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India Luxury Travel- Voyage Of New Era And New India

India is widely known for its distinguished culture and tradition. India has lots of name like Hindustan, Bharat, and etc. but a great writer said that: What is in the name” and these words prove that India is not known for its name but it is popular for its divine culture and unique traditions. India Travel is all about that the journey of Indian custom and civilizations. This tour takes you some exotic destinations in India like Agra, Delhi, Goa, Jaipur, Rajasthan, Kerala, Chennai and many others. Here describe some interesting destinations of India:-

Golden Triangle Train ToursAgra: Agra is one of the best tourist destinations in India. It is an ancient and belonging to the past city of India situated in a particular spot on the banks of Yamuna River in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.
The major attractions in Agra city include Itmad-Ud-Daullah Tomb, Sikandra Akbar Tomb, Taj Mahal, Sikandra, Fatehpur Sikhri and many more.

Goa: Goa, the smallest state of India, is throughout the world famous holiday destination in the country. It is widely known for its beautiful beaches. It is a just right place designated as the end for India luxury travel with several highly enjoyable beaches and luxury beach resorts. Kovalam beach is very famous for dawn to late night parties and that’s a reason tourist’s love this beach very much. Leela beach resort in Kovalam beach is popular for its ultimate dining services and parties.
This Hotel arranges all the parties and serve best of hard drinks to the guests. Here you can also visit for wedding or Birthday functions.

Besides that, Goa is the only state in India; there you can enjoy the Casino or Poker game.

Discover Australasia In Luxury

If you are looking in to going on a Luxury holidays there are a few elements that we all want during our time away, hot weather is definitely top of the list and if you live in a country like Britain where the weather can be a little cold for much of the year and the summers far from special then good weather on your holiday is almost an essential. May of us will like to have a swimming pool if staying in a villa or other rented accommodation or if staying in a hotel then facilities such as a spa and health suite will almost certainly feature in the list so as you can experience a little luxury during your holiday.

A holidays to Australia is one of those locations where you are almost guaranteed good weather and as such it is a popular destination for luxury holidays and all inclusive holidays, the east coast of Australia and the area known as the gold coast is a popular destination in Australia with people looking for a luxury holiday option with many sandy beaches and luxury hotels along the coast line offering opulence and extravagant living. Australia id home to some of the worlds most famous sights such as the Sydney opera house and the Sydney harbor bridge and if youre feeling a little more adventurous you can also travel up the Gold Coast to go scuba diving along the Great Barrier Reef.

If Australia isn’t your thing or you have been there before then a holidays to New Zealand could be just what you are looking for, New Zealand offers more of an adventurous outlook to luxury however the country is also famed for its wine industry and a luxury holiday taking in wine tours could be just what you’re looking for. New Zealand also offers the perfect launch pad for exploration to the islands in the south Pacific such as Tonga and New Caledonia where warm weather, secluded beaches and luxury boutique resorts can be found to while away a week or two.

Enjoy The Holiday To The Charm Of Opera House

There are certainly not a lot of other architectural structures on this planet that became equally renowned and also recognisable like the Sydney Opera House. It’s the impressive setting on the harbour and unforgettable style which makes it Sydney’s number 1 attraction.
It was designed by Danish architect Jorn Utzon and it took 14 years to complete. It was open to people in 1973 and the total cost ended up being above fourteen times higher in comparison with the first spending budget. The Opera House includes five performance venues which together hold about twenty-five hundred performances every year. This is the reason you may travel to sydney as your holiday.

Your best option to examine the building from the inside is to attend one of several activities or join the daily excursion organized by the administration of the Opera House. Shows happen almost all evenings of the week and the selection of options is enormous. You can listen to a traditional music or watch contemporary dance. Passes can be obtained on the net or at the ticket office opened daily.

If you don’t like a performance you can join everyday backstage trip. Professional guide will talk about the history of the building and will present some humorous tales. The Opera House is also certainly the most photographed architectural structures in the entire planet and every single individual traveling to Sydney has got to take a shot of this remarkable building. You will discover a number of extremely good vantage point throughout the town.

The House has a distinct style of successive concrete shells emerging from the centre and pointing towards the top. Concrete piers of about 25 meters are sunk below the building to form the House’s foundation. The roof was covered with 1,056,000 glossy white and cream colored tiles and if you look at the House from a distance then you will see it as uniform white. The existing Sydney town Hall had a limited capacity for the people and hence Goossens who was the director of music at that time appealed for a larger music house.

The hall should be large enough to accommodate 3000 people and another small hall at the side with a capacity of 1200 seats. In 1957 the winner was announced as Jorn Utzon. The architect came and stayed in Sydney from 1957 in order to look over the project. At that time there was a fort called Macquarie at that site. The fort was destroyed in order to accommodate the House. The whole project consisted of three phases where building the upper podium was the first phase of the project. The second phase consisted of the construction of the outer shells while the third phase consisted of the interior design. The first phase would cost around 5.5 million dollars, the second phase would cost 12.5 million dollars and the last phase would cost 82 million dollars. The project was finished in 1973 and the original budget had overshot itself by 10 years and 14 times the original budget set in terms of money.

The Opera House was formally opened by the Queen of Australia and Queen Elizabeth II on 20th October 1973. Even today Sydney has the distinction of the best fireworks show in the world every New Year’s eve. The architect died in November, 2008 but before that he had proposed a major reconstruction of the House in 2007. The Opera House underwent repairs in November 2009. Today the Sydney Opera House holds about 1,500 musical performances every year. Maybe you can watch this performance if you travel to Sydney, Australia.

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Charming hotel in Tahiti

Located on Rangiroa Atoll within the Tuamotu Archipelago in French Polynesia (northwest of Tahiti), the Bounty Lodge is a family pension surrounded by a coconut plantation. This convivial, welcoming and comfortable haven of peace is located approximately 400km from Bora Bora.

You will be astounded by the tranquility of this charming hotel in Tahiti. Located in the very heart of a tropical garden, the Bounty Lodge is made out of beautiful Kohu wood and Red cedar and is just a few meters away from the beach of the Ohotu Bay. Divided into four comfortable studio apartments with all modern appliances and complying with European standards, this family hotel is all about its client’s independence: every studio apartment is equipped with a kitchenette, free Wi-Fi connection and all the amenities a modern hotel may offer. Here you will enjoy a bountiful breakfast that is full of choices.

A world known diving destination, the Atoll offers an incredible aquatic ballet that will take your breath away any time of the year. Enjoy your vacation in Tahiti and try deep-sea diving. Meet pelagic fish, manta rays, hammerheads, grey sharks, silvertip and blacktip sharks, giant trevallys, dolphins, turtles and much more while you are on underwater safari! Discover the intense sea life in Avatoru and Tiputa and explore the aquatic routes where the fish travel between the lagoon and the ocean. Take advantage of the most beautiful natural aquarium and go snorkelling, fly-fishing or sea-hunting. Learn about the incredible dolphin life with a specialist from the Dolphin Watch Eco Tour and be dazzled by the Tahitian sight as you visit pearl farm.

Aside from all this there are many more ways to spend time here. Check out the Blue Lagoon, Bird Island – eroded coral formation of the Reef Island. Go on tour and discover the Tipula village and one of other beautiful sites of the Atoll with the taxi-boat. On your trip you will admire thousands of out-of-this-world exotic flowers and trees as well as hundreds of colourful bird species.

Your hosts will do everything to make your stay in Pension Bounty most comfortable and memorable from arranging underwater tours with one of many diving clubs to lending a bike so you can visit neighbouring village of Avartoru or many other charming sites.

Imagine a place with gentle pink sands and crystal clear water that invites you to dive in, a place where the sunsets are beautiful and the sunrise enchants you for the best day of your life and then visit Rangiroa Atoll to ensure that such place does exist.

Contact details for travelers:

Location: 98775 Avatoru, Rangiroa, French Polynesia

Phone: (689) 960 522



Vacations in Sydney

Sydney receives millions of international visitors each and every year. What is the reason behind its amazing popularity? Well, there are several reasons behind it.

There are various aspects behind its unmatchable popularity, which has helped the city to win the hearts of the visitors, irrespective of their ethnicity.

The beautiful Australian city was formed on 26th of January, in the year 1788 by Arthur Phillip. Sydney is surrounded by the beauty of Mother Nature, and is located in the south east coastline of the exotic Tasman Sea. The area covered by the city is around 12,144.6 square kms, which contains some of the best attractions of the world.

Sydney is certainly the most advanced city of Australia, from the social and economical point of view. It provides shelter to around 4.5 millions of people, and they are known as the Sydneysiders. The cosmopolitan way of thinking of Sydneysider is one of the prime reasons behind the huge number of visitors.

The number of international visitors in the year 2009 stood around 2.7 millions. And, as a result of it, the hospitality and tourism industry in Sydney has turned into a huge sector. Sydney hotels are known for their warm hospitality, and the services offered by them are simply amazing.

There are several websites in the web world, through which you can extract information about the various hotels in Sydney. You can compare their travel packages to search out the best and the most convenient package of your requirement.

It always feels nice to spend some days of happiness and fun with the family members. These days, our lives have become so jam packed with the never ending work schedule and stressed out with the work load, that sometimes it feels like a nightmare.

For this reason, it becomes extremely necessary to provide some relief to our mind, body, and soul as well. In such a case, nothing can work better than spending a holiday with the family members or close friends. And, when the holiday destination is a city like Sydney, the happiness and fun gets double.

If you do not have much information about the wonderful city of Australia, then let me give you some of basic details and interesting facts about it. Sydney is the capital city of the Australian state, New South Wales. And, it is the most heavily inhabited city in Australia.

The population of the city stands around 4.5 millions, and the inhabitants are known as the Sydneysiders. It really feels nice to know that the inhabitants welcome people from every section of society. This cosmopolitan side of the city makes it quite popular among the global visitors. And, the figure of 2.7 million international visitors in the year 2009 is the proof of its worldwide popularity.

Owing to the temperate climate of the city, the hotels in Sydney remain jam-packed with visitors all through the year. In Sydney, you can find out online hotels of every price range, which can easily suit your budget.

Golden Triangle Tour: An Unending Journey Through Magnificence

The most enjoyable way to spend a leisurely, yet fulfilling holiday in India is with a Golden Triangle Tour. This is a journey through three capitals, and a holiday which takes you to the most endowed lands there are to see. The first halt is the capital of the country, Delhi. You will next be taken to the capital city of the state of Rajasthan, Jaipur. And finally, your tour concludes with the architectural capital, Agra. Golden Triangle Tours are suited for people of all ages.

Given that there is little commuting between locations, it is ideal for the elderly, and also for those travelling with children. For the numerous monuments there are to be seen, this is perfect for the culture seeking soul, and for the timeless legends that have been handed down, this is nectar for the thirsty historian. This tour is designed to offer delightful moments of pleasure, comfort and luxury. The places themselves are meant to be relaxed and enjoyed, and there is nothing that can hold you back. With many inspiring elements, you are sure to come away feeling refreshed and pampered fully. Delhi is the first halt on this tour. This is a city which is brimming with life and is constantly on the move. Several ancient monuments are strewn across this large city and give it an interesting character.

Delhi is paradise for shopping, and you will find the latest trends available as easily as classic Indian attire. Some of the most interesting bargains can be found on roadside stalls. Jaipur is the pink city, which adds colour and gloss to your Golden Triangle Tour. This is the land of Rajput kings and it continues to reflect their glory and sing their praise. There are several places which you must visit when in Jaipur, some of which include the Hawa Mahal, Amber fort and Jantar Mantar. An attraction you cannot miss is the City Palace, considering it takes up a significant amount of the city’s expanse. Agra may be the final destination of the tour, but it is by far the most inspiring. Although the Taj Mahal is the most famous landmark of this city, every monument fights for as much attention. Each is as exquisite as the other, and has its own unique appeal. The Taj Mahal was not named a wonder of the world for no reason, and you will find an overwhelming magnetism in every glance that you are allowed. Ensure that you make a visit to the Itmad ud Daulah, Friday mosque and the Agra Fort. When in Agra, it is a wonderful idea to take back some interesting handicrafts which include inlay on marble, leather artefacts, and brassware. If you are really inspired, you can even carry some exquisite carpets back with you. If you want to go beyond these three cities, try combining a tour of North India.

A pilgrimage tour or even a Rajasthan Tour with the Golden Triangle Tour. Not only is there much more to keep you busy, but the Indian experience will better itself many times over. Author is an eminent analyst for writing articles on , Rajasthan tours and India Tour Packages .Get all possible information about Incredible India Tours and Golden Triangle Tour Packages on at only.

India Tour Packages – Selecting from the Gamut There Is

The Indian experience is among the most sought after in the world, largely due to the fact that such diverse experiences are difficult to come by elsewhere. It is not uncommon to find travellers overwhelmed by their holidays here, after having only seen one or two cities during an extended vacation. The magic of India Tours is that each location is bursting with activity and exploding with attractions that even locals barely manage to cover during their life. India Tour Packages make the ideal solution which allows a systematic coverage of India in convenient and comfortable capsules.

The intent of India Tour Packages is to allow travellers to have a more fulfilling and memorable holiday. India Tours divide India into various regions based on geography, and also based on the experiences that places allow. Here are some of the best India Tour Packages you can enjoy. The most famous tour has been the Golden Triangle Tour. For reasons that could be attributed to the ease with which this tour can be completed and enjoyed, or for the world famous Taj Mahal, the circuit which covers the cities of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur is among the most frequented in India.

Covering a range of attractions which span ancient Hindu and Islamic places of worship and palaces, to government houses and modern architecture, this tour is a generous dose of culture and architecture. Beaches and Backwater Tours are perfect holidays during the summer months, and even during the winter holidays. Packed with locations that offer pristine beaches and stretches of calm backwaters, these tours are your ticket to indulgence in the lap of nature. The tropical climate lends a favourable ambience, and the warm hospitality makes this experience one you cannot forget. Whether in the buzzing beaches of Goa, or in the solitude of the backwaters, you are sure to rejuvenate and recharge yourself, and fill your holiday with great moments and genial companions. The hills are apparent in North India, and you are sure to find plenty more as you travel through the country.

Each hill station has its own defined character and relevance. In the north, the influence of the Himalayas is unmistakeable, while the west and south have stretches of hills which are more tempered. No matter which hill station you are in, the one thing you are guaranteed is a clean, fresh environment, leisurely pace and plenty of quiet. While Shimla, Manali and Mashobra are wonderful hill stations in the north, Ooty, Coorg and Munnar are among the more popular hill stations in south India. The culture of India has been recognised throughout the world. For its simplicity and diversity, Indian culture has won itself unfound respect in the eyes of everyone who understands and experiences it. Cultural tours of India take travellers to some of the most inspiring temples, palaces, forts and museums of the country. In tandem with the history and heritage that India boasts of, the cultural tour extols some of the most profound lessons that can be learnt.

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Interesting Facts – Bendigo Victoria

The exciting gold rush era started for Bendigo city in 1851 and the fields were populated by gold diggers right up to 1954 when Bendigo’s last gold mine closed. The mine’s closure was partly due to the great depth and amount of water in Bendigo’s deepening mines but with upgraded technology, the city of Bendigo commenced mining in recent years and is continuing to mine today with a positive outlook that there is still a substantial amount of gold hidden deep in the Bendigo goldfields.

Now Victoria’s second largeset inland city, Bendigo has a population of around 88,000 according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Situated around 131kms north-west of Melbourne CBD, Bendigo is home to the only provincially headquartered bank and stock exchange in the country, the Bendigo Bank and the BSX.

A popular tourist attraction in Bendigo is the Central Deborah Gold Mine. The mine being one of the last to stop operating, had an operational life of 15 years while producing around 929 kgs or 29,865 ounces of gold.

Said to be one of the largest cathedrals in the southern hemisphere, the Sacred Heart Cathedral can be found in Bendigo and is known as Australia’s third largest cathedral.

The Bendigo Art Gallery is Australia’s oldest and largest regional art galleries with interesting collections like the Bendigo goldfields special collection, Australian paintings, decorative arts and sculptures.

Another popular attraction in Bendigo is the Golden Dragon Museum, with a living history display of the Chinese people of Bendigo, from the gold rush era to today. Built by the Chinese diggers in the 1800’s, Joss House is a historic temple known to be the only surviving temple in regional Victoria that is still used as a place of worship today.

The richest professional 400 meter running race is held in Bendigo every year in which thousands of tourists visit the city over the exciting two day event. The Bendigo Easter Festival and the Dahlia and Arts Festival are just two of a number of festivals hosted in Bendigo. Both of these events attract many visitors to the city and both are held annually.

Home to the largest swap meet in the southern hemisphere, Bendigo holds the Bendigo National Swap Meet annually for car enthusiasts all over the country.

The Bendigo Pottery Interpretive Museum is said to be the countries oldest functioning pottery and it holds the all heritage listed collection of wood-fired kilns.

Want to visit Bendigo? Why not check out the range of quality hotels bendigo has to offer. It’s a great way to get out there and see Victoria!

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Cheap Flights to Brisbane

Australia – the top Dream vacation destination for many Americans – is within your reach through competition among the airlines and a stream of never-ending special sales, promotions and choices for cheap flights to Brisbane from UK.

Using cheap flights to Brisbane, you can easily go walkabout the Outback for horse riding, wine tasting and viewing the Southern Cross; charter a boat to cruise through the Whitsunday Islands for a stop at Whitehaven Beach and a romantic interlude; or learn to surf in the waves on the Gold Coast.

The first factor that you will want to address when pulling together a holiday is arranging for an affordable flights to Brisbane. Depending on where you are located in the world, you very well may find that your most significant expense associated with your planned holiday will be the cost of airfare from your home to Australia.

However, not all people make the trip to Australia. This is because everyone, no matter what class they belong to, is constrained by one common thing: the budget. Everyone wants to travel on a budget, to minimize their expenses while maximizing on their experiences. The budget and accommodations, unfortunately, take up most of a traveler’s budget that they don’t get much out of their vacations like sampling local restaurants or going to the local tourist spots.

Understanding that airfare can be expensive in some instances when a person is traveling for a holiday, you will want to take at least a spot of time to shop around and really flesh out what is available to you when it comes to airline rates to the City of Brisbane for your special holiday adventure.

British Airways currently can offer flights to Sydney and Melbourne for just £415 respectively. Qantas are currently offering flights to Perth for just £360 and Brisbane for £401 return, plus their own Melbourne offer which is even cheaper than British Airways’ offer!

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Destination: Ballarat Victoria – Australia

Gold, for the city of Ballarat, Victoria is a major industry, from the cities settlement right up to the present day. Gold was first discovered at Poverty Point in 1851, then, the Ballarat area was found to be a rich alluvial field, which was the reason for Ballarat transforming itself into a major settlement in the Victorian gold rush era. Today, Ballarat has an estimated population of over 94,000 residents and it lies 105km’s north-west of Melbourne.

Since Sovereign Hill, a popular tourist destination in Ballarat, opened in the 1970’s, a large number of other tourist attractions followed including, The Gold Museum, Ballarat Wildlife Park, the Eureka Centre, the Tramway Museum, Ballarat Bird Word and many more.

Australia’s oldest and largest regional gallery is found in Ballarat, The Ballarat Fine Art Gallery, located on Lydiard Street North.
The Avenue of Honour stands proudly in Ballarat, being the earliest and longest memorial avenue in the state. The avenue coupled with the Victorian Heritage Registar are said to be viewed by over 20,000 visitors every year.

The magnificent Ballarat botanical gardens is home to many statues, including the official Prime Minister’s Avenue. Nearby the gardens, you will find Lake Wendouree, originally known as Yuille’s Swamp. The lake is home to an impressive number of wildlife species including swans, ducks and approximately 100 native water-rats.

The Royal South Street Eisteddfod is located in Ballarat, hosting the performing arts over a 12 week period every year, which is known as Australia’s oldest and largest annual perfoming eisteddfod. The city of Ballarat has stong ties to the local acting and theatre community and it is because of this that it is no surprise that some famous Australian actors were born in Ballarat including Kimberley Davies and the legendary Bill Hunter. The city of Ballarat is used readily as movie sets, appearing in such movies as My Brother Jack (2001) and Ned Kelly (2003).

Mars, Incorporated and McCain Foods Limited are two of the larger international manufacturers who have established their Australian headquarters in Ballarat and continue to provide jobs for the locals today.

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