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The Lesser Known Facts About New Zealand

If you have never visited the island country of New Zealand, you probably think of the place as the sleepy set of the Lord of the Rings films, which is full of sheep and does not have much else to offer beyond its luscious landscapes and gentle rivers. Well prepare for your mind to be (semi) blown away by the following list of lesser known facts about “The Land of the Long White Cloud” (the English translation of “Aotearoa”, what the Maori – the islands natives – named NZ).

• Anyone aiming to book a NZ a fly drive New Zealand vacation should know that you drive on the left side of the road in NZ, and always give right of way to the cars on your right.

• Bungee jumping was invented on the island! Whooooooooo!

• Ninety mile beach which is very popular with tourists who take New Zealand holidays is actually only fifty five miles long in length!
• Ninety four per cent of the people in NZ jails are men. Looks like they’ve got their women behaving badly!

• We all know that there is a lot of sheep in the ‘Zealand but did you know that there is nine to every human? That’s a massive amount sheep!

• Of the world’s export of lamb meat, NZ exports over half (54%). Yummy¦

• NZ also has the highest amount of golf courses and bookshops per person than any other destination on the plante. This might sound Zzzzzzz but it is apparently enough to convince 1 person to move there every 25 minutes and 49 seconds!

• In order to become a New Zealand citizen, you must swear an oath of loyalty to Queen Elizabeth. Long live the queen!

• Possums and rabbits are treated like pests in New Zealand and as such, residents shoot them. The former I can understand but our rabbit friends are not vermin!

• Around 14,000 earthquakes occur in New Zealand every year. Ground breaking!

New Zealand tours are the best way to get the most out of your visit to New Zealand.

Magnificent New Zealand

Mount Doom (

Mount Doom (

Matamata  (

Matamata (


New Zealand is the country of beautiful islands along a southwest part of Pacific Ocean. It consists of Southern Island and of Northern Island together with some smaller islands. This country is highly appreciated its convenient geographical arrangement near Australia, Tonga and Caledonia. As other developed countries, this is high place when speech comes about the international comparisons on life, quality of life, development of human potential, formation, literacy, economic freedom, prosperity, and absence of corruption, freedom of the press, creations of favorable conditions of business dealing and protection of the political rights, and also a civil freedom. Thanks to a wide range of habitation of events and apartments, apartment houses, resorts and world class New Zealand hotels, this country is considered as one of the most suitable for place habitation in the world.
New Zealand offers many things for different people, whether it is for enterprise business, holiday, and houses for aged or investment possibilities.

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