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Flights From London to CCU

Kolkatta, formerly known as Calcutta is the capital city of the East Indian state, West Bengal. This city situated on the banks of River Hooghly is the cultural hub of India. A blend of historical buildings and famous temples, old coffee houses and new night clubs, road-side shops and posh five stars, the culture of music and theatre and urban traffic, and most importantly the warm people who are extremely proud of their rich history, their poets, writers and Nobel prize winners, gives Kolkatta its own soul. Calcutta is a large city with several sightseeing, restaurant, accommodation and nightlife listings. For a comfortable Calcutta India travel, tourists can avail the services of Calcutta city guide. Such organized travel to Calcutta makes your trip the most memorable experience within your budget.

Calcutta with its unique climatic conditions provides a unique paradise for newly-wed couples who are planning their honeymoon. Travel to Calcutta is incomplete without paying a visit to remarkable Howrah bridge built on River Hugli. The bridge running over the river is an important landmark that distinct Calcutta on the Indian map. It is the only connector between Howrah and Kolkata, and is considered the finest among the other cantilever bridges of the world. Everyday millions of travellers cross this bridge to reach their respective destinations in Calcutta.

Travel to Calcutta is uniquely cherished with a walk along Chowringhee Road allows visitors to absorb the mysterious beauty of Calcutta. South Calcutta is blessed with two modest restaurants, namely Hatari and Bedwin. The former is a multi-cuisine roof top restaurant, while the latter is famous for Mughlai Cuisine. Both these family restaurants in Calcutta serve delicious food at a reasonable price.

To the northeast is the rapidly expanding business district of Salt Lake City, which has few historical sites but is steadily developing a reputation for its upscale business hotels and high-tech entertainment facilities. It’s the closest district to the airport.

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Finding The Appropriate Hotel: Additional Helpful Information.

While planning a vacation (no matter whether you are going alone or with your friends or family), the initial thing that usually comes to our minds is finding the most suitable place to hang about while visiting the city. Besides, you would also want to know where you can get the best rated hotel room. So, as you realize, selecting a hotel is a really crucial task and it involves some vital points to be considered before you find what you are in the hunt for.

So, the question is – What exactly this research should be started with?

The initial step for you to make is looking up the names of hotels in a directory and pick the one, which is close to the place you are planning to go to. Keep in mind that this is a time-consuming process and if you make use of outdated directory it will be rather testing for you to find what you need. That is the reason why, it is vital for you to make sure that you are directed by a correct source since this guarantees that the process will not be too complicated and will not take too much time.

One more source you simply can not disregard, while looking for a good hotel to stay in, is the Internet. It should be added that it is recommended to visit sites that have storage of huge database and are updated on a regular basis.

To go into more details there is a need to indicate that it is principal for you to be certain that you are going for the correct hotels. I am talking here about that you need to be positive that the hotels you are considering are not going away to bleed you dried out, but instead provide even more amenities than you ever wanted.

It goes without saying that the Internet will make your search really well-organized and full, thus you will be able to choose a hotel that you are completely pleased with. It will be useful for you to find out that such kind of search entirely depends on you, so your chance of going in the wrong direction is virtually zero.

As it was already mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are many aspects for you to take into account when seeking a good hotel. If you want to make your vacation ideal, consider them, otherwise your trip can became disaster.

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Do You Know How To Pick The Best Hotel? Learn How To Make The Best Decision!

It should be started by mentioning that it does not actually matter what type of trip you are planning (business or vacation); still comfort and convenience are the focal criteria for you to take into consideration when selecting a hotel to stay in. So, to make the correct choice, you need to be aware of some important things concerning the hotel you want to stay in.

(a) To start with you need to take into consideration the location of a hotel.

Needless to say that the initial step for you to make is selecting the right location of a hotel. For this, you should know your destination. Besides, you need to plan in advance where you would like to go there. Actually, it is always recommended to prefer reachable locations, so you can get to any place you might need from your hotel quickly and without spending too much money.

(b) You should check the guest ratings.

Before you make a last decision and go for a hotel, you should go to the hotel’s official site and check the feedbacks of the clients. This is the best way to find out what kind of services and treatment you will be provided with.

(c) You should find all necessary information concerning the rates.

Of course, some persons do not care whether the room is expensive, but the majority of us should consider the rates in order to select the most suitable hotel to stay in. Needless to say that a lot of persons are looking for inexpensive room rates to save some money.

You should also take into consideration that one more great way to save some money is keep away from booking at agencies, as usually this will cost you more than booking a room directly from the hotel. Still, this decision depends only on you – you are the boss.

(d) The last but not least thing to pay attention to is leisure.

As you understand, you will not spend all time in your hotel room, so you should find out whether the place has some recreational facilities for you to enjoy. For instance, you should find out whether there is a restaurant, a swimming pool, spa, theme-parks and so on.

Bear in mind that you should be able to have fun in a hotel as this will help you to make your vacation really pleasurable.

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Tips to Plan Family Holiday

With the summer not long away, it’s very tempting to think of what you’d like to do during the summer holidays, such as visiting friends and relatives, going for picnics and of course, going on a summer holiday. But planning a holiday can be more stressful than it needs to be, and if you’re thinking about going on holiday this year, whether it’s a weekend city break, or a two week holiday somewhere hot and sandy, here are a few tips to help you plan your holiday with minimum fuss. book my trip

Start Early

While this may sound obvious, starting to plan your holiday a few weeks or even months in advance can make all the difference when you’re planning a stress free break. Get the family together, ask them where they want to go, and find out the best time for everyone to travel, when work, school or even college won’t be a problem.

Book Wisely

When it comes to booking a holiday, the best thing to do is pay using a credit card, because your money will be protected by your card issuer if your flights are cancelled, our if your chosen travel agent goes bankrupt. If you’re booking your holiday online, make sure that you’re booking with a reputable and reliable provider, as some websites may offer amazing deals on holidays, such as flights to India, but they could add extra costs on top of the initial price, so be aware of what you’re paying for.

Pack What You Need

Want and need are two very different words, and they can be used as great advice when it comes to packing your holiday suitcase and your hand luggage, so take only what you need on holiday destinations. Items such as medication, sun cream and mosquito repellent are essential items for a holiday, while items you would normally use at home, such as your car keys and a purse full of loose change are things you can afford to leave behind. Pack light and only take small cosmetics and toiletries to save on space in your bag.

Jaisalmer Fort Golden Fort

Jaisalmer Fort ( Jaisalmer )

There is a fort that seems to rise out of a desert haze, its yellow sandstone walls and Jaisalmer Fortbastions taking on a golden hue in the afternoon sun, which is why it is aptly called Sonar Kila or the Golden Fort or Jaisalmer Fort. Jaisalmer Fort was built in 1156. It is the second oldest in Rajasthan Tourism after Chittor and the fort built by Rawal Jaisal, which crowns the 80m high Trikuta Hill. Three strong walls protect the citadel.the fort has 99 bastions around its circumference. There is a group of five Jain Tamples within the fort built between the 12th and 15th centuries. Sharp turns on the road topped by high defense gateways made it invincible. At the highest point of the place can be seen an umbrella-Meghadamber symbolic of Krishna.

It has narrow winding lanes and four huge gateways, the last one leading to main chowk dominated by the old palace of the Maharwal. Almost one quater of the town’s population resides inside the fort. It is approached through Ganesh Pol, Suraj Pol, Bhoot Pol and Hawa Pol. Also, within it are many beautiful havelies and a group of Jain temples dating from the 12th to the 15th centuries.

View inside the Fort : The fort has five palaces called Sarvottam Vilas, Akhai Vilas, Gaj Mahal, Rang Mahal and Moti Mahal-all interconnected behind the seven-storied façade. Small stairs take you from one court to another with superb jail screens shading interiors from the fierce heat and desert wind. The Rang Mahal built by Mool Raj II has some exquisite murals painted on arches and spandrels. From the balconies you get a terrific view of the mammoth ramparts below guarding the small city. Balconies at the Gaj Mahal are also breathtakingly beautiful. The fort contains one third of the city’s population within the small houses on the narrow lanes.

Prime Attractions of Jaisalmer Desert Festival : Held in the months of January-February, the Desert Festival exudes a delightful spirit. For three days, the otherwise barren land of Jaisalmer comes to life and is clustered with hordes of colourfully dressed people. more..

Havelis : The beautiful mansions built by Jaisalmer’s wealthy merchants are known as ‘havelis’ and several of these fine sandstone buildings are still in beautiful condition. Patwon ki Haveli is the most elaborate and magnificent of all the Jaisalmer havelis.

Sam Sand Dunes : Any trip to Jaisalmer is indeed, incomplete, without a trip to the most panoramic dunes of Sam where the wind is unceasingly carving out scenic patterns, on the sand! Situated 42 kms from Jaisalmer, the sun-soaked Sam Sand Dunes bring to light a glided mirage. Truly the essence of the desert, the ripples of the wind-caressed dunes create an enchanting mirage.

Desert National Park : It preserves the eco-system of the desert within its confines. The Monitor lizards, desert foxes, porcupines, occasional wolves and black bucks, and the Great Indian Bustard (a protected bird) are found here, forming an ecological chain revolving around cactii and other hardy desert plants.

Gadsisar Lake : Gadsisar Lake in Jaisalmer, the rainwater fed reservoir, was built in 1156 Gadsisar LakeAD and rebuilt in 1367AD by Maharwal Garsisingh.

Govt Museum – Jaisalmer : The Government Museum in Jaisalmer is situated on Police Line Road near Moomal Hotel. It was opened in 1984. The large collection of wood and marine fossils in the museum gives an insight into the geological past of the area.

Manak Chowk : Outside the fort is the main market place called Manak Chowk, which is the centre of local activity. From Manak Chowk, one can walk into the lanes where the famous carved havelis are to be found. Each haveli’s facade differs from other. Built mainly during the 18th and 19th centuries, the carving in the havelis of Jaisalmer is of a very superior quality.

Wood Fossil Park : Wood Fossil Park at Aakal, is 17-kms from the city of Jaisalmer. Lying on the Barmer Road, this park transports you back to the Jurassic period, when the whole Thar region lay under the sea. The park with 180 million-year-old fossils that are the geological landmarks for the study of the Thar Desert is any geology enthusiasts delight.

Best time to arrive There is a best time to come to see jaisalmer fort in jaisalmer around septmber.

enjoy Tibet,Yunnan,sichuan site from here.

Chengdu, as the biggest tourism city in the western of China, which has rich tourism resources, besides that, around Chengdu, there have numerous world heritages, such as Jiuzhaigou, Mt. Emei, Leshan Giant Buddha, Giant Pandas in Wolong and so on. On the other hand, it is also very convenient to travel to Lhasa ,lijiang,xi’an from Chengdu.

Carnival Street Parties In Rio

If you think Rio de Janeiro carnival is only about the parades, you are completely wrong. There are much more into it. One of the most fun things to do during carnival is to go to the Carnival Street Parties If you are in Rio during the carnival, you have to participate in one of them. The only “problem” is that it takes very long to end. How come?

I will explain to you. Rio de Janeiro Carnival used to be the parades party during carnival. Even though the parades are fun, there are not enough to say I went to a Brazilian carnival. The northeast of Brazil know how to make you jump and pump during carnival, but they lack the nice parade that Rio does.

Rio de Janeiro, sometime in the last decade, noticed they were missing out on the street parties. I can not tell you who noticed and how, or even how it came about, but somehow it became very popular. Today, the party starts on the Friday before the carnival and ends sometime around the Sunday after the carnival. It is over a week. I am talking about the main part of the party because if I were to tell you when it really starts or ends; I would not know it.

The party is divided in blocks. You will usually see a big truck with a group band on top of it that plays and dances all types of Brazilian songs appropriate to that period. You will dance. Sometimes you will find very famous group band leading the songs, but most of the time, you will just find covers. It does not really matter.

Some other places, you may not find the big trucks, but you will find Cafes (Bares) where huge sound systems are placed outside of it, and songs are played.

You will find a lot of mad, drunk, happy, and funny people. You should take some precautions before going to those parties. You should use the least clothes possible. I do not mean naked. If you are a guy use short with flip-flops and a very fresh shirt. Be ready to have your toes stepped on a lot. If you are a girl, use shorts or skirt and whatever you want to use on the top. Since woman dress for another woman, choose nice shoes, but remember you will walk and dance a lot.

I hope you will have a pocket in whatever clothes you use for money and personal documents. I do not recommend you to bring wallets or purses to the party. You may lose it or be stolen. I also do not recommend you, be male or female, to go completely by yourself. The party is really fun, but depending on the time you are going home, it can be dangerous to go home alone.

If you ask me where I would go. I would without a doubt tell you to go to a place around Ipanema beach. Whenever it gets too hot, just go take a dive.

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Visit India

What is India? Why is it one of the most chosen destinations of the globe? Well, here is the answer of this query; India is a land of rich culture and traditions where tourists get the chance to enjoy their each and every moment by exploring its attractive and picturesque beauty and attractions.

India is blessed with so many for every tourist as a number of tourism attractions that never fail to catch the attention of tourists from all over the world are situated in the map of India where tourists can explore a plenty of fantastic attractions with the oldest civilizations of the country. In this cultural land of India tourists find many attractive sights that witness the ups and downs of olden era. So,  India Holidays visit India and enjoy your vacations in superb manner.

Since, the land of India is blessed with Mother Nature’s immeasurable love with exotic beaches, delightful mountains covered with glinting snow, striking forests and golden deserts; here visitors can see an assortment of gorgeousness. Hence, tourists planning their vacations are advised to Visit India as it ensures them that India tour is filled with wonderful surprises and superb experiences. The variation of the splendor of India is tempting and incredible India  in itself in the course of its tradition, culture, geography, wildlife Holidays, natural flora and fauna and natural sophistication. Therefore, visitors who want to explore the superb beauty of a country opt for India as their holiday destination and they come to India for enjoying their leisure time in most amazing and memorable way.

A number of trustworthy tour operators are associated with reputed travel agencies that are linked with make India trip for planning tourists’ vacation as per their interest and desire and also keeping in mind the important locations which are the highlights of India tourism. Some of the most noteworthy places visit in India are –, Delhi, Agra Rajasthan, Goa holidays, Kerala, Shimla, Kashmir and many other fascinating attractions that can visit India fabulous. So, choose India as your holiday destination and enjoy the visit to the fullest in amazing manner.

Desert Camel Safari in rajasthan is the most popular adventure of asia

Colorful Rajasthan is a state located in the north of India. its geographical diversities as well as Its rich historical legacies, its distinct culture and traditions make it one of the most desired tourist destinations in india. Rajasthan is the largest state in India in terms of area covered by the vast Thar Desert  Romance of desert. The state is divided diagonally north and rugged mountains of south-east and the arid West. The northwestern part of Rajasthan is generally sandy and dry, like most of the region is covered by the Thar Desert. Aravalli Range and the lands east and south of the range are generally more fertile area of Rajasthan is the Gir forest Kathiarbar-dry deciduous forests to tropical dry broadleaf. Rajasthan is the land of the proud Rajputs the embodiment of chivalry, whose exploits and bravery in battle are legendary. Before independence, Rajasthan was known Rajputana Rajputs but the population is a minority in this state it is now the number has dwindled with the wealth there. Many tribes are also found in different regions of Rajasthan, with its own social systems and customs, religion and clothing. Rajasthan is well known for its spirit dances and musical performances, their colorful costumes and the right culture. Rajasthan is known for its handicrafts and paintings, is associated with a rich tradition of art, culture, music and dance.

Desert Camel Safari in rajasthan is the most popular adventure of asia, it is a unique way to explore small villages in rajasthan, camel safaris at the top of this ship of desert is very exciting adventure, camel riding is not easy as people consider it, it’s a great experience to explore the “Thar marusthal”, a joy riding are available across all the major spots within the state. Rajasthan is the single state with desert terrain in India. People from all corners of the country and from abroad visit Rajasthan to enjoy a portion of their lives in desert. The travelers love to take camel ride as it provides a sense of adventure to them. To enjoy camel safari and desert safari, tourists plan to take Rajasthan Desert Tour Packages. These safaris are popular mainly near Thar Desert region and not in all part of Rajasthan. So, visit regions around Thar and enjoy the adventure of safari tour. Jodhpur, Bikaner and Jaisalmer are situated in and around Thar Desert and offer great opportunities for safari tour.

Flights to Delhi

Delhi is the capital of India. It offers numerous sites and experiences to visitors. It is a wonderful destination filled with tradition, culture and heritage. It has many myths, ceremonies and beliefs. Through cheap flights to Delhi, you can save money and use it to check out the many tourist destinations the city can offer.

Delhi has many monuments like Qutab Minar, Humayun’s tomb and Red Fort. There are also the Lotus Temple, Brila Temple, Kalkaji and Juma Masjid which are some of Delhi’s religious places for adoration. To know more about the history of the city, you can also visit Pragati Maidan and Jantar Manar, India Gate. Aside from these monuments and temples, Delhi is also regarded as a shopper’s paradise. Here, you will find the finest handicrafts, textiles and jewelries from all over the country.

Flying to Delhi is now made easy through affordable airfare costs and discounted air travel tickets during their festival seasons. Taking cheap flights to Delhi may even be your ticket to seeing other beautiful places nearby. The Taj Mahal, one of the old Seven Wonders of the World can be found here. It is near the Yamuna.

With India staying as one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, it has many sects and religions as well as countless tribes, castes over a dozen major linguistic groups. Though India is widely divided into the southern and northern sections, in the heart of North India is Delhi – its capital city. As soon as you arrive in Delhi, there are taxies or Auto rickshaws that can take you to a hotel of your choice. Of course, it is better to book for accommodations beforehand. This way, hotel shuttle services can already pick you up from the airport. Most travel websites offering cheap flights to Delhi can also help you book for cheap lodging accommodations in this city.

Since Delhi became the capital of numerous Mugal, Hindu, Turkic, Afghan and Raiput empires, it holds many pilgrimages, monuments, and historical buildings you can visit. However, there are sacred areas that don’t allow visitors during their festivities or during their time of prayer. There are also areas that are strict when it comes to dress codes. Make sure you know all these beforehand; otherwise, you’ll just waste your time going to these places of interest for nothing.

If you love to shop, especially for souvenirs, travel to south of Delhi. It has one of the most stylish market places in the city. Aside from the well-liked brands, you can also shop for several local and ethnic products.

With cheap flights to Delhi being easily available, you can check with Indian Airlines (Delhi’s national airline), British Airways, Australian airlines, Lufthansa and KLM. You can also consider lesser-known carriers that offer price cuts or discount fares offered by last minute flights. If you’re looking for flights to Delhi from cities in the Middle East, check out , Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Tajik Airlines and Kuwait Airways.
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