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Revisit the Greatest Empires

Even before its independence from Britain in 1964, Malta has been under foreign rule including the Sicilian, Phoenician, Byzantine, and Roman empires. Naturally, with these foreign invasions evolved cultural influences that have helped shape the country that is Malta today. It has turned the island nation a melting pot of races leaving behind several important heritages making Malta is like an encyclopedia of truths, of artifacts, of history and of culture. Among the more visible proofs are the obvious architecture of their old buildings, the dominant Catholic religion, the diversity in language and most especially, the variety of Maltese cuisine.

Imaginamalta takes you to a completely new world almost very different from your own. When you get to visit Malta, you get a touch of Turkey, Italy and United Kingdom rolled into a small group of islands. A malta holiday is an escape to a country so multifaceted you indulge yourself into several different countries all at the same time. When you visit the old churches and cathedrals, you get a touch of Rome. When you taste their assortment of cuisine, you get a hold of Italy and Turkey. When you listen to their language, Britain immediately comes into mind. What makes it a lot more exciting is that experiencing these different countries all at the same time is just some click away from your mouse or touchpad.

Online, via our website, you get to book the best of malta hotels. Several accommodations in malta are packaged accordingly to suit you individual needs. Hotels in malta are equipped with the state-of-the-art technology of a first world country as an added comfort for your stay. Transportation to and from your malta hotels are also provided for via our unique car hire. The best flights to and from malta are also emphasized as an added bonus so that you would have several choice en route to your vacation. To top it all, we welcome your comments and suggestions via our “contact us” tab to ensure better service and be of assistance to your immediate needs.

Visiting malta is like a walk in the park. All you really ever have to do is go to and everything you will ever need will be taken cared of. From the most suitable malta hotel to the most affordable accommodations in malta, the Imaginamalta crew will assist you to make your malta holiday as smooth sailing and hassle free as possible. It is our commitment to offer the best service to the most deserving of peoples.

Book your next flight with Imaginamalta, and experience several different other countries all in one. Take a trip down history lane, and make your malta holiday a truly rewarding experience. Remember, we do not only give you the best malta hotels but we make sure every malta tour you take is a trip of a lifetime. Greece, Phoenicia, Byzantine, Rome and even Britain are all in one country and there is no other way but only a malta experience can give you that!

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Snorkelling and Scuba Diving Fans Flock to Malta

With its sunny climate and inviting turquoise waters, Malta is a popular choice with holidaymakers of all ages. But these qualities are also making the island increasingly popular with another group of people… snorkelers and scuba divers looking for new and exciting places to practice their favourite pastime.

Enjoying a beautiful location in the Mediterranean Sea, Malta’s year-round sunshine and warm climate create the perfect conditions for enjoying these popular sports. With a huge variety of fish species making their homes around the island, there are plenty of things for divers of all abilities to discover. Add to this the number of popular dive sites within easy reach of the island and the amount of good quality dive schools catering for all abilities, and it’s no wonder Malta has become a divers’ paradise.

Drawn by its excellent competitive prices, divers and their families are discovering that Malta is the perfect base. Its popular resorts provide plenty of entertainment for days spent out of the water, while the compact size of the island means that its attractions are easy to explore. Malta’s resorts and towns cater for every possible taste – from quaint fishing villages to busy towns – while the competitive tourism market ensures good deals are guaranteed. Some hotels offer all inclusive packages with scuba diving and snorkelling included, or you may prefer to research schools online and then take your pick from the accommodation on offer. There’s plenty of choice… from budget, self catering to luxury 5 star hotels, every possible taste is catered for.

With many of Malta’s resorts frequently voted among the best value destinations in Europe, Malta holidays are showing no signs of easing up. And as long as there are top quality schools taking divers out to the fantastic reefs and wrecks around the island, it will continue to be a haven for snorkelers and scuba divers everywhere.

Cheap Hotels In Malta

St Julian Bay (

St Julian Bay (




Malta or Maltese islands have a scene looking positively mythical for example as in a cave of Calypso, medieval vaults and megaliths. It also shows windows of villages and cities with narrow streets twisting, baroque and the Renaissance palaces of cathedrals. As a matter of fact, this popular vacation spot is already considered as “an open-air museum “. There more tourists are accessible to visit Malta landscape, historical places and the cultural scenes, and also cheap hotels of Malta have started a surface throughout many years.
Malta is not only the largest island; it also is the administrative, trading and cultural centre of archipelago. As to second large island Gozo, this is more rural and it is characteristic for tourism, fishery, agriculture and crafts. 3 Comino islands are actually uninhabited. Nevertheless, from its seven thousand years history, solar weather night life also prospers so much to see and make on Malta. A place called Hypogeum even is included as the World heritage of UNESCO. Nevertheless, it has actually long relations between these islanders and other occupational nationalities of Malta throughout centuries which have created tradition of marriage.

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