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Top Travel destination 2011










2010 and 2011 is not a very good financial year Get the best deal on limited/ tight budget. However, plan your holiday carefully, look for discount/special rate on airlines, discount hotel, hotel deals, cheap phone card or calling card. To accommodate with the not good financial year, many travel industry offer many cheap hotel and holiday package so that one can still spent their holiday in budget!
Below is the top 5 most visited destination in 2011
1. Spain
















Barcelona; the city of fashion, Valencia; the city of sport and Madrid; the city full of good restaurant & great nightlife, all you can see in Spain. That is why Spain has become one of the most visited countries in the world. In addition to the above, Spain is also famous for the beach in Canary Island, Catalonia, Balearic Islag of Mallorca, Ibiza etc and Spain in also reach of culture in Palma, Seville.








If you still have budget to spent, explore Spain by using luxury railway ; Transcantabrico, La Robla.

2. Turkey









As it is not included in Euro, Turkey has one of the cheapest destinations in travelling in Europe. The accommodation is ranging from 3 star to 5 star, look for the hotel deals or discount hotel to spent less. In Turkey, you can witness beautiful, unspoiled beach and nightlife too. If you have extra cash on hand, you can explore Turkey on a magical gullet cruise

3. South America








Tourist going to South America, especially Brazil will continue to grow, as it has been honoured to be the host for 2016 Olympic Games and 2014 FIFA World cup. Explore Brazil before the crowd; Rio de Janeiro for the sun, the famous beach, enjoying lots of famous Brazilian food and Brazilian night life

4. USA








Whether its for family holiday, honeymoon, shopping, sightseeing, nightlife, all you can find in USA. There are also a lot of budgets or cheap hotel in USA. Starting from family holiday in Disneyworld & Disneyland, sightseeing Niagara Waterfall, shopping for big brand such as Coach, Nike etc, honeymoon in Hawaii, nightlife in Las Vegas, all you can find in USA. From elegant holiday to cheap holiday, all in USA









5. France (Paris)










Said to be the most romantic city in the world, is the city of light, Paris. Paris has been a popular destination for travellers around the world, especially for honeymooner. With Disneyland now open in Paris, the popularity is rising for family holiday too. The city is full of good sightseeing, historical, and popular night clubs.


















However it is not easy to be on budget in Paris, but there is still a lot of cheap hotel and cheap & yet delicious Parisian dining. When you are in Paris, do not forget to enjoy the dining experience

Holiday Spots: What You Ought To Realize

Searching for an ideal place to visit for the holidays can be challenging. There’s a wide variety of places that people enjoy spending time at. It genuinely all hangs on your household situation. In this article we’ll have a look at some of the most well-known places to visit throughout the holidays.

The very first destination we are going to look at is Florida. It depends on the holiday, but there are many places in Florida which are great. Even if you’re considering taking a trip to Florida during the winter holidays this is sometimes a great deal of fun. There are all kinds of great rates for travel to Orlando and other areas of Florida. Although it might not be best to go to the beach during the winter if you visit South Florida, you will be amazed how warm it is.

Orlando is a great destination to visit in Florida. You will find a myriad of sights there including Disney World, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, and Seaworld. it’s not crowded and you will not need to stand in long lines throughout this season. When you visit Orlando, FL during the peak season it can be very aggravating since the crowds are so big.

Vegas is yet another great destination to enjoy your holiday vacation. Las Vegas has a number of things you can do, and may even be ideal for the family. The town provides extensive neat things to see on the strip. The Grand Canyon is just a short trip away.

When it comes to holiday vacations these are among the better spots. There will be all sorts of activities taking place. Make sure you get a good deal when you plan your trip if you are vacationing for the holidays. If you are going to tourist areas you’ll find some excellent deals.

Should you be going to go on a holiday vacation try to plan it with the entire family. If everyone is on the same page when it comes to which place to go you will have more fun. This way you are able to avoid your family being mad at you. Family destinations are the best choice so everyone will have something to do. If you follow this advice you will have a superb holiday vacation.

Vacationing for the holidays can be a lot of fun if you pick the right destination. One place that’s often forgotten is Holiday deals to Las Vegas. Another great trip for your holidays is to go see Mickey Mouse with a Florida holidays 2012.

Partying Up A Storm In Cape Town

Cape Town happens to be very popular among tourists in recent times. The Mother City (as it is known in South Africa) offers a gorgeous scenery, lovely monuments along with historic complexes. Souvenirs along with African crafts are available everywhere and can be acquired relatively effortlessly: The classic holiday and a desired vacation destination.

In recent times, Cape Town has shown the globe that they can party hard. Long Street is certainly the most famous street for developing a good night out. There are generally many cocktail bars in Cape Town located here along with cafes. There are also many operators located near Long Street that offer services for many Cape Town tours. During your evening you will experience a terrific time here chilling and talking with your friends for many hours along with meeting brand-new people. But if the night sets the scenery throughout Long Street changes – night clubs open up plus the music starts playing. These places tend to be open until the early hours in the morning and a lot of taxis are around so that you will arrive safely back at your holiday apartment.

Kloof Street is situated in close proximity to Long Street. Here you can find many dining establishments, bars along with cafes. If you would like a tranquil and chilled evening with pals without sounds from night clubs then this has to be a place to spend your time.

The suburb involving De Waterkant is usually well known due to the party scene. New night clubs are often opening here being luxurious as well as exclusive. Several gay and lesbian clubs along with bars get opened here too.

Camps Bay is considered one of Cape Town’s most affluent suburbs and the night clubs in this region reflect that as well. They are commonly situated a number of metres away from the beach at the promenade. Here you’ll be able to enjoy a number of cocktails as well as other drinks watching the sun’s rays set behind the ocean. As night lures in, the tunes gets louder and the place start bouncing. This is surely is an area for the beautiful and those with a pile of cash having a good time. Everyone is welcome as long as you are happy to pay your cover fee.

Claremont boasts another significant party-scene due to close proximity on the University of Cape Town. It will be the preferred bash location for a lot of the students and you will probably find a lot of drink deals at these kinds of clubs. Over the recent times many brand-new clubs have set up here due to the increasing demand of the party people in this location.

Stellenbosch is often referred to as a a student town due to University of Stellenbosch. The many clubs are placed very close together and quite a few do not charge cover fees. Drinks are much more affordable than in Cape Town.

All of these areas are just the thing for enjoying an amazing time out and about with pals and buddies. Hope it may help in your party-adventures!

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Patong Beach – Phuket – Thailand

Phuket is a provincial tropical paradise. It is a very large tourist destination. It is a must see place but leisurely . It is an amazing place, very scenic and very lovely.

Patong beach is the party beach. It is a crescent shaped beach in a cove , beautiful but spoiled by extreme commercialization . It is also famous for its bawdy nightlife glitzy, tacky, and fun. It is the most developed, most vibrant, most visited beach of Phuket that never fails to impress visitors. Patong beach is the most popular beach area of Phuket.

Patong beach is located about half an hour from Phuket Town center and an hour from the airport. It is one of the most important and preferred tourist spots of Phuket. It is One of Asia’s Top Party Hot Spots . It has become a main hub for island tourism, over the last several decades. Patong beach is an exciting and resilient place which reflects the character of the Thai people.

Patong is a party capital of Asia, with a world famous nightlife and a great beach. It is the party capital of Phuket , with a sex-drugs-booze-saturated nightlife and a great beach. It is the most famous beach resort on Phuket. It is a popular place with one of the widest beaches in the entire Phuket. Patong is what it is and it’s best not to take the whole place too seriously.

Patong Hotels

Patong is mostly made up of hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and various tourist attractions. It is equally well known for its nightlife, centered around Soi Bangla. It is truly a unique city because it offers so much to the person who decides to call this home. It is also home to a number of houses that an attractive option for tourists who travel on a budget. Patong is also the cheap shopping option in Phuket selling items from clothes, fashion accessories to souvenirs.Phuket is a provincial tropical paradise. It is a very large tourist destination. It is a must see place but leisurely . Phuket is a melting pot of Buddhists, Thai-Chinese, Muslims and even sea gypsies.

Phuket is a popular choice for Asian resort weddings . It is hot and humid throughout the year. It is directly connected to the mainland by the Thao Thepkasattri Bridge. It is the largest Island in Thailand with a population of 320,000 and a land area the size of Singapore. Phuket has become the sailing and yachting center of Thailand and adjacent countries.

Phuket was an amazing place, very scenic and very lovely. It has undergone a period of transformation in recent years. It has a busy nightlife, second only to Pattaya among Thailand’s beach resorts.

For an unforgettable holiday, Patong and Phuket is a top choice.

Patong Beach

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Enjoy Nightlife Destinations in Philippines

For many years, the Philippines has been known as a first-class travel getaway in Asia. Its fascinating beaches, colorful events and festivals, and premier attractions make the country one of the most frequented tourist destinations in the region.

One way to make your visit to the Philippines memorable is to explore the country’s night time offerings. Nightlife in the archipelago of 7,107 islands is truly a big bash, considering how fun-loving and good-natured the Filipinos are. Bars and clubs have been mushrooming everywhere, especially in urban and metropolitan areas. Even hotels and resorts are hosting various gatherings to cater to the needs of the growing number of party animals in the country. Even during weeknights or an ordinary working day, Filipinos are always finding ways to relax and unwind.

Here is a guide to the best places where you can enjoy, sing, and dance all night long.


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When The Day Goes Away The Malaysian Clubbing Animal Comes Out To Have Fun

Kuala Lumpur is the capitol and the largest city in Malaysia. Usually shorterned as KL the areas in vicinity of KL is called as the Klang Valley and is home to around 7.2 million people.

The Sky Bar in Kuala Lumpur with a view of Petronas @ by Stuck in Customs'

Which is around the home to 1 in every 5 Malaysians. Like most busy cities you tend to find yourself sitting at home with nothing to watch. Thats why a lot of KL-ites get decked out and make use of KL’s very active nightlife.

There are several big clubs that attract large crowds every weekend. So if you have ever wondered what a Malaysian party is like here are some of the popular clubbing areas.

Changkat Bukit Bintang or what some might refer to as Star Hill, is one of the main shopping areas in the middle of KL. You can go to a variety of shops and dining places here and a lot of these places turn to pubs, drinking holes and clubbing venues come night time.

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