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Exotic Holidays in Thailand

One of the best destinations for spring is definitely Thailand. From the climatic point of view the period around the Easter holidays is  the hottest time of the year although higher maximum temperatures are reached usually in April.

This combination of warm and dry climate is ideal for those seeking a holiday by the sea, to be lulled by the waves and soak up the sun in turquoise white tropical beaches of Thailand.

But the sea is not the only reason to go on a holiday in Thailand in March.

The nation has extraordinary collections of art, with temples and palaces of great charm combine with a legendary hospitality that make your holiday unforgettable.

Sacred and profane, rites and superstitions, old traditions and modernity co-exist perfectly in Thailand, especially in the capital Bangkok.

Over 2700 km of rugged coastline surrounded by a tropical landscape of extraordinary charm and many islands scattered here and there await tourists eager to exotic vacations at competitive prices.

Besides the beaches, those who travel in Thailand can see several environments and quite different realities: from the heritage of the past, such as the magnificent ruins of Sukhothai, to the quiet country towns hidden in the valleys covered with rice terraces, from the misty highlands of the golden Triangle to the tropical forest of the southern peninsula.

In these areas, despite their calmer rhythms and environmental heritage, there are many traces of modernization and the industrial changes are also visible everywhere in the cities.

Being Thailand one of the most valued by travelers with the best preserved archaeological and artistic evidences of South East Asia, it deserves a visit! You can find many places to stay during your holiday. For example, you can rent a villa in Thailand and, in particular, a villa in Koh Samui.

Stylish, touristic and close to the Big Buddha, Koh Samui offers peace and tranquility and it represents the ideal destination for who is looking for relax. On the island there are many meditation centers, offering alternative and holistic medicine like Yoga, making Ko Samui a perfect place to recharge the batteries.

Easter 2012 in Sorrento

Easter in Sorrento is a very special moment.

To experience Easter as the town’s inhabitants do, means following ancient traditions, which are very commotional.

The Processions, which represent the moments of Christ’s passion, are infinite. Walking the streets of Sorrento throughout Thursday and Friday, these holy processions express pure magical scenes. Some of them even stroll the streets in the middle of the night.

Just like the others, the famous White procession presents faithful men fully covered in white hooded garments, that parade through the city with in hand objects which recall the Passion of Jesus Christ, such as the column, the bloodstained shroud, nails and obviously the crosses. It’s ancient rituals like this, who have for years now, made special, the day of Easter in Sorrento.

The religious rituals are not the only ones, however, to conquer Easter day in Sorrento. In fact, while the processions are a time of incredible importance, of great importance are also the culinary traditions of the Sorrentine peninsula. How can we, in fact, speaking of Easter in Sorrento, not mention the tasty delicacies the cuisine of Sorrento offers?

From Cheese, sausages, and eggs to the famous and inevitable ‘pastiera’ and ‘casatiello’! All accompanied by a good taste of local made liquors of Sorrento: such as the famous limoncello! In short, spending a few beautiful days in a charming hotel in Sorrento during Easter is a great delight in any point of view! From the historical-cultural side that hands down ancient tradition, to the more ‘mouthwatering’ days, choosing Sorrent and maybe one of its boutique hotel in Sorrento is undoubtedly a winning choice! Don’t hesitate any longer, get ready to spend Easter 2011 in Sorrento; you’ll definitely come back again!

Typical cuisine in the Sorrentine peninsula and Amalfi Coast: ingredients that never fail!

The gastronomic culture of the Amalfi coast is not however known around the world just for these sweets but also for the main course dishes based on fresh fish. Staying in Amalfi or Sorrento Coast means taking your palates to discover the intense taste of fresh fish and shellfish, cuttlefish and clams. With these essential ingredients, cooked with good pasta dishes seasoned by a few leaves of basil, there’s always an absolutely unmistakable flavor.

Sorrento accommodations are able to offer exceptional breakfast buffets rich in homemade cakes and sweets typical of these areas as the wonderful “Sfogliatelle” or “Lobster tails”, also perfect to end a wonderful lunch or a romantic dinner.

The gastronomy of the Amalfi coast also offers surprises. Unusual sliced fishes such as the famous “Pezzogna” made with pork rinds and cheeses such as Cottage Cheese are used for the preparation of numerous recipes. Finally, we must also remember the greatness of wines made with grapes of high quality that this area offers but also “Limoncello” (Lemon liqueur), ideal to use as a digestive after a meal that here, with the juicy lemons that these lands offer, it has a really intense flavor.

Staying on the Amalfi coast in a boutique hotel means you can enjoy any restaurant offering all these dishes cooked from excellent local chefs, the ideal way to relax and let go on a holiday by the sea of exceptional beauty lulled by the tastes and smells of a extraordinary land.

Holiday with Golden Triangle India

If anyone of you have a deep interest to explore the royal culture that once existed in India, you can quench your thirst with a visit to India with golden triangle tour package. Golden triangle tours are specifically designed for the tourists who are highly enthusiasts of India’s rich cultures and histories.

Holiday with Golden Triangle India will truly take you into a new cultural world full of many astonishing things of beauty. The major attractions available in the destinations covered by the golden triangle tour are majorly monuments, forts and many others architectures.

The chief destinations covered under this tour comprises of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Delhi is the cultural queen having many cultural wonders. It is the perfect paradise for those whom the culture and history matter most; for instance, thousands of students, historians, archeologists and people from various walks of life usually throng to the city. The image of the city became a thing to give glimpse; it has undergone a lot of transformations since it came into existence.

The rulers who had ruled the capital had left some of their creative works in the forms of monuments, forts, palaces and tombs. The major attractions available in the capital which are also the symbols of many rulers are Red Fort, Humayun Tomb, Qutab Minar, Purana Qila and many more. The changes or transformation that took place can be observed by various infrastructural buildings that have the signs of modernity. It includes the Akshardham, Parliament, Lotus Temple, National Museum, Gandhi Samadhi, Rail Museum, Rashtrapati Bhawan followed by many standardized malls, shopping complexes, markets and theme parks as well.

Delhi is an indispensable part of the golden triangle India so you can spend few days and nights based on your preference before moving to the exotic land of Agra famously known for Taj Mahal.

Agra is a city not that much busy as Delhi; this city is mostly famous for Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri. The presence of the famous monument has kept the entire city vibrant and lively. During peak seasons around October to early March, the tourists usually go there to see the sizzling beauty of the Taj Mahal. The major grandeur of the gravestone is its architecture constructed with white marbles. The development of the hotels and transports has increased the frequencies of visit by tourists.

The ultimate satisfactions the tourists can draw are the major attractions available in Jaipur, the only Pink City of the country. It is the mark of respect provided to the visiting Prince Albert and Elizabeth form Britain that led to the whitewash of the entire walls of the city with pink colors. As a result of it, the name Pink City came into existence.

Tourists having the golden triangle tour Packages are likely to have exotic experiences in the attractions available in Jaipur like Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Jaigarh Fort, Amber Fort and unforgettable day trip of Indian Great Thar Desert with camel safaris through awesome sand dunes.

Holidaying with golden triangle holidays never goes unworthy of the money spent by the tourists, so enjoy the tours!





Take a Special Journey to Kerala

Are you burdened with a load of care? Are you on the edge of extinction because of work or simply tired of this world? Take a Special Journey to Kerala and get rejuvenated with its magical delights of cruise on the houseboats, refreshing breeze of mist-kissed hills, cascades of gorgeous waterfalls, musical flow of the brook, lovely sight of lush green mountains, dancing of coconut and palm trees on the fringe of beaches and backwaters, delicate fragrance and scenic carpets of spices and tea plants, rejuvenating ayurvedic treatment, yoga and more. The land of natural beauty welcomes you offering just a perfect destination to get yourself rejuvenated physically, emotionally as well as spiritually with its wealth of stunning natural beauties.

Kerala Tour Packages, The divine creation of Kerala is indeed wonderful. It truly resides on the safe lap of Mother Nature. From pristine waterfalls, cool flowing streams, picturesque mountains, startling hill stations, serene backwaters to graceful palm-fringed beaches, Kerala is abundantly blessed with extravagant natural attractions. For all its unparallel natural endowments, it is reason enough to be called God’s own country. Besides a land of natural beauty, Kerala is also home to some of the country’s most captivating tourist attractions such as wildlife, architectural monuments, cultures, traditions, cuisines, pilgrimage and ayurvedic treatment etc. It has in store some of the country’s best kerala wildlife parks and sanctuaries, architectural forts, palaces, kerala temples, mosques, churches, rejuvenating pilgrimage and ayurvedic centers. It seems Kerala have everything and can fulfill every traveler’s dream that they have been dreaming of.

Since abundantly endowed with immense natural beauties and having housed many brow-lifting places and attractions, Kerala tourism offers a wide range of opportunities to see and explore. An array of customized tour packages are made available at every tourist disposal with great variety of travel experiences. Travelers can enjoy a pool of options from vibrant culture and tradition to rejuvenating ayurveda and pilgrimage, stunning architectural monuments, captivating wildlife, verdant hill stations and tranquil backwaters to serene kerala beaches. Whether it is an adventure tours, honeymoon tours, rejuvenation tours, destination wedding or just a family or friend’s leisure get away tour, Kerala offers just a perfect destination. No matter what time of the year, every visitor is assured a great time with never before tours and travel experiences.

When on a special journey to Kerala, visitors will be taken aback not just by its wealth of attractions but more by the friendly and warm hospitality of the people of Kerala. The state is known for its friendly holiday destination with visitor-friendly services and conveniences. In fact, the immense beauty with tourist-friendly services and conveniences has made the state all the more sought after and an unparallel tourist destination in India.


Enjoy with Golden Triangle Tour Packages

If you are coming to India first time to see the hub of cultural, heritage and historical places, you must choose the northern belt of India. Be it any state of North India, you will be amazed with its typical culture, glorified traditions and a splendid past. Golden triangle India is the fastest running tour package amongst certain kinds of tourists. One can experience the rich heritage culture, golden history, the old and the new forts and monuments in India with the Golden Triangle Tour. The trip comprises three major Indian destinations including Delhi, Agra and Jaipur that represents the most important eras of India’s glorious history.

On this tour package, you can explore the numerous forts and monuments of lion-hearted Rajputs and great Mughals. The tour lets you have a glimpse of unique masterpieces of Mughal grandeur and the prodigious colonial legacy in India.

With this tour package, you can have an insight of a marvel blending of tradition and cultural excellence of Mughals. This tour packages takes you through all the splendor and royalty of India.

The Golden Triangle India tour starts from Delhi, Political capital of India which holds the prestige of India with its glorified forts, monuments and other historical buildings. It lets you envisage all of remarkable tourist’s destinations of Delhi such as Raj Ghat, Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Parliament house, India gate, Laxmi Narayan temple, Lotus temple, Akshardham temple, Humayun tomb, Old fort etc.

Agra Tour Attractions, a city of love, renowned for the wonderful Taj Mahal, is the major historical site of royal Mughal style of art and architecture.

Taj Mahal was built by Mughal Shah Jahan in the memory of his lovely wife Mumtaz when she was died while delivering the 14th child. Itmadullah’s Tomb, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri are the other spectacular illustrations of this city.

Jaipur, the pink city, is the first planned beautifully decorated city of India which was laid out with attractive gardens and admirable monuments. The city is the fine example of Maharaja Lifestyle and Rajasthani culture. It was established by Sawai Jai Singh II, a great ruler and a vast astrologer. The superb architect, Vidhyadhar Bhattacharya has designed Jaipur according to the Hindu treatise. Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Sawai Man Singh Museum, Ram Niwas Garden, Jal Mahal, City Palace, Amber Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort etc are the prominent historical landmarks of this city.

Thus, opting for Golden Triangle tour packages takes you to a city of culture, tradition, art and architecture.


Top Travel destination 2011










2010 and 2011 is not a very good financial year Get the best deal on limited/ tight budget. However, plan your holiday carefully, look for discount/special rate on airlines, discount hotel, hotel deals, cheap phone card or calling card. To accommodate with the not good financial year, many travel industry offer many cheap hotel and holiday package so that one can still spent their holiday in budget!
Below is the top 5 most visited destination in 2011
1. Spain
















Barcelona; the city of fashion, Valencia; the city of sport and Madrid; the city full of good restaurant & great nightlife, all you can see in Spain. That is why Spain has become one of the most visited countries in the world. In addition to the above, Spain is also famous for the beach in Canary Island, Catalonia, Balearic Islag of Mallorca, Ibiza etc and Spain in also reach of culture in Palma, Seville.








If you still have budget to spent, explore Spain by using luxury railway ; Transcantabrico, La Robla.

2. Turkey









As it is not included in Euro, Turkey has one of the cheapest destinations in travelling in Europe. The accommodation is ranging from 3 star to 5 star, look for the hotel deals or discount hotel to spent less. In Turkey, you can witness beautiful, unspoiled beach and nightlife too. If you have extra cash on hand, you can explore Turkey on a magical gullet cruise

3. South America








Tourist going to South America, especially Brazil will continue to grow, as it has been honoured to be the host for 2016 Olympic Games and 2014 FIFA World cup. Explore Brazil before the crowd; Rio de Janeiro for the sun, the famous beach, enjoying lots of famous Brazilian food and Brazilian night life

4. USA








Whether its for family holiday, honeymoon, shopping, sightseeing, nightlife, all you can find in USA. There are also a lot of budgets or cheap hotel in USA. Starting from family holiday in Disneyworld & Disneyland, sightseeing Niagara Waterfall, shopping for big brand such as Coach, Nike etc, honeymoon in Hawaii, nightlife in Las Vegas, all you can find in USA. From elegant holiday to cheap holiday, all in USA









5. France (Paris)










Said to be the most romantic city in the world, is the city of light, Paris. Paris has been a popular destination for travellers around the world, especially for honeymooner. With Disneyland now open in Paris, the popularity is rising for family holiday too. The city is full of good sightseeing, historical, and popular night clubs.


















However it is not easy to be on budget in Paris, but there is still a lot of cheap hotel and cheap & yet delicious Parisian dining. When you are in Paris, do not forget to enjoy the dining experience

Finding Hotels Fast

Each time a person decides to travel, usually the first thing they plan is which hotel get stuck at. This person could either prefer to bypass this planning and merely arrive at their destination and hope to locate a hotel with availability and close to the location where they hopes to be, or this person could find and produce reservations with a hotel prior to visiting the chosen travel attraction. Needless to say, the 2nd type the ideal. No one wants to use a chance that these is not going to use a place to stay, especially if they are tired from traveling.

So, so what is the best way to find hotels? Asking people for recommendations will work in case the person traveling knows competitors who ve been to the same location. However, this isn’t always one of the simplest ways, since different people want to be on the brink of different things while on their trip. In our own way to find out is by going to a travel agency and requesting their help, but even then, they ll need to know in which you desire to be close to.

Picking which hotel to stay at usually requires the usage of maps, unless relationship is into the destination once or twice and knows exactly where he / she wishes to stay. Maps ought to provide almost every necessary information somebody need to have so as to pick which hotel to live at. There are many maps available which are detailed to specific cities showing exactly where almost all of the hotels can be found and their distance to other places of curiosity around their location. These maps might possibly be living on the world wide web by typing in the goal destination and pulling up a major city map with different businesses highlighted. Another resource is travel agencies, which can provide clients with maps alongside suggestions driven by needs and desires of many traveler. Through the cities travel and tourism office, someone can get many brochures and maps regarding the area that may also give the traveler a good option on which hotel get stuck at based on features and location. Certain hotels websites like or if you have a smartphone, will also have a map provided that will show where that individual hotel is located and what s around it, along with the distance that come from the hotel to popular attractions, sites along with businesses comparable to restaurants, gas stations and supermarkets.

After a person has decided on hotel, it truly is a brilliant idea to request a map out of your hotel. Some hotels could have maps which have information about the world surrounding the hotel itself, making travel plans even easier for the guest. These maps may be different then what exactly is available on the internet or such a person can find through other resources.

Nonetheless where the map comes from, it is necessary within the recipient planning their journey to become familiar when using the destination ahead of arrival, including knowing where their hotel is and just how far it is from where the person either needs or wants to be.

Fetch important information in the sphere of miss money – please make sure to read this publication. The time has come when concise information is truly only one click of your mouse, use this chance.

Feel the Bliss of Lavishness in Five Star Hotels of Mumbai

Mumbai is the dream city, which attracts people from all around the world with its glamour, charms and uniqueness. It is one of the top five metropolis commanding great historical and commercial significance. People from country as well as from international countries come to the city for numerous reasons.
ITC Grand Central

The city, which was formerly known as Bombay got its current name Mumbai by the name of goddess ‘mumbadevi’. The city is home to famous celebrities and is located on the group of seven islands. Moreover, the sprawling metropolitan is well connected to other cities and countries by sea port, airport and rail terminals, thus making tourists sojourn the city comfortably.

To make the tourists feel like home when away from home numerous Mumbai Hotels are there that will provide you with good accommodation facilities. As the dream city is quite popular for both business and leisure purpose tourists and backpackers from worldwide keep visiting this urban conglomeration exploring its beautiful hues and shades.

The Hotels in Mumbai are categorized in all ranges from luxury to three star to budget and from business to leisure to spa resorts. You can find all of them depending on your budget. You can avail any f them according to your choice. But it is always good to make Mumbai Hotel Booking in advance so that you can enjoy your stay in Mumbai.
ITC Grand Central - 5 Star Hotel Mumbai

Among all Mumbai Hotels, the luxury properties have a unique charm. The lavish 5 Star Mumbai Hotels are located near beaches and in posh areas giving you a serene ambience to enjoy your pleasure time. They are beautiful buildings with 5 to 6 floors having approx 200-300 luxurious rooms. All the rooms are decorated with elegant décor depicting a royal look with nice lightings, neat and clean bed sheets, flowers and many other decorative items.

Apart from providing all the basic facilities the Luxury Hotels in Mumbai also provides the patrons with additional recreational activities so that guests can enjoy more & more during their entire stay. Swimming pool, tennis court, spa and health centers are provided in the hotels. Dining facilities are made in the elegant decorated restaurants of the property serving the guests with delicious cuisines like Indian, Chinese, Continental and many other multi-cuisines.Palms Tower and Villas Hotel Booking Mumbai

These luxurious properties in Mumbai promises to cater the esteemed guests of the city with the best flawless services and facilities that will surely make your voyage unforgettable.

Mamma Mia! Goa Hotels A Ticket To Good Times!

A great trip is not one that you merely visit places: it is a journey that returns you to sources of pleasure you may have forgotten. Goa is India’s smallest state ….but a multifaceted gem in the crown of India! Tourists from all over the world visit this place to enjoy its magnificent beaches, to taste its unique cuisine, to experience an invigorating trek in its virgin interiors and to marvel at its beautiful temples and churches. Earlier, this was a haven for hippies but now the total scenario has changed. There are many five star hotels in Goa that blend traditional Goan architecture with the cultural richness of this magical place and cater to the needs of the tourists.

Goa has a large number of tourists coming to enjoy the warmth of the sun, sand and sea. There is a wide range of travelers from backpackers and budget tourists to the very elite class who wish to stay in luxury hotels. Goa hotels offer a lot of options that suit the budget and preferences of all kinds of tourists. Five star Goa hotels cater to those niche travelers who want the best accommodation, best services, best cuisines, etc. Taj Exotica, Majorda Beach Resort in Goa, Bambolim Beach Resort, Leela palace Hotel in Goa, etc are some of the famous five star hotels in Goa offering the best to the travelers.

The economy Goa hotels offer the best of both the worlds! They offer a luxurious stay to the guests at an affordable budget. Tourists who wish to chill out always book in hotels those are near the beaches. The Anjuna  beach , Ajuada beach , Calangute beach, known as the ‘Queen of Beaches’ possess unique beauty and they are a sheer delight to the tourists who flock from across the world. Aldeia Santa Rita Goa offers a Portuguese village ambience and the rooms are set in lush beautiful gardens offering a cosy atmosphere to the guests. Hotel Mandovi, Nanu Resort, Hotel Nova Goa, Angels Resort Goa, Whispering Palms Beach resort all offer a lively international atmosphere, gracious and round to the clock services and a variety of local cuisines that tempt the taste buds .

There are eateries, small taverns, family run units, etc by the beach which makes us fall in love with the food and since they are dished out straight from the frying pan their sizzle and aroma become music to our senses! There are budget hotels in Goa like Ticio Hotel, Alor Holiday Hotel, Delmon Hotel, Ruffles Beach Hotel etc. which have rooms that are spacious, with most of the amenities, and good services that makes the memories of Goa an unfading one!

“Available accommodation in many Goa Hotels, make sure you reserve your rooms online well in advance.
For a comfortable and memorable stay in Goa, do book yourself in a 3 star hotel in Goa.”

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