visitors booking flights to India each year. These places have the best tourist places in India over the world. India attractions are so beautiful that it is not possible to describe them all here is a brief explanation of some famous India destinations as follows;

    Taj Mahal

    Taj Mahal is globally known and beautiful sight in Agra, India. This is a wonderful earthy sign the guest book cheap flights to India from the UK, with tickets to India especially for a tour of this masterpiece of historic architecture, built 400 years ago. Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. Taj Mahal tour is not it usually in the form of Islamic architecture, and is representative of Shah Jahan’s great interest in artistic creation and innovation.


    Goa is located on the west coast of peninsular India. trendiest resort lures lovers of India tourist worldwide. Goa is indeed pleasure travelers, offering a variety of visual pleasure as its beaches, forts and churches. Goa holidays india has a temperature display only minor variations in different seasons. After the Andaman islands, beaches of Goa’s attraction. Be here and enjoy the best.

    Khajuraho Temples

    The People’s Temple of Khajuraho is situated in Madhya Pradesh. Khajuraho is a charming village with an old, rural and rich heritage. The architectural work is based on a theme (women), unlike other temples. The difficulty in achieving the mess, hairstyles, clothes repeat incredible skills of craftsmen. Khajuraho is a popular tourist destination. This village is home to more than a couple of temples built in the Indo Aryan architecture Angara. Temples of Khajuraho has attracted the attention of a visitor to your wonderful art.

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