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5 Things to see in Egypt (other than those big triangles)

5 Things to see in Egypt (other than those big triangles)

Right, Egypt is popular right now huh? So I thought it would make a nice change to talk about some of the lesser known spots that are worth taking the time to visit if you are ever over that way. You know, instead of all these protests and stuff.
Ok, so there’s probably a couple of big things that immediately spring to mind (big pointy things), but I’m not going to use P word today. So this is the alternative traveller’s guide to Egypt:

1: Fishes

Clown Fish
Yep, that’s right, fishes. Now any diver worth their salt (no pun intended), will know that the Red Sea is one of the best places in the world go and look slightly odd for the amusement of the local marine life. But even if you aren’t a seasoned scuba pro, all you need is a mask, snorkel and an afternoon to while away and you can go explore a little of what this underwater paradise has to offer.

2: Abu Simbel temples

Abu Simbel
Ok, so this is dangerously close to looking like the P word. But these temples are sight to behold in their own right. Ok so I’m not great on the history of this stuff (I recommend getting a tour guide or a good book if you’re so inclined), but the reason I love this spot is simply because of the sheer scale of these stone chaps. Those ancient Egyptians really knew how to go OTT… In a good way though.

3: Khan-el Khalili bazaar

Cairo - Khan El Khalili Bazaar
Sadly the Bazaar is a little more crowded with pale, sunburned tourists than it once was, but it is still worth a good hunt round. There are some weird and wonderful little shops, stalls and back streets to be explored. It feels very foreign (well, duh) in a sort of wonderful and unique way. Hard to describe really, but that’s why you should go see for yourself.

4: Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai
Now I’m going to assume you’ve heard of this one. Now for some people this place has great meaning and is worth the trip to Egypt in its own right. Others amongst you may just view it as a big pointy rock. But whatever your beliefs, get up to the top of this big pointy rock just before sundown and you are in for a big treat. Extra points for anyone who mutters “Holy Moses, check out that view”…

5: Karnak temples

Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt
You can’t really sum up this one in a single picture, mainly because it’s quite big. There are lots of old, interesting looking statues to see, and the general scale of the place is pretty impressive. Certainly worth a meander around.
So there you have it, 5 fun, cool, impressive things to do and see in Egypt and I didn’t mention the Pyramids once… oh poo…
About the author.
Hi, I’m Alex. I like travel, mainly because I like places. And whilst I’m not busy exploring far flung lands I run a little site for intrepid holiday makers back in the UK. Check out the Best Holiday Parks for some great tips on places to stay and things to do here in Britain.

Dubai Hotels are Awaiting Your Arrival

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Dubai hotels booked more and more western tourists and businessman for a stay each month of 2010. Expectations are for a robust 2011, with thousands of visitors booking a hotel room in order to spend time enjoying the amazing weather of Dubai, and check out the local attractions and nightlife. People planning on traveling to Dubai from the western regions of the world that haven’t travelled to this land of ancient wonder and mystery should take care of a few things, before getting on a plane to come to Dubai. You should make sure your Dubai visas are up to date, and if you want to book a stay in Dubai villas, or any of the accommodations available for tourists traveling to this city, you should pick up the phone and make sure you book your accommodations ahead of time.

During 2007 and 2008 occupancy rates in Dubai cheap hotels and Dubai hotels in general was pretty high, according to sources, but these rates have been coming down of late. In fact, by the end of 2011 analysts are predicting the city will have over 130 five star hotels and 50 four star properties for tourists to stay in, which is expected to help improve the availability of accommodations for tourists and businessman traveling to Dubai. The addition of new Dubai hotels should help to make more Dubai apartments, and rooms in general in Dubai’s hotels, available for tourists and businessman traveling to Dubai, and bring down the occupancy rates a little during the months and years ahead.

Dubai is also going to be the home of a new host of Dubai luxury hotels which are currently under construction, or finished construction and are currently booking western visitors and guest for a stay. These include the Fairmont Palm Hotel and Resort, Fairmont Kingdom of Sheba, Habtoor Island Resort, and a number of other new Dubai hotels which will be opened to guests wanting to enjoy the weather and local attractions of Dubai. Dubai beach hotels, like the Park Inn Bur Dubai and Kempinski Hotel One Za’abeel will also be opening to the traveling public in 2012.

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Beneath The Waves, A Different Worldview

When you’re under the waves, the world can seem a very different place. Excepting the possibility of catchy, irritating songs orchestrated by cartoon crabs, life under the sea is a remarkable experience, especially as it so ably inverts everything we know about a place when we’re above the waves. Take the Maldives, a holiday destination that thrives on the image of the ‘desert island’. Ignoring the tourist interest, this is a place that can only boast somewhere between three hundred thousand and four hundred thousand human residents. Even the capital, Male, seems precariously balanced on a tiny island poking out of the sea. Submerge yourself in the sea however, and Maldives diving and you’ll see a submerged mountain range filled with life of all shapes and sizes. Countless species call the Maldivian reefs home, with some alluding scientific description even today.

Scuba Diving holidays are the gateway to another world for many, and the tourism industry recognises the increasing demand for these kinds of excursions. The Maldives are an all encompassing resort that can cater for scuba divers of skills. The tiny, unspoilt islands allow access to a host of diving spots each more fantastically unique than the last. There are fabulous diving spots all around the world: from the famous Great Barrier Reef to reefs in Grenada, Mozambique and Bali.

It’s not all about the dramatic tropics though. For a spot with something different, try Red Sea Diving on the South coast of Egypt (Sinai). Aside from the usual corals, the area boasts a large population of (not usually aggressive!) sharks. But the number one reason for diving in the Red Sea is the opportunity to explore the wrecks of countless ships in a curious, altered world. Many ships have run into trouble in the Red Sea, which long had strategic significance before Tourism bought yet more ships to the region. One popular reef for scuba divers is infamous among sailors: The Sha’b Abu Nuhas has claimed 7 ships (maybe even more), first by sinking them and later by incorporating their hulls into its habitat.

Cairo Holidays: An Egyptian Adventure to Remember

If you want to discover a holiday destination that has the most spectacular, exciting and mesmerising city on earth, a coast of long sandy beaches, winters so warm you can slip off your clothes and lie in the sun before swimming amongst tropical fish, a destination where the locals are as famed for their hospitality as for their cuisine, then Egypt is your perfect place. Your holidays in Egypt will definitely be one you’ll always remember.

The top attraction in Egypt has to be Cairo, probably the most amazing city on earth. It’s the largest city in Africa, and the most exciting. A cultural gem with a long history, Cairo lives up to the ancient promise of being the city where your dreams can come true. Cairo holidays offer a mix of a cosmopolitan and vibrant atmosphere, with amazing cafés, restaurants, and clubs, but also can be seductive and mysterious, with its souks and spectacular mosques known as “the city of a thousand minarets”.

There’s so much to do if you make on a Cairo holiday. First, there’s downtown, where you’ll find everything you need from a bustling city, including the amazing Egyptian Museum. Then you’ll want to spend time exploring magical Islamic Cairo, and venture into Khan El-Khalili with its ancient souk or market, established over six hundred years ago for the merchant caravans that snaked across the desert to reach the city, and still a place today where you can pick up a bargain. Of course you’ll want to stop off in one of the famous cafes, for a real Arabic coffee and a sheesha or water-pipe. Apple or tobacco flavour, the choice is yours!

During your stay in this astonishing capital, head to the only two of the Seven Wonders of the World remaining: the Sphinx, and the Pyramids. And you must enjoy some of the city’s stunning cuisine; offering everything, from western food to foods of the world to delicious traditional choices like the Egyptian pancakes fetyeer. Cairo is also a great place for a dual destination holiday. In Cairo you can take in Egypt’s ancient history and culture and then move to the more relaxing beach resorts of Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada to experience the beautiful Egyptian coastline and underwater kingdom. Sharm El Sheikh holidays are famous for luxury hotels, scuba diving and snorkelling opportunities. However you chose to spend your time in Egypt, a trip to Cairo will be a wonderfully, unforgettable and magical experience!

The dead sea


You might have heard a lot about the “dead sea”, one of the most beautiful and unique sea in the world! but what is the dead sea?Read the article below to find out more!

Dead sea is made by saline water(35% of the water is dissolved salts,about 6 times more salty than the normal ocean and it gets saltier if you go deeper into the water) and surrounded by green algae(that adapt to the harsh salt water) and minerals such as magnesium, potassium, bromine, calcium which cause the water to look a bit greenish and white. Dead sea is also the lowest point on earth, about 1,368 ft below the sea level . Because of the saline water and the mineral in it, it might be the only sea in the world that you can float your body effortlessly into the sea as if you were weightless without even swim. However, not only you can float, in the dead sea, you can also feel more energized as the air contain oxygen that is 10% more than the usual oxygen found in the world! For those who love sunbathing, the dead is a safe place to have sunbath as because of the water evaporation that happen in the dead sea, it formed an extra layer in the atmosphere that cause the sun UV to be filtered.

Hotels for your holiday to Dead sea, you can choose the hotel near dead sea such as Isrotel Dead Sea Hotel Ein Bokek,Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea, Prima Oasis And Spa Club Hotel Dead Sea Ein Bokek, Isrotel Dead Sea Hotel Ein Bokek and many more. You can even stay Jerusalem hotel, with only less than an hour drive to the dead sea. Plan your holiday and search for cheap hotel deals for your desire hotel. Whenever you miss your hometown, you can always made calls to your hometown anytime using phone card or calling card and save. Record your dead sea adventure in your travel blog using good web hosting provider.

Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea (

You can come to dead sea anytime in a year, as there is always sunshine and warm.As fish and other swimming creature can’t live in dead sea because of the high salt content, when you swim in the dead sea, you can swim undisturbed. Many people who travel and spent their holiday in Dead Sea just relax themselves; you can even lay on the dead sea and calmly read books in the middle of it.

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Go for the gold from new ATM machine at Abu Dhabi hotel

This week the plush Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates rolled out the ultimate ATM machine in its lobby: It dispenses gold instead of cash. Guests can now get booty that comes in the form of 1-, 5- and 10-gram bars, as well as gold coins, at a price that the machine updates regularly, according to the website for Gold to Go.

Go for the gold from new ATM machine at Abu Dhabi hotel

The shiny machine, which made its debut at the hotel May 12, takes cash – and gives you a receipt, of course. Future machines will be able to process credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard.

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Naran – A City of Grandeur

Narran valley (@

Have you ever been to a city acquainted by fairies, nourished by nature and conquered by beauty? Or visiting a city that spreads love within the boundaries of nature? You might be confused or thinking I’m insane but it’s the reality. If you have dreamt of going to such a city where you can forget the bitter realities of life then your dream has found its reality in form of Naran Valley in Pakistan. Naran is a place widely known for its tourist enchantment. This article will provide you with details related to Naran Valley and which hotel deals best suit you and how can you have hotel deals and cheap hotels deals and why to sneak peek in the travel blogs.

The beautiful valley of Naran is located in northern side of Pakistan. It is about 23 kilometers from Kaghan. Many tourists visit Naran valley as they think of it to be the best hiking spot. Naran Valley is located on the side of the Kunhar River. From all sides Naran Valley is surrounded by greenery. The scenic splendor that people get to see at Naran is rare and on reaching the place people realize the worth of their Naran Travel. Lakes and mountain ranges visible from here are fascinating indeed. There are other ways of reaching the spot too.

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The thrilling Desert Safari in Dubai



Nowhere in the world seems to epitomize an exciting pleasure trip quite like the Desert safari ride in Dubai. An unquestionable charm and passion on the desert safari tour sweeps along the tourists like the inimitable pied piper’s charm. The pulsating round trip cast its spell and echoes the spirit of Dubai desert safari for the life time. Desert safari drive, Camel ride, barbecue, camps away from home, belly dancing in the camp at night, Bedouins culture will be your heartthrob in the marooned place.

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Prescription Medicine Warning When Traveling to Dubai

Prescription Medicine Warning When Traveling to Dubai

If youre traveling to Dubai, you might just witness the inevitable: people dumping prescription medicines they need for serious medical conditions so they can dodge the risk of being imprisoned. The airport security in Dubai has tightened yet again, this time with passengers who carry prescription drugs.

A man flying with the Emirates Airlines was recently subjected to a customs legislation during his thirty six-hour stopover. This forced him to get rid of medication which he needed for serious medical conditions because the medicines were not in their original packaging anymore. More lenient airports would have let this go, given the passenger has enough paperwork to legitimize his possession of them.

However, due to strict drug trafficking rules in the UAE, travelers are advised to carry their medicines in the original form of their packaging. While travel cases for medicines are convenient, especially if youre so used to carrying just these in your home country, it can land you in trouble in Dubai.

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Dubai Hotel Industry

Dubai (

Dubai (

In the whirlwind of hearings about the nearest financial crisis Dubai has arisen as if from anywhere. Though it is not a secret that economic recession in the USA also has left the print at coast Dubai, flesh treasury there are oil-extracting states, appearing, more than enough to suppress any economic cares. It is necessary to recognize that housing and financial sectors were of the greatest degree, as recession of economic activity first of all the victim of these motive forces of economic growth of Dubai.

Dubai at night (

Dubai at night (

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