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Golden triangle tour trips Packages


It is not just geography or history. It is not only a nation, country or just part of the land. India has something more: It’s a country with ineffable shades of colors, scents, subtle forms, vast geography & diversity of languages. Beautiful nature, ancient art, rich traditions and religious teachings. It’s a metaphor, a poetry, something concealed yet can be touched and felt.

Religion & Culture

It is the only country in the world, where ancient cultural and religious traditions are still being practiced without interruption. The great civilizations of antiquity – the Egyptian, Sumerian, ancient Rome, the Celts – have formed and dissolved into nothingness, while Indian tradition remained unchanged and so is this mystical land. India amazes and surprises you at every turn, there is a feeling that you are in another time or in a parallel world.

India Tours

India is a vivid kaleidoscope of landscapes, majestic mountain ranges, golden beaches, magnificent historical architecture, rich cultures and festivities.

The golden triangle of India

It is a wonderful trip to India’s glorious past. You visit three of the most famous historical, cultural and architectural destinations namely Delhi, Agra and the pink city of Jaipur in Rajasthan. For centuries, the Golden triangle Tour of India attracts travelers from all over the world. These cities are a perfect embodiment of cultural, historical and architectural wealth of India. India’s golden triangle is a kaleidoscope, which showcases a unique sight of colorful India. It offers you to get acquainted with the magnificent architectural buildings, forts and palaces, caves, ancient medicine, customs and traditions, art and culture, with a legendary heritage and rich history of India.

Why golden triangle India?

India Travel Agents provide various tour to India – a country of miracles, which will enchant you with its natural beauty, exotic nature, ancient civilization, temples, high mountain ranges, lush vegetation, valleys, beautiful lakes, tropical forests, fertile plains,wildlife holidays India.The golden triangle India tour is an endless theater of India’s medieval era and rich past.

I am an avid traveler, sharing my views on my visit to the golden triangle of India.


Fun of Group Holidays

The term Group holidays can sound a little daunting to people who don’t know what it means, but help is at hand, and if you’re unaware of what a group holiday is, then here is your chance to find out. A group holiday means, is exactly what it sounds like, it entails going on holiday as part of a group of people, this group is usually family or friends, so if you’re going on holiday with a group of strangers, that is not a group holiday.

So now you know what a group holiday is, it sounds really straightforward doesn’t it? The reality is as group holiday is a really very simple and fun way to travel, but it needs organisation, compromise and responsibility, but above all delegation. When organising a group holiday like this, it’s important to listen to one another and delegate tasks to people, so that one person isn’t lumbered with all the important things, such as booking flights, organising accommodation, tours and payment. The secret to organising a fun and memorable group holiday is not a secret at all, in fact it’s a very well-known fact, and that is communication. Talking to your intended travel companions throughout the organisation process, from inception right down to booking your flights and any Vacation Packages that you want to go on.

Holidaying with old friends is always fun and people of all ages can holiday with a group of their most loyal and most trusted friends. It’s also more fun than going on holiday with family, especially your parents, as you can do what you like without having to answer to your family (within reason of course).

Going on a group holiday will also mean that you can enjoy group discounts on hotel bookings, dinner reservations and holiday activities such as Golden triangle tour, day trips,wildlife holidays and crafts and going to the theatre. Saving money is just one the perks you can enjoy on a group holiday as going with a number of people will also mean that you can break off and do your own thing in much smaller groups or alone, as the one downside of going on holiday with a group of your nearest and dearest is that you can spend too much time together, which can lead to you getting annoyed with each other. So whenever possible or appropriate, break off from your group, go off with a handful of your friends, enjoy being alone or just do something you want to do whilst on holiday, and get the most out of your holiday in places to visit in India .

Guangzhou White Cloud Mountain

White Cloud Mountain

White Cloud Mountain

From ancient times, White Cloud Mountain has been one of the most famous spots of natural beauty in Guangzhou, and it’s still known as the First Spectacular Scene of Guangzhou. Every time the sun shines after the rain, and through late spring, a wreath of airy clouds circles the mountains. This is how White Cloud Mountain has won its name, and its reputation as a marvelous spectacle of nature. The fierce differentiation of rocks, and the different ways in which erosion has affected them, has caused White Cloud Mountain a crisscross network of gullies. So its relative height is now about 100 meters (109 yards). The quiet and secluded environment of the valley has made White Cloud Mountain a haven of peace from the big city.

People always describe the natural beauty of Guangzhou as being composed of white cloud and pearl sea, the white cloud referring to that of White Cloud Mountain, located about 17 kilometers (10 miles) north of Guangzhou. The total area of White Cloud Mountain is about 28 square kilometers (10 square miles), consisting of 30 peaks. Moxing Ridge (Star-Scraping Ridge), known as ‘the first peak under the southern sky’, is about 382 meters (417 yards) high. You can stand on the summit and look over the whole city and the beautiful Pearl River, the most famous river in Guangzhou.

White Cloud Mountain Park

White Cloud Mountain Park

White Cloud Mountain is an ideal place for people to relax. It has six areas that are popular with visitors, Bright Pearl Building Park, the San tailing Summit Park, the Bird Spring Valley Park (Mingchun Valley), the Santailing Park, the Luhu Park and the Fei’eling Park. Yuntai Garden, a bright pearl in the crown of White Cloud Mountain, is located in Santailing Park. Yuntai Garden is an enormous garden filled with all kinds of blooms and trees, which make Guangzhou, City of Flowers, worthy of the name. The Sculpture Park is located in Fei’eling, and covers an area of 46 hectares (113 acres). It was built according to the fashion of the times, which was to use modern languages in sculpture. You will also find the biggest natural birdcage in China, perfect for enjoying all kinds of birds; Bird Spring Valley Park. Here you can stroll idly by the river and mountains, and mingle with the birds. Luhu Park is famous for Jinye Pond. The lake is so clear that the beautiful sights surrounding the lake are perfectly reflected in the water, like a brilliantly drawn picture.

Due to the recent rapid development of Guangzhou City, White Cloud Mountain is mostly surrounded by urban developments. A major beauty spot in a modern city with a population of 8,000,000 is really a most unusual occurrence. White Cloud Mountain is fairly known as a return to nature from the big city.

Carn Euny: A Superb Place To Visit Near To Your Cornwall Cottage

Carn Euny is one of Cornwall’s most historic locations. This is a well preserved ancient village, which was last occupied by the Romans, but dates back to the Iron Age. There are the foundations of stone houses, plus the well documented underground passage known as a ‘fogou’.

The stone house remains are the most visibly relevant evidence of Carn Euny. It is believed that houses surrounded by a field system, that is prehistoric in design, and evidence of flint tools suggest that the site was definitely in use from the Bronze Age. This indicates human presence from the Mesolithic period.

I discovered that the most relevant feature of the ruins is the fogou, which is connected to one of the houses (known as courtyard houses). The word ‘fogue’ derives from the Cornish language and means ‘cave’. Fogou’s are excavated from the local rock and finished with stone roofs. Most fogou’s can be found in West Cornwall, and are rarely found anywhere else in Britain.

Carn Euny is a gorgeous settlement where one can stay nearby, in the many Cornwall cottages available. Much of Cornwall’s finest cottages, many of which Cornish cottages are not far from such a historical place to visit.

Cottage owners are very hospitable to Cornwall’s visitors, who wish to discover the Cornish countryside, parks and historical settlements; so many visitors arrive to explore some of Cornwall’s most historically relevant places. There is plenty of accommodation available, throughout the whole of Cornwall; making Cornwall a superb place to begin a journey of discovery of the many wonderful historical places and other famous locations. You should opt for a little cottage, which should add to the experience of this most beautiful area of Britain’s countryside.

Visit Cornwall and discover that piece of history, location of interest, Cornwall cottage, or beautiful countryside. Cornwall is a historically prominent place with, sandy beaches, countryside, culture and traditional values. You should enjoy much of what is accessible throughout the Cornish country, in the relaxation of a traditional old-world cottage; go to the Cornwall Sunshine website to find a perfect cottage for you. One of the attractions of Cornwall, is that it is made up of so many places engrossed in history and charm, not to mention the quaint small hamlets, towns and villages. You may notice the historical relevance of a cottage in Cornwall, built of stone and thatched roofs. These are a significant part of Cornwall’s historical life and a constant reminder of how striking it is to be in Cornwall.

Carn Euny and its fogue seem to have been developed over a few phases, it is worth a visit to explore further the history behind this underground passageway. The passage and chamber both possess relatively large capstones, most of which are original.

If you take your family to Cornwall, make sure they get to see Carn Euny.

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Great Family Beach Vacation Ideas

You can find a lot of good beach vacation spots all over the world, but there are only a few that stand out as some of my favorites!

On the Coast of Maui, you can enjoy a game of golf. The Kapalua Resort gives their guests lower golf rates than those who don’t stay at their resort; usually 25 to 30% discount. The Kapalua Resort includes the Kapalua Bay Hotel, the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua, and the Kapalua Villas.

The Napili Kai beach resort is a low rise family resort that offers nice beach front condos. They give complimentary children programs for kids through the ages of 6 to 12 in the summer, and during Christmas and Easter. These condos are just seconds away from the beach, and include kitchen and laundry facilities.

If you prefer a more secluded setting, the Maui Prince Hotel can be found in a quiet area surrounded by golf courses and a sandy beach where kids can enjoy themselves all day.

Another cool family vacation idea can be found on the island of Molokai. Molokai is filled with empty beaches because of few tourists and no traffic lights. Most tourists visit for only a day, with some coming to the island for assuming they were going to a snorkeling site near Maui.

When you come to Molokai, don’t expect night life shopping; for Molokai is for those people who like adventure in the outdoors.

When planning a trip to the island of Molokai, remember that it is accessible only by airplane from Honolulu, or by ferry from Maui.

Another great family beach vacation idea is in beautiful Palm Beach Florida at the Breakers Hotel.

The Breakers Hotel sits along a half mile of sandy beach, and offers a golf course, a spa, and a pool area just for kids. And, there is s a family entertainment center with many different children’s programs. You can reserve up to five adjoining rooms in the Breakers Hotel while children under the age of 16 can stay for free as long as they stay in the same room with their parents.

Another super nice hotel in Florida can be found in Orlando at the Loews Hard Rock Hotel. This cool hotel offers plenty of white sandy beach space with amusement rides such as huge slides.

There are a lot of family beach vacation resorts in California, but the Hotel Del Coronado is among the most famous. This neat hotel offers many facilities for families, such as surfing, tennis, biking, and even lessons in kayaking.

Again, you can find a lot of different neat beach resorts around the world, but these are just a few that really stand out as some of the most fun! But remember, good planning and organization is required to make your family vacation the best it can be, so consider looking into beach carts with big wheels! This type of a beach wagon makes it easy to transport your supplies across deep sand on the beach all in one load without dropping anything!

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Clean, shopping, multicultural, food is what you can find during your holiday trip to Singapore. As Singapore main language is English, it is not hard even for the one who is travelling alone to get around. In addition, Singapore is a good choice of holiday destination for those who are on budget and searching for a nice holiday place; many hotel deals, cheap hotel, discount hotel,affordable taxi, affordable attraction and last but not least is a lot affordable and delicious food.
Just one thing that is very important to keep in mind while travelling to Singapore; that is to keep and stay clean! Littering of any sort is an offence in Singapore and you can get a big fine on that.

Singapore is a multicultural country, dominant by 3 racial groups (Chinese, Malays and Indians). Visit Chinatown, Little India and Arab Street to discover the most about the culture that surround Singapore. Singapore is so multicultural that you might be surprised to find one of Singapore’s oldest Hindu temple and mosque in Chinatown.  While you are in Chinatown, enjoy the trishaw tour of Chinatown. And if you are spice lover, sari lover or authentic india’s jewelry, you have to visit Little India.

Singapore is a best destination for family holiday too! Singapore zoo is one of the famous zoo in the world. While you are in Singapore, have a unique experience visiting the magic of the zoo at night time and you and your family ought to visit Sentosa ( the underwater world). Be amazed!


In addition to the zoo and underwater world, the newest attraction in Singapore is Universal Studio. Universal Studio in Singapore is the 1st and only Universal Studio theme park in Singapore.

Not like other country in Southeast asia, you can get around Singapore easily by MRT. MRT is express train that goes basically everywhere. It is convenient and not expensive.

If you love shopping, you can find most of the world famous brand such as Louis Vuitton, Dunhil, Gucci etc in Singapore’s shopping district; Orchard road. In Orchard Road you can find ranges of clothing from cheap yet fashionable clothing to expensive and branded clothing. There are bargains also to be found in electronics, ranges of arts and unique goods.

For food lover, when you are in Singapore, you ought to try Singapore multicultural food. Char kway teow, Chicken rice, fish head curry, Singapore Chilli crab, oyster omellete etc, you can find it in most of the “hawker” center. As the food portion is not big and not expensive, you can taste different food and have a food experience in Singapore.
Other than the new Universal Studio attraction in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore adds to the list of newest Singapore attraction. Search for discount hotel for Marina Bay Sands Hotel in your holiday to Singapore.
 This newly built hotel has world-class gaming, 150-meter infinity edged swimming pool and the world’s largest public cantilever housing an observation deck at 200 meters high. In addition to that, guest can also experience the world class dining by world famous celebrity chefs such as Daniel Boulud (New York), Wolfgang Puck (Los Angeles), Santi Santamaria (Barcelona), Guy Savoy (Paris) and Tetsuya Wakuda (Sydney ). And also there is night time entertainment.

Flights From London to CCU

Kolkatta, formerly known as Calcutta is the capital city of the East Indian state, West Bengal. This city situated on the banks of River Hooghly is the cultural hub of India. A blend of historical buildings and famous temples, old coffee houses and new night clubs, road-side shops and posh five stars, the culture of music and theatre and urban traffic, and most importantly the warm people who are extremely proud of their rich history, their poets, writers and Nobel prize winners, gives Kolkatta its own soul. Calcutta is a large city with several sightseeing, restaurant, accommodation and nightlife listings. For a comfortable Calcutta India travel, tourists can avail the services of Calcutta city guide. Such organized travel to Calcutta makes your trip the most memorable experience within your budget.

Calcutta with its unique climatic conditions provides a unique paradise for newly-wed couples who are planning their honeymoon. Travel to Calcutta is incomplete without paying a visit to remarkable Howrah bridge built on River Hugli. The bridge running over the river is an important landmark that distinct Calcutta on the Indian map. It is the only connector between Howrah and Kolkata, and is considered the finest among the other cantilever bridges of the world. Everyday millions of travellers cross this bridge to reach their respective destinations in Calcutta.

Travel to Calcutta is uniquely cherished with a walk along Chowringhee Road allows visitors to absorb the mysterious beauty of Calcutta. South Calcutta is blessed with two modest restaurants, namely Hatari and Bedwin. The former is a multi-cuisine roof top restaurant, while the latter is famous for Mughlai Cuisine. Both these family restaurants in Calcutta serve delicious food at a reasonable price.

To the northeast is the rapidly expanding business district of Salt Lake City, which has few historical sites but is steadily developing a reputation for its upscale business hotels and high-tech entertainment facilities. It’s the closest district to the airport.

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Jingsheng Ancient Town Travel Guide

Jingsheng Ancient Town

Jingsheng Ancient Town

Jingsheng Ancient Town is located 12 kilometers to the northeast Lingshi County and southwest to Pingyao Ancient Town in Shanxi Province, northern China. The scenic Mianshan Mountain (绵山) gives excellent natural landscape to Jingsheng’s environment. Old Wang’s Family Mansion, country houses, Red Temple and Wenbi Pagoda are built along the small river, which is flowing through the ancient town. The old architecture testifies the Jingsheng’s long history, demonstrates its profound traditional Chinese culture and integrates the man-made scenery with the Mother Nature. Nowadays, businesses, pawnshops, fresh water wells, flagstone-paved streets and theater stages document the past glory.

According to some historical documents, man had been living here since the Neolithic Age. In the Shang Dynasty (1600 BC – 1046 BC), Jingsheng Ancient Town had been a prosperous place of production, labor and living. In later times, it had been an agricultural and commercial town in central Shanxi Province.

The main architectural attraction in Jingsheng town is the Wang’s Family Mansion. It was built in early Qing Dynasty, expanded many times until the era of Jiaqing Emperor in early of nineteenth century, to about 150,000 square meters, which we see today. Wang’s was one of the four big and rich families in old Lingshi County, they were the offspring of Wang in Taiyuan (now the provincial capital of Shanxi). During the Yuan Dynasty, they moved the Jingsheng town. At that time, Wangs had been doing business. Later some of the family members had become imperial officials. The family built large houses with luxury exterior designs and interior decorations.



Today, as the opening of the China Folk Houses Art Museum, the ancient architecture of Gaojiaya (高家崖) is revealed. It was built between late eighteenth century and early nineteenth century. There are 26 courtyards with about 220 rooms. The Wang’s Family Museum is the Hongmenbao (红门堡) architecture. The mansion area’s layout is in “王” shape, which is the family name Wang. The castle-like buildings of Gaojiaya and Hongmenbao are opposite to one another, a bridge is being linked to them.

Stand on the top of the Gaojiaya’s gatehouse to see the magnificent houses and mountain scenery, you will feel ease and relaxed because of the beautiful panoramic view.

Jingsheng Ancient Town is included in many China Holidays itineraries – please contact us or visit our website for further details.

Finding Great Deals On La Plagne Ski Chalets

Skiing is the preferred sport of millions and is a great method of keeping fit, chillout and spend time with mates. The Paradiski region incorporating, La Plagne and Les Arcs, is extremely popular but unfortunately it can be tough to find La Plagne ski chalets that fall within a restricted budget.

As this area of the French Alps is so popular, ski chalets in La Plagne can get booked out quickly and prices are usually expensive. You may savour the image of staying in one of the chalets, drinking the cold nights away in front of a log fire, or reclining in the sauna or Jacuzzi, but can you really afford this style of luxury? You most certainly can, so long as you seek out the best offers and take note of the advice below on how to find those special deals.

1. Use the web to dig out late offers

Whilst ski chalets in areas like La Plagne are extremely popular, there are always some that stay vacant and the the closer to the travel date that you book, the more open the owner or manager is tooffer a deal. Ensure you search on search engines for ski chalet companies and see what late vacancies they have in the near future. Lots of sites display their bookings, making it easier to locate a late deal, whereas some ask you to ring them. You can also join the newsletter for some companies, so the owner can contact you with any cancellations.

2. Need more certainty? Book early.

Like all businesses, travel companies and ski chalet owners like to see exactly where they are and often reward those that book early. Would-be La Plagne skiers should call chalet owners early in their planning to see if a deal can be done by booking well in advance. Lots of ski chalets will relish the the chance to bank some funds a year to 18 months prior to the holiday.

3. Go skiing with all of your family and friends

If you go skiing as a group then you can enjoy bigger discounts in the price per person or group discounts in local restaurants and on ski gear rental. La Plagne is home to a number of large ski chalets, designed especially for groups of skiers in need of luxury, so browse these and see if you can get a group of people together as it will work out cheaper for all involved.

4. Book in Off-peak months

If your fine book in the off-season then it can be a fantastic way to lower the expense of your booking. In La Plagne, the ski chalet rates can be much lower at the start or the end of the season and not in the school vacations and festive periods. Look to stay during these less busy times and you can find significant savings, plus the resorts are less likely to be busy.

For luxury ski chalets and fantastic ski holidays, La Plagne delivers every time. Saving money is easy if you know how. Use the internet web, talk to the chalet owners andchoose the the time of year that suits you best and you will be staying in five star La Plagne ski chalets, without the five star cost .

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Kerala Backwater Tours – Enjoy Journey of Lifetime in the Bliss of Nature

4b3f44d0b1298kumarakam house boat

Kerala the land of sheer wonderments is situated along the azure shore of the Arabian Sea in South India. It is one of the important holidaying destinations that one will love to visit time and again, if once visited. The state Kerala is blessed with captivating beauty of nature and it is till date so refreshing and astounding that never fail to impress the heart of the visitors who length thousands miles to reach this ever green Paradise on Earth, Kerala.

Kerala has lots of appealing attractions and each charm and splendors are worth to visit and explore. Among the many appealing attractions and scintillating attractions, Kerala backwater is the prominent attractions and its charm and beguiling attractions is truly unmatched and beyond words to describe its beauty. Backwaters of Kerala are the lifeline and the whole of tourism Industry revolves round it.

Backwater Kerala offer wonderful opportunity to enjoy memorable vacations and delight in the splendor of the natural attractions as the houseboat drift slowly along the scenic pathways. Some of the magnificent places of tourist’s interest and the picture backwaters of Kerala are Kumarakom, Alleppey, Cochin, Kollam, Kuttanad and Kasargod. All these backwater destinations are amazingly beautiful and offer tourists wonderful opportunity to enjoy unique vacations taking pleasure in the luxury of the houseboat which give experience no less then a paradise.

Well among the many backwater destinations,Kerala Backwater Tours are much enjoyed in Alleppey also lovingly called “Venice of the East”. It deserves and have been accredited with this name due to its magnetizing charm and splendor of the backwaters whose beauty and splendor is unmatched by anyone. Come and enjoy houseboat cruise over the picturesque backwaters of Kerala and take back home unforgettable memories to relish in for a lifetime.

Come to Kerala and delight in the pleasure of the houseboat and treasure remarkable memories that cannot be treasured no where else in the world.

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