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The Best Destinations Around The World

One of the best destinations across the world is the ultimate masterpiece Taj Mahal situated on the bank of Yamuna River in Agra, the city of love. The Mughal emperor Shah Jahan got this monument constructed as promised in the loving memory of his wife, Mumtaz Mahal after her demise. Mixed with phenomenal beauty, the immense love which was the reason behind its construction, Taj symbolizes eternal love. This white marble richly crafted monument is a tribute to beauty celebrating unconditional love of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan to his Persian wife Mumtaz Mahal.

Taj Mahal India : It is a “symbol of eternal love”, narrating love saga of how deeply a man loved his wife, that even after she died, her memory would never fade away. It shines like a pure diamond leaving its viewers awestruck. It’s the synonym of immense beauty which can never be expressed truly. It has mesmerizing vision with visceral charisma depicting pain of a dying soul forming the world’s best love story.

Taj Mahal History : It took 22 years to build this exotic monument with the cost of around 32 crores involving almost 20,000 workers.  It has great architect style, with fusion of Persian, Islamic and Indian architectural style. 99 names of Allah (muslims’ god) are being calligraphed on the sides of tomb of Mumtaz Mahal. The whole complex is being decorated with the passages from Quran (holy book of Muslims) by Amanat khan depicting themes of judgment and truth.

Taj in center with four minarets with the height of 138 ft at each corner stands out as the dazzling one. The entire monument is constructed by white marble that gives eternal beauty and reflects magnificent touch. The entire construction is man- made and represents the best of material from all over the India and Asia such as the white marble from Rajasthan, jasper from Punjab, turquoise from Tibet, jade and crystal from china, lapis lazuli from Afghanistan, sapphire from srilanka, and the carnelian from Arabia.

The tomb is the main attraction of Tajmahal, where cenotaph of Mumtaz mahal is placed at the centre of interior chamber. Mahal is decorated with Islamic style char bagh garden which concludes ashoka tree and others small flowers. Darwaza-i-rauza made up of black stone, adorned with Arabic calligraphy and elaborated geometric designs, is one of the main attractions. On western side of Tajmahal, stands splendid monument of red sandstone, mosque complementing to the beauty of Taj. With Mecca facing, it’s being used for prayer purpose. The elaborated architectural creativity, amusing sculptural works narrates the certainly best tale of never-ending love. The monument of eternal love is a symbol which depicts valuable architectural skills and elegance of royal Mughal Emperor.

The superb decoration, precious gemstones and the transparency of the white marble make it a scenic location. The main gateway is situated at the end of the long watercourse. Disheveled flowers, red lotus, and leaves adore the sloping side of the niche formed by semi-precious marble. And the white tear drop with a red trident at the entry of Taj Mahal makes it appear more dazzling.

Taj reflects different hues with respect to sunlight from yellow in the mornings to sparkling white in the day and a light pink in the twilight dust. The sight of the Taj in full moon light is completely breathtaking. The captivating sight of Taj Mahal is an expedition of delight, cheerfulness and budding love.

As per English poet, Sir Edwin Arnold, Taj Mahal is “Not a piece of architecture, as other buildings are, but the proud passion of an emperor’s love wrought in living stones.” Taj Mahal of India has mesmerized many people with its captivating beauty and its beauty can be enclosed in the words of Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore as, “a teardrop on the cheek of eternity”.



Golden Triangle Tour Package- Best and Cheap for India Tours

If you are a real travel freak and love to travel around exploring hidden facts and mysteries then India is the destination for you. India has a lot to give to its travelers from natural beauty to wildlife and much more, it has it all.

Among so many packages, Golden Triangle Tour Package is for the one who have a desire to kill two birds with one stone. These tours will take you to the fabulous destinations of north-India i.e. Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Moreover, if somebody wishes to explore another destination along with Golden Triangle of India then he can fulfill his demand through these packages.

Jaigarh Fort Golden Triangle Tour

Both for domestic as well as for international travelers Golden Triangle Tour Packages are considered as best and cheapest. This is the best plan for the first time visitors of India as it gives a glimpse of exploring the win-hearted natural beauty of north India. Explore the fascinating and exquisite forts, palaces, temples, gardens etc with the fascinating Golden Triangle Tours.

With this fascinating journey you can witness the exclusive and unmatched lifestyle of Delhi. Apart from visiting normal historical monuments you can even enjoy the delicious cuisines and mouth-watering street chaats as well. In Agra, you will come across the various Mughal edifices that still depict the love and purity of the Moguls. Taj Mahal in Agra is among the most popular attractions.Agra Fort Golden Triangle Tour

Finally coming to the last destination of Golden Triangle is Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan. In this city of Rajput’s you can explore stunning creations by the great warriors i.e. forts, palaces and Havelis that promises to take you back to the golden era.

Astounding Tour of Golden Triangle

Tour of Golden triangle is India’s one of the most popular as well as a soothing tour which presents tourist to have a look on the enormous culture, tradition, taste, and way of living life, richness and royalty of India.



Delhi the capital of India serves them number of tourist destinations to enjoy and make the trip remarkable, the major attractions of the place symbolizes the standard of the Capital. And the awestruck loveliness magnetizes the interest of tourists.


Agra is another destination of the tour which attracts most of the tourists because of the existence of one of the seven wonder of the world. The glowing sunrise and sunset compels the tourist to gaze the beauty, Agra fort is another attraction of the tourist in Agra which is famous for its classic work done of the monument.



The last destination of the tour is Jaipur, which is famous for its palaces, forts, fairs, festivals, colorful market, and desert. Apart from this the elephant and camel ride are major attraction of the place. Holiday in India is perfect place to spend.

Tourist must come to enjoy the excursion of the blend and North India Tour.


Golden Triangle Tour will be the best way to know the exact picture of India.

Travel and Holiday locations by the sea

That time of year has come again, where you ask yourselves the same question over and over again: “what beach should we go to this year?”.

Well the choices are infinite, millions of beaches worldwide are waiting for you to enjoy bathing in beautiful waters and getting tanned in the sizzling sun.

If you’re looking for some suggestions about sea holiday, you’ll find infinite blogs and websites online dedicated to find the best beaches out there.

For example, there’s a Travel and Holiday Tips blog that has a sea section where you’ll find the World’s Best Beaches for the occurring year, giving you all the updated information you need.

The site lists gorgeous, by the water locations where you can really have a blast, from the Turkish seas in Bodrum, the splendid beaches in France, to the clear waters of the Sorrentine Peninsula and Naples in southern Italy, this blog surely offers you a vast, updated, and complete choice of the best beaches known to man.

Stop by and scroll down the numerous pages of beach resorts and water locations. Wait no longer and choose your destination for this year’s Summer extravaganza!

Hotels along Amalfi Coast

Has the Amalfi Coast always been your dream vacation? The Summer is the perfect chance to make it all come true!

Bathe in the warm, summery sun and enjoy the gorgeous weather! Take part in all kinds of evetns, enjoy the magnificent beaches and great food which distinguish the Amalfi Coast.

There’s no better way to spend your Summer days! Looking for a place to stay with great panoramic views of the gulf and just two steps from the beach?

Then The Hotel near the beach in Amalfi Coast, Relais Vittoria is the place to go.

A short drive from Sorrento and only a few steps away from the beach, in the enchanting Nerano bay, Relais Vittoria is the ideal place to spend your festivities and vacations deep, in total relaxation.

Haikou Nanli Lake

Nanli Lake

Nanli Lake

The Nanli Lake is a famous scenic site in Haikou City, Hainan Province, located in Ding’an County, about 40 kilometers (24.85 miles) far away from Haikou. It covers 46 square kilometers (11,367 acres) and the area of the lake is 12.3 square kilometers (3,039 acres). Here the average water temperature is around 22C (71.6F ) and the climate is quite good for the body.

It is a large man-made lake. In 1958, the people of Ding’an built the Nanfu Reservoir here. As a result, the water gathered in the valley became today’s Nanli Lake and the mountains became the islands in the lake. When mentioning islands, maybe you are not unfamiliar with them. However, the islands in Nanli Lake are so unique. There are 13 islands and five peninsulas in all. The shapes of the islands are varied, such as the square, oblong and round ones. Among them, the largest one covers 39,600 square meters (9.79 acres), while the smallest is 3,200 square meters (0.79 acres).



Furthermore, lush tress and beautiful wide flowers grow on the islands; wild rabbits jump in the bush and birds show the beauty of their voice. Boating on the lake, you might think you are wandering ‘One-thousand-island Country’. And emerald water mingles with the hills to seem like a bright painting, while the islands are the green pearls dotting in this picture.

Additionally, as a scenic site, Nanli Lake provides splendid service of accommodation, catering and entertainment and the facilities are ample, including sumptuous hotels, restaurants, villas, the golf course and some facilities of entertainment above water. Thus, going on a holiday there will not disappoint you.

Nanli Lake is included in many China Holidays itineraries – please contact us or visit our website for further details.

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    Yandai Xiejie in Beijing

    Yandai Xiejie in Beijing

    Yandai Xiejie in Beijing

    Yandai (烟袋 smoking pipe) Xiejie (斜街 byway) is one of the oldest hutongs in Beijing. Located in the Xicheng District, it is close to the Shichahai and Houhai which are famous attractions in Beijing. Yandai Xiejie is 232 meters (253 yards) long with its east end on the Di’anmen Street and the west to the Yinding Bridge. Stepping into the street for about 50 meters, one would come to the south end of the Dashibei Hutong, which goes to the Gulou West Street (Gulou Xidajie). Passing over the Yinding Bridge one can reach the Shichahai Bar Street.

    According to a book that was published during the reign of Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), the street was initially named Drum Tower Xiejie and was named Yandai Xiejie at the end of Qing Dynasty. It is recorded that there were many smoking pipe stores on the street in the Qing Dynasty, among which there was one named Shuangshengtai. The store owner put a 1.5-meter-high (5-feet-high) wooden smoking pipe in front of the store as a sign. As time went by, the street was known by the whole city for its giant smoking pipe, so it was called Yandai Xiejie. Some people also say that the street looks like a smoking pipe.

    After the 1911 Revolution, the Qing Royal Family was overthrown, the banners (Manchurians that were fed by the Qing government) lost their incomes and many of them had to sell their properties, such as antiques, to make a living. Gradually many antique markets were formed in Beijing, among which Yandai Xiejie was a large one. But after 1949, the antique trading on this street gradually declined.

    Yandai Xiejie lost its commercial position in the 1950s and many buildings were changed to residential buildings, including the Taoism Temple– Guangfu Guan. In 2007, the street was redeveloped to recover its historical features. Guangfu Guan has become a tourist site and many reproductions of classic architecture were built on the street. In the buildings are stores of Indian clothes, Miao costumes and accessories, Tibet costumes, Lijiang crafts, Shaanxi pottery, badges and quotations of Chairman Mao, etc. If you want to experience Chinese commercial culture, the best way would be to buy some souvenirs and bargain with the shopkeepers.

    Besides these featured stores, there are also many restaurants on the street. Here you can go to traditional Chinese restaurants–roasted lamb of Master Ji, stewed pork liver (a traditional Beijing snack) of Master Yao, the Meiyuan Dairy, baked wheaten cake with donkey meat of Mr. Wang and wonton of Master Hou.

    Yandai Xiejie

    Yandai Xiejie

    Having tried the local snacks, one can go to the restaurants that provide delicacies of other regions. The Xingfumanman (幸福满满Full of Happiness) Restaurant serves Taiwan snacks, such as Oyster Starch Pancake, roasted sausage, round pastry, etc. The Thai Restaurant and Ou Restaurant purvey Thai food. The Moon in the Lake Café features Korean food and there are also many western restaurants on the street.

    There are more than 20 cafés and bars with different styles on the street, among which there is the Night of Yinding, the largest café in the Shichahai area. And others like the Red Mansion, the Sea Bar, the Show Place Café, the Wenshi Café, etc. One can have a cup of coffee when tired and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Houhai Lake. Tasting the delicacies of traditional Beijing style and those of other places, shopping in the widely varying stores, one would best experience the uniqueness of Beijing.

    Yandai Xiejie in Beijing is included in many China Holidays itineraries – please contact us or visit our website for further details.

    Easter in Sorrento

    Has Sorrento always been your dream vacation? Easter is the perfect chance to make it all come true!

    Bathe in the summery sun and enjoy the warm spring weather!

    Take part in Easter festivities of all kinds, which distinguish the Sorrentine Easter.  There are numerous events organized around the city in these days, but be sure not to miss out on the famous Holy processions of Sorrento’s historic cathedral, in which hooded men stroll the main streets of Sorrento accompanied by chants of the Miserere choruses to evoke the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Commotion and joy fills the air, bringing together people from all over the country and world to witness this spectacular event!

    Local priests bless palms tree and olive tree braches for everyone with holy water, a passed on tradition of the Sorrento locals. End each pleasurable day with a traditional Sorrentine Easter Luncheon, composed of a variety of typical dishes.

    There’s no better way to spend you Easter days!

    Looking for a place to stay with great panoramic views of the gulf and just two steps from the beach?

    Then The Relais Vittoria is the place to go.

    A short drive from Sorrento and only a few steps away from the beach, in the enchanting Nerano bay, Relais Vittoria, a luxury bed and breakfast on the Amalfi Coast is the ideal place to spend your Easter festivities in Sorrento in total relaxation.

    What cheaper way to spend your Easter days in Sorrento?

    A bed and breakfast positioned right in the heart of Sorrento is what you need to experience Easter the Mediterranean way, and enjoy a splendid vacation in Sorrento. The ‘Giglio Bianco’, B&B in Sorrento, is the perfect place to be. Set in one of the most central locations, you can easily walk to the town Center Of Sorrento and all the other wonderful attractions this city has to offer, without encountering the usual hassle you would have with a car.

    Searching for the ultimate luxuriousness and opulence to spend you Easter holiday? Villa Serena is the ideal place for a superior class vacation. A luxury villa in Sorrento, equipped with a gorgeous pool and high-class services of all kinds, this little corner of heaven will render you vacation an exceptional Mediterranean experience.

    Giant Panda



    As Grade I animal under national protection, the giant panda is a famous rare species of animal exclusively growing in China. Enjoying the fame of “National Treasure”, it has been winning the favor of people with its plump body form, charmingly naïve motion as well as black and white fur color.

    Giant panda belongs to carnivore ailuropodidae and is featured by bear-like figure, clearly demarcated black and white fur, round and big head, plump body, extremely short tail and stumbled motion. It mainly inhabits in the forest of mountainous areas 800-3000m above sea level, with bamboo culm, bamboo leaves and shoots as the main food. As its ancestor appeared in the early pluvial period 2-3 million years ago, it is also known as a living fossil. Habitat of the giant panda once included most eastern and southern areas of China, and now is distributed only in Minshan Mountain, Qionglaishan Mountain, Daxiangling Mountain Range and Xiaoxiangling Mountain Range in Sichuan Province, Qinling Mountain Range in Shaanxi Province and Minshan Mountain in the south of Gansu Province. About 1000 giant pandas exist at present. As a principal producing area of the giant panda, Wolong Nature Reserve has been listed in the UN’s “Human & Ecosphere” nature reserve network and serves as a research center of giant pandas.

    Giant Panda

    Giant Panda

    It is a long history since the giant panda became a messenger of peace and friendship. According to records in the Japanese Royal Annual, Emperor Wuzetian in the Tang Dynasty presented to Japanese Temmu a pair of living giant pandas and 70 pieces of fur of the animal as a national gift in 658 A.D. During the period between 1957 and 1982, a total of 23 giant pandas were successively presented by China to nine countries-the Soviet Union, North Korea, America, Japan, France, Britain, Federal Germany, Mexico and Spain. It then became a household image in China.

    Giant Panda is included in many China Holidays itineraries – please contact us or visit our website for further details.

    China Holidays offers China tours, China tour packages, China hotels, Flights to China, Worldwide travel insurance. So cheap! Last minute deals to great discounts.

    Xi’an Golf Tours

    Since Xian is an ancient city, there are a large number of historical cultural relics which will tell of the great changes of this excellent nation and evolution of the ancient culture during your golf tour. In a new day, you can drive to Xian northern suburban area and relax yourselves in Xian International Golf Club or go may drive to the Hu County and go for golf tour at the Yajian International Golf Club to your hearts’ content.

    Located in the Caotang Tourism and Holiday Resort of Huxian County in the southwest of Xi’an, the Xi’an Yajian International Golf Club lies at the foot of the undulating chain of the Qinling Mountains in the south, and faces the Caotang Temple, a famous Buddhist sacred place, inthe north,31 km from Xi’an City.
    A famous golf designer from Britain who designed according to the layout of the land the natural conditions.The environment is graceful with the Weiyang Lake and Weishui.The fairways are 7,287 yards long ,the lakes, bunkers and the layout of the land add to the character of this course.The green water,the bunkers and fairways make you reluctant to leave after playing a round of golf here. Golf course is a 200 mu ,18 hole, par 72.

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