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Nahanni National Park

Are you familiar with the Nahanni National Park in Canada? If you have a sense of adventure and consider yourself to be an outdoor enthusiast then you owe it to yourself to make the journey to this spectacular destination. This park in the Northwest Territories is in a region of unsurpassed beauty, highlighted by the rugged South Nahanni River along with some amazing canyons and waterfalls.

One of the most popular spots for visitors is the famous Virginia Falls. The South Nahanni River forms this spectacular waterfall. The listed height of the falls is 296 feet making it over twice the height of Niagara Falls. In the very middle of the falls is a rock outcropping that has been named Mason’s Rock after a famous Canadian author and outdoorsman. The number of visitors to Virginia Falls is regulated by the park service’s reservation system which prevents overcrowding. In the vicinity of the falls there are several species of rare orchids that are able to grow there due to the mist from the huge waterfall. Just downstream from the falls are some of the most popular whitewater rapids that draw many rafters, kayakers and canoeists each season.

There is a very wide variety of flora, fauna and geographic features that can be found in the Nahanni region. The park contains such diversity as sulphur hot springs, deep river gorges and canyons, alpine tundra, evergreen forests of spruce and aspen groves. Grizzly bear, bison, alpine sheep, mountain goats and woodland caribou find season and year round habitat in the park. It is estimated that 500 Grizzly bears call the Nahanni Park their home.

The history of the lands in the Nahanni area goes as back to prehistoric times It is believed that the first humans occupied the region as far back as 9,000 to 10,000 years ago. Local legend refers to the Naha tribe. They were mountain dwellers who would regularly raid settlements in the lower regions. It is said that they mysteriously disappeared all of a sudden!. Many caverns and artifacts have been discovered in the mountains along the Nahanni River. The first European fur traders reached this area in the 18th century which lead to trading posts being built at Fort Simpson, Fort Laird and Nahanni Butte. For a long time the local Indians would take boats downstream every year to the trading posts to deal with these Hudson Bay Traders.

During the Klondike gold rush years, miners would attempt to use the river as a route to get to the Yukon’s gold or to seek gold along the Nahanni and Flat River. There was never a significant gold find along the Nahanni but these efforts did lead to many legends and tales of lost and killed miners. The headless corpses of two miners were found in 1908. Supposedly other prospectors also died mysterious deaths along the Nahanni. Some of the park locations have names that reflect this part of history – Headless Range, Funeral Range, Deadman Valley and Headless Creek.

As you can imagine based on its location the park in not heavily visited, only about 800 to 1000 visitors per year. Most of these visitors are there during the summer and the majority of them raft down the South Nahanni River below Virginia Falls. The park’s visitor center is at Fort Simpson. Float planes and helicopters are the primary means of acually reaching the park itself. It is not easy to make this type of a trip but the rewards can be great. It truly is a remarkable destination – remote, scenic, mysterious and very beautiful!

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Vacation Guide of Toronto

The city of Toronto is the main city of the Ontario province and is among the most modern towns in Canada. By having a population which draws from just about every major cultural group and background, Toronto features a diverse populace and offers numerous fun activities for visitors, whether you are staying for a day or a whole week.

Toronto attractions vary from landmark structures to one of the best zoos on the planet. When you go to the city you need to be certain to make lots of time to explore all of Toronto’s top tourist destinations because there are a few “can’t miss” attractions here. If you take enough time to do a little research, you’ll find some amazing locations. online hotel booking

The CN Tower is most likely the most recognized Toronto landmark and is just about the most well-known of all Toronto attractions. With over 2 million yearly visitors, it is a popular choice, so make sure to get there early (before 11 am is usually best) or later (after 7 pm the crowds of people have thinned out a little.) The views from the CN Tower are unparalleled.

You can ride the elevator up within a mere 58 seconds. The glass elevators will also glide people smoothly upwards, enabling you to see the best sights throughout the city. Go to the observation deck at the very top to get incredible views at the Look Out level and make sure you go to the level below Look Out to stand on the glass floor and look down on the city of Toronto.

The Toronto Zoo is a favorite place for vacationers and residents alike. It is home to over 5,000 creatures from more than 500 distinct species, in six different areas for animals. The wildlife from a certain region are gathered together in one place, which makes it feel as near to their natural habitat as it can be. Wildlife from around the globe are all found here, in addition to a number of some other special attractions including the polar bears and gorilla rain forest exhibits.

The Ontario Science Centre is another famous Toronto attraction and serves up some interactive fun with science. From voice activated displays such as the word harp (your voice will make the harp play songs) to the pipe dreams exhibit (pose for a photograph then change it into bubble form), both little ones and older people will want to devote a day exploring – and also learning – while having a great time. honeymoon vacation packages

The Royal Ontario Museum provides Toronto vacationers the opportunity to view artwork ranging from the contemporary to the most ancient. Important artwork coming from just about every corner of the globe is on long term exhibit here, as are special exhibits like the Age of the Dinosaur and Age of the Mammals exhibits. Galleries consist of World Culture Galleries, Natural History Galleries, Hands-On Galleries, as well as extraordinary revolving Exhibition Galleries. People may be particularly interested in the History of Canada exhibit, home to more than one thousand unique Canadian artifacts.

If you intend to visit the city, try and leave sufficient time to see as much as possible because the Toronto attractions are so interesting – every major attraction needs to be seen and explored to be believed. Enjoy your stay in the lively and sophisticated city of Toronto, and be reassured that once you’ve been here, you’ll want to go back. Find more info on make my trip

Luxury Hotels of Toronto

Sometimes only the best will do. If you want treat yourself or that special someone to a little extra in the “happening” city of Toronto, ON then you’ll want to check out these Toronto luxury hotels.

This luxury Toronto hotel is located in Yorkville, a swanky area of Toronto. The streets are lined with plastic surgery offices and fancy niche bistros. Shopping is also an experience in Yorkville. By car, The Four Seasons is close to all popular attractions. If walking, there is also plenty to take in. You are within a few minutes walk of the Bata Shoe Museum and the Royal Ontario Museum. The Art Gallery of Ontario is less than a 30 minute walk as well. Close enough for a morning stroll are the historic grounds of the University of Toronto.

Four Seasons Hotel Toronto – Often during the Toronto Film Festival, you will find the best of Hollywood’s A-list staying at the hotel.

The Fairmont Royal York – For me, this is the best Toronto Luxury Hotel in the city and I am probably not alone. There is something perfectly exciting about staying where royalty has stayed and the hotel is reminiscent of day’s gone by-where opulence was craved by society’s best. This historical landmark is located on Front Street, directly across from the historic Union Station and just down the road from the Hockey Hall of Fame. Small pets are allowed in the rooms for an extra fee. One of the best perks of this royally decored hotel is that it connects to Toronto’s famous underground shopping route. So, in winter you need even go outside to get your shopping in, if you so choose.

The Hazelton Hotel – Another Toronto luxury hotel is the Hazelton Hotel. It is a relatively new hotspot, opening up in 2007. This luxury hotel has quickly become a favourite with celebrities visiting Toronto and has all of the amenities expected from a 5 star hotel. There is even a screening room for private movie screenings. The pool is definitely more of a long narrow lap pool than a fun and frolick pool. Proximity to the ROM and the Bata Shoe museum as well as all the chic boutiques and eateries in the Yorkville area makes this a winner.

The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Residences – Just off of Yonge Street, this 4 star hotel and residence has a luxury appeal for the ‘zen’ crowd. Every element of the building takes feng shui into consideration and this is largely done by focusing on the number 8. Even the street address is 8 Street. Everything in this chic hotel has a purpose and that purpose is to make you feel at your best mentally and physically.

Cosmopolitan Hotel

These Toronto luxury hotels all offer something unique to guarantee that your stay in Canada’s world class and largest city is extraordinary. Find more info on International Hotels and Make My Trip with India Hotels

Finding The Best Whistler Deals Online

When looking for a fun and budget-wise holiday option, two things that really matter to the savvy consumer are finding the best rates on accommodations, and the best deals on events and attractions.

With the winter fast approaching, a lot of holiday goers are looking for the best offers they can find on ski holidays to the Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort. Amazing Whistler deals can be found online. Whistler accommodation discounts abound on internet sites that promote private rental and chalet listings — the prudent vacation shopper just has to know where to look for the best Whistler deals!

For instance, a website such as offers a section on last minute Whistler deals, specials and discounts. Such discounts include rentals by owner priced as low as $119/day! Discounts on lift tickets can also be found on the website.

Let’s face it: in these recessionary times, many people need to find the best prices on accommodations and entertainment options if they are going to treat themselves to an enjoyable ski vacation. Excellent Whistler accommodation deals can be had if you do some research and make a point of seeking out the best deals and prices!

There are so many reasons to visit the Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort for your next winter vacation! From the obvious — world class skiing and snowboarding — to the less obvious reasons such as the excellent shopping and dining opportunities offered in Whistler Village, Whistler truly has something to offer every visitor!

Consider partaking in the following attractions on your winter vacation to Whistler:

– Whistler Heli Skiing
– Whistler Dog sledding Tours
– Whistler Cross Country Skiing
– Whistler Skating
– Whistler Sleigh Rides and Dinner Sleigh Ride Tours
– Private Ski Lessons
– And so much more!

Of course, if you are going to make a trip to Whistler, you need to find a place to stay! There are many options available: hotels, motels, and private rentals by owner.

Great Whistler deals can be found in all types of accommodation, but particularly in the area of private rental by owner.

Whether you are interested in renting a private Whistler chalet, or a townhouse/condominium, excellent prices can be found! Not only are the rates reasonable, the features and conveniences offered are top notch! After all, there is nothing better than having ski in/ski out access to your favorite ski runs! And close proximity to Whistler’s vibrant night life after an invigorating day on the slopes is another great reason to find the best possible Whistler accommodation discounts and deals!

An example of a Whistler neighborhood which offers the best in terms of location and lodging is Stoney Creek.

Stoney Creek is an astounding Resort Property in Whistler. It is positioned in Whistler’s Village North, and showcases three main complexes: Lagoons, Sunpath and Northstar.

All of the Stoney Creek Town homes are privately owned, and several are offered for hire. As far as Whistler accommodation discounts and comfort lodgings go, Stoney Creek is tremendous. All facilities are close by including dining establishments, traveler services, shopping, and transportation.

Located within steps to the village center, and a short distance to the runs, Stoney Creek is a great place to stay when you visit Whistler!

If you are planning a vacation to the Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort this winter, remember that astounding deals and discounts can be found online!

The Best Skiing In Canada

One of the best skiing destinations in Canada has to be Banff in the Rocky Mountains and state of Alberta. There are a number of reasons for this and it is not all about the skiing, although that is obviously a very important factor. For Banff the quality of the skiing is beyond question but you can also enjoy great apres ski, a place with natural beauty and a little bit of history.

Banff the town resides in Banff national park which is a world heritage site and a beautiful part of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. In the town you can explore the history of the native American Indians, eat and drink in the famous Banff Springs Hotel and have access to a loads of different types of accommodation, restaurants and bars all within an hour and half of the international airport and city of Calgary, once home to the winter Olympics. Needless to say your comfort and apres ski experience will be well catered for.

Banff Springs Hotel (

Now down to the important business of skiing, one of the biggest benefits of being based in Banff is that you can take out a tri-area ski pass and make the most of three separate ski resorts, each one superb in it’s own right.

* Lake Louise
* Sunshine Mountain
* Mount Norquay

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Whistler Owner Direct Rentals For Your Whistler Blackcomb Get-away

Whistler offers unlimited fun and adventures for individuals of all ages, regardless of the season! No matter whether you fancy skiing and snowboarding down rivers of snow in the wintry weather, or you are in your glory while mountaineering world-class mountain trails in the summer, Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort has it all!

Blackcomb Lodge Whistler (


Blackcomb Lodge Whistler (

In terms of the complete get-away, the Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort sincerely presents the very best. Whether you visit Whistler for its internationally prominent sporting ground and amazing landscape, or for its spirited , world-class nightlife, dining places and shopping, Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort offers something for everybody.

Of course, because Whistler Blackcomb is such a greatly sought-after vacation spot, securing comfy and reasonably priced accommodations in Whistler can be difficult . If you are looking for accommodation options amongst Whistler owner direct rentals, you must know where to look. After all, good accommodations are a chief factor to a triumphant, relaxing vacation experience!

Aspens on Blackcomb Resort Whistler (

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Why Vancouver Is A Great Place To Live

Every few years a study is commissioned into what is deemed to be the best city in the world in which to live. A couple of years ago Vancouver in Western Canada took to prestigious accolade, you may not know a lot about Vancouver, you might just think it’s another dull North American city devoid of culture. You’d be wrong. Vancouver as plenty to offer to to the curious tourist as well as the prospective British ex-pat and makes a great alternative to Toronto holidays. The city is located on the West Coast of Canada in British Columbia and ranks as the eighth largest city in the country in terms of population.

The survey is carried out using a range of measures such as criminal activity, life expectancy, education standards and health care provision, amongst many others. These are all easily measurable parameters that Vancouver has performed well in consistently over the years, but it also has some great culture and entertainment to offer which are less measurable. Vancouver has a highly varied population, with demographic largely made up of 30% of Chinese immigrants as well as smaller proportions of south Asians, Filipinos, Japanese and Koreans. This is due to its relative close proximity to Asia which is a short flight across the pacific.

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Explore Canada

Have you ever sat in your living room watching survival shows hosted by the likes of Ray Mears and Bear Grylls, secretly wishing you could have a go at surviving in the woods on nuts and berries while all the while begrudgingly agreeing to accompany the wife or girlfriend on another week-long break to Majorca? You might have probably been camping in the woods with your pals in the vain hope of emulating a Grylls-esque scenario, constructing a makeshift home out of vine leaves and twigs and attempting to snare a racoon for sustenance, all this is somewhat undermined however when you can smell the food cooking in your local Haverster just half a mile away.

Rather than going down to your local forest with your luxury tent and disposable barbeque, what you need is a truly fulfilling adventure experience. Canada is a great location to do exactly that, With tens of thousands of acres of undiscovered, unspoiled wooded areas, mountains and national parks, Canada offers the ultimate blank slate for the budding adventurer to get themselves lost in the awesome landscapes. The problem with the UK is just that it is simply not big enough to feel truly isolated, the rural dwelling population is high meaning you are always likely to come across another rambler, or a country pub!

Type in Canada holidays to your browser and you will find hundreds of adventure packages, organized enough to give you a good idea of where to start, but also remaining flexible meaning you can wonder off into the wilderness and do your own thing, if that’s your bag! Canada hosts some great city breaks like Toronto holidays , but if you want to deviate from the beaten track and leave the hustle and bustle behind, an adventure holiday could be perfect for you. Imagine you and a couple of mates trekking through thick pine forests, canoeing down wonederfully clean freshwater rivers and lakes, and crossing the Rockies by rail . This would be a holiday with a difference, and certainly one you’d never forget!

Rethymno Crete

The prefecture of Rethymno has its own capital of the exact same title.

Rethymno can be found on the islands northern coast between Heraklion (eightykm in the eastern side) and Chania (sixtykilometres on the west)

Rethymno provides a twelvekilometer sandy beach in the east (among the biggest in Crete), and just the west lies a breathtaking rugged coastline.

Rethymno would be the heart of communications, industrial and admin dealings, for this prefecture and its 25,000 habitants.


The port at Rethymno is open all year round, with routine sailing to Piraeus in mainland Greece. During the summer time you’re able to go on a touring trip of the island of Santorini from here.

There is no airport at Rethymno, nevertheless it is well served by way of airports at Chania and Heraklion.

The public buses are a good way to visit the main cities across the island, why don’t you catch a bus to have a special culture trip, when they service the smaller villages too!


There exists evidence where the city of Rethymno is positioned on the remains of the historical Mycean metropolis of Rithymna, that is said to have lost significance during the 3rd century AD. And therefore noted only as being a large village,

But Rithymna kept it’s independence and autonomy, Rithymna even minted its own coinage being a free city.

The town sustained its habitation in the Byzantine period, mosaics out of this plus the Roman period had been found.

Through the Venetian occupation, was initially when Rethymno gained city status, an intermediary port was needed by the Venetians between Heraklion and Chania, so Rethymno was picked out just for this purpose.

As a Venetian ethnical admin centre, Rethymno had become the third most significant city relating to the island of Crete.

In 1567 Algerian pirates robbed and burned up Rethymno, just about altogether obliterating the location.

and in 1646 the Turks adopted rule throughout Rethymno In those times of Ottoman rule, several towns and cities along the island fell in to decline along with Rethymno As the whole of Crete battled for it’s own independence.

The inhabitants in the Prefecture of Rethymno were actively involved, with many of its freedom-fighters getting executed for his or her part.

From 1897 to 1909 the Russian army took control of Rethymno.

Plus in1913 Rethymno became an area of Greece as did all the island of Crete.

It was Throughout the German occupation in which occupants of Rethymno became active partners fighting during the resistance, against all fascism.

Rethymno also has grown considerably in the previous 25 yrs, it’s overall economy flourishes thanks to the introduction of the tourist industry, plus the culture is benefitted by the university based there.

Grecotel El Greco Hotel Rethymno (

The town has a superb classic aristocratic appearance, look for it’s Hellenic-Roman and Byzantine ruins, wander through the narrow streets, the arched doorways and up old stone staircases admiring the 16th century buildings and the small Venetian harbour.

The sophisticated building, of the sixteenth century Venetian Loggia, that was initially a gentlemen’s club. At present it’s used for the information office to the ministry of culture. It also sells tickets for the archaeological museum.

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Explore the mystic land of India

India possesses a vast diversity in every stratum like traditions, languages, culture, festivals, dresses and lifestyle. The mystic land is famous to allure the tourists with its enduring essence. The scenic beauty and splendid heritage has been able to attract tourists since many years.  Tourists can enjoy every kind of vacations in this country whether they want to explore the wildlife, historical monuments, pilgrimage, exhilarating hill stations and mountains, rural life or the beaches. Incredible India tours provide with various tastes to the visitors. They can experience new things at every step of their visit.

Tourists can visit any horizon of India and this country would never miss to impress them. There are plenty of places in every corner of India. Kashmir gathers the admiration for its natural ambience where a visit to god’s own land Kerala can pour the dedication light on them. The Thar deserts of the Rajasthan of the sacred Ganges following through the heart of the country, India Travel is like a treat to the visitors. They can attain unforgettable memories in their visit through the exotic land. Perhaps this makes the country ideal destination for vacations.

Himalayas, one of the oldest mountain ranges of the world provides with the pleasurable natural heritage. The Ananda Spa attracts numerous tourists from all over the world, to get the ayurvedic and ancient medical spa for refreshment. North India Tours is like a summary of whole country. There are mountains, pilgrimage, forts, monuments, wildlife parks as well as hill stations. The North Indian Tours allow the tourist explore the life in India. Various Religious as well as spiritual packages are introduced every year for visit to Varanasi temples and Amarnath pilgrimage.

Different types of mouth-watering cuisines in India make the tour more interesting to the vacationers. They like to munch upon the Indian food. Moreover, the handicrafts and colorful markets of the country tempt the shoppers to purchase them. The fairs and festivals are accompanied with cultural dances that are of keen interest to the visitors. The country provides numerous reasons to a person to visit and discover the ethnicity and uniqueness of every aspect of India.

No other country offers such a vast variety of tourist options. It is only India that bares people of all religions, faiths and lifestyle. The ethnic beauty of the nation is impeccably worth visiting. Incredible India Tours makes the vacationers enjoys to the fullest. There are perfect accommodation facilities for all types of tourists. They can avail a descent accommodation as well as a luxury one. There are various pack ages and itineraries from which you can choose the best suitable one. India guarantees the best memories in minds and cameras of the visitors.

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