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The Best Destinations Around The World

One of the best destinations across the world is the ultimate masterpiece Taj Mahal situated on the bank of Yamuna River in Agra, the city of love. The Mughal emperor Shah Jahan got this monument constructed as promised in the loving memory of his wife, Mumtaz Mahal after her demise. Mixed with phenomenal beauty, the immense love which was the reason behind its construction, Taj symbolizes eternal love. This white marble richly crafted monument is a tribute to beauty celebrating unconditional love of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan to his Persian wife Mumtaz Mahal.

Taj Mahal India : It is a “symbol of eternal love”, narrating love saga of how deeply a man loved his wife, that even after she died, her memory would never fade away. It shines like a pure diamond leaving its viewers awestruck. It’s the synonym of immense beauty which can never be expressed truly. It has mesmerizing vision with visceral charisma depicting pain of a dying soul forming the world’s best love story.

Taj Mahal History : It took 22 years to build this exotic monument with the cost of around 32 crores involving almost 20,000 workers.  It has great architect style, with fusion of Persian, Islamic and Indian architectural style. 99 names of Allah (muslims’ god) are being calligraphed on the sides of tomb of Mumtaz Mahal. The whole complex is being decorated with the passages from Quran (holy book of Muslims) by Amanat khan depicting themes of judgment and truth.

Taj in center with four minarets with the height of 138 ft at each corner stands out as the dazzling one. The entire monument is constructed by white marble that gives eternal beauty and reflects magnificent touch. The entire construction is man- made and represents the best of material from all over the India and Asia such as the white marble from Rajasthan, jasper from Punjab, turquoise from Tibet, jade and crystal from china, lapis lazuli from Afghanistan, sapphire from srilanka, and the carnelian from Arabia.

The tomb is the main attraction of Tajmahal, where cenotaph of Mumtaz mahal is placed at the centre of interior chamber. Mahal is decorated with Islamic style char bagh garden which concludes ashoka tree and others small flowers. Darwaza-i-rauza made up of black stone, adorned with Arabic calligraphy and elaborated geometric designs, is one of the main attractions. On western side of Tajmahal, stands splendid monument of red sandstone, mosque complementing to the beauty of Taj. With Mecca facing, it’s being used for prayer purpose. The elaborated architectural creativity, amusing sculptural works narrates the certainly best tale of never-ending love. The monument of eternal love is a symbol which depicts valuable architectural skills and elegance of royal Mughal Emperor.

The superb decoration, precious gemstones and the transparency of the white marble make it a scenic location. The main gateway is situated at the end of the long watercourse. Disheveled flowers, red lotus, and leaves adore the sloping side of the niche formed by semi-precious marble. And the white tear drop with a red trident at the entry of Taj Mahal makes it appear more dazzling.

Taj reflects different hues with respect to sunlight from yellow in the mornings to sparkling white in the day and a light pink in the twilight dust. The sight of the Taj in full moon light is completely breathtaking. The captivating sight of Taj Mahal is an expedition of delight, cheerfulness and budding love.

As per English poet, Sir Edwin Arnold, Taj Mahal is “Not a piece of architecture, as other buildings are, but the proud passion of an emperor’s love wrought in living stones.” Taj Mahal of India has mesmerized many people with its captivating beauty and its beauty can be enclosed in the words of Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore as, “a teardrop on the cheek of eternity”.



When Will A Taxi Person Accept A Drunken Voyager?

experienced by taxi cab drivers every day of the week and especially at the end of the week is whether or not to carry drunken travellers. The worst case scenario worry is usually that the fare will be being ill in your inside the car or even that they may finish up passing out and end up requiring medical help. They’ll also be afraid the particular person might take off without having to pay or maybe end up violent when dealing with the money necessary for the journey.

Many of these concerns make the taxi cab owners verdict quite easy regularly – if you’re inebriated then you aren’t getting in. However , there ought to be a few occasions when a taxi cab person can feel they should create an exclusion. Here are just what some of those situations may just be:

Whether they pay out right up front

Regardless how bad anyone might be, once they spend his or her fare up front then the taxi driver could imagine that, this is the very difficult piece accomplished. Considering the money in their hand considering the fact that they do know where they’re going they’ll likely may just accept a drunken passenger.

Young lady alone

Quite often a taxi driver will make a unique exemption within their certainly no drunks policy when the drunk in question may be a young and also insecure looking female. Females on their own might be a fairly easy target for criminals on the street hence with this in mind the moral thought process of the taxi cab driver may well kick in and provide them a safe way residence, possibly even if there’re intoxicated.

A long way from any place

In the same way anyone who is within a susceptible situation may be able to sway the brain of a taxi motorist. For instance if one from the Nottingham Airport Terminal Taxi cabs were to pass through a drunken person on a state highway, they may be tempted to halt and give these individuals a lift because they may be in some threat.

extremely drunk

The last exclusion they will often make is when the individual is extremely intoxicated that they’re really in worry regarding their life. Regardless of how significantly a person can be nausea as well as dropping all over the site, if the taxi driver is really issue the individual is in physical risk they will often provide them with a trip, though this lift could be towards the hospital and also not necessarily with their door.

If you would like to know more about taxis in nottingham

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My Nikon DSLR Excelled Shooting Images Of Beaches Near Dumbar In North East Alba (Scotland)

I live in Scotland where we get some of the highest quality beaches on the earth. Do not believe me, in fact not long ago an advert promoting a Tropical isle holiday getaway was not shot in that place but around the Scottish Island known as Barra! Barra provides rather long sand seashores of white sand which come from coral formations off shore, just like the Carribbean. Naturally one doesn’t constantly have the weather also, the sea is somewhat colder.

It isn’t just Alba’s off shore locations which may have exquisite together with mostly deserted shorelines either. The Scottish landmass, especially its northeastern areas have magnificent beaches, numerous sandy, as well as a number of rugged shorelines.

Not Long Ago I was basically taking a well deserved walking tour together with the Nikon D7000 photographic camera simply looking at a place known as East Lothian. My partner and I based us in the eye-catching small town of Dunbar, an important Royal Burgh since the 15th century as well as the location of an crucial Scottish castle in the middle Ages. During more tranquil occasions it’s really a well-liked visitor getaway and is a fantastic spot to discover the surrounding region from.

To the digital photographer there’s really no dearth of potential themes, from the historic architectural structures inside the areas main street, all the fishing vessels inside the busy harbor or the excellent pure beauty of the area. About Monday I caught the bus towards the community of Tyninghame from where it was subsequently feasible to undertake a short stroll by means of wood land to the local beach locations. Notwithstanding our reservations pertaining to having my own photographic camera out and running the possibility of fine sand getting into the item, I could truthfully certainly not withstand shooting a few photographs at the fantastic Peffer Sands. Those substantial areas of shoreline, endorsed by means of sand hills as well as contrasted by the deep blue sea are simply just astounding to discover.

The good news is our pro-quality Nikon D7000 is surely an fantastic photographic camera and also has been more than up to the task. Luckily, I actually arrived in the afternoon so the shadows happen to be longer than at noon giving some depth to the ensuing photographs. I generally always keep a UV filter on my own lenses to guard the top which also is advantageous in these dazzling conditions. Where there is lots of water in the shot, the polarizing filter is also beneficial to minimize glare brought on by simply light carried through the water. In order to find out more about this particular good camera scan my personal Nikon D 7000 review or for a selection of additional digital photography affiliated written content on my own internet site check out this review.

TravelNiche A New Site Dedicated To Special Offers On UK Travel

New travel website Travel Niche is all about discount travel in the UK. We travel the web finding you savings from some of the most well known agents and travel companies covering tours, passes, transport and other travel necessities, so we can help you save on travel.

The UK can be an expensive country to travel about in, but there are a few ways to reduce costs whilst on holiday in the UK. London is far from being cheap and inexpensive even with special deals and offers like the London Pass, but leave the big city behind and the offers some great and cost effective holiday experiences.

Travel Niche is quite new and is a passion for it’s owner, “I love travel and have visited over 160 countries and wanted to share some of my experiences with others, I’m primarily a web designer but travel is my first love and finding ways of making my holidays more exciting and saving some money is a great challenge” says Travel Niche’s owner Stan Byford.

Travel niche is not just about special offers on UK travel it’s also about getting the most from your vacation budget, most well known operators like British Airways, Marriot Hotels and Kuoni Travel all have their own pages on the site and there are several new blogs coming, rss feeds to keep you up to date on saving on UK travel.

We regularly tweet and you can add us on twitter @kelstanmedialtd. We keep an eye out for discounts so you can get the most out of your UK trip, whether you live in the UK or are lucky enough to visit, save on travel and get the most for your money, making your UK adventure something to remember.

Soon we hope to add a readers section where members can write and post their own travel tales. Of course please get in contact with any ideas you may have.

One of Travel Niches best operators are currently Rail Europe for just over 60 years, Rail Europe has been showing Americans what Europeans have known all along: the best way to travel in europe is on the trains!

Another regular advertiser on Travel Niche is DiscountLondon. They offer many different types of Thames River Cruises from sightseeing hop on hop off type cruises to hurtling down the river in one of the River Thames Speedboats. There’s also great variety not only in the transport used but also the type of Thames River Cruise, London Showboat, Dinner and Lunchtime Cruises, disco cruises and the well known News Years Eve cruises. There are plenty of deals to help you save on UK travel.

Destinations for the Thames River Cruises are many such as Westminster, Greenwich (Home of the famous observatory) and the Tower of London.

So pop by and save on travel in the UK with TravelNiche

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Enjoy London For Not As Much As You Might Think

It’ been said that London is the most expensive city in the world. It certainly must seem that way for Americans with the North American dollar currently not doing so well! London can certainly put a large dent in a budget of a few thousand dollars. But, if you know where to look and when to look even a visit in London can be affordable.

Getting to the UK:

The best and least expensive time to travel is of course during the offpeak season when the weather is less than ideal. But, if you dress appropiately carry a raincoat, and carry an umbrella you can save a fair bit. Airlines will offer off-peak travel specials during the winter months. There are some great savings to be had when booking last minute and several sites which can find you cheap airfares such as cheapOair, British Airways often have disounts on package deals including hotels. Take a train from the airport to the hotel as cabs can be very costly or you can get a coach, there is a new taxi service called airtaxi you can find it on TravelNiche as well as other ways to save on UK travel. Don’t take a lot of baggage and keep it light British Airways allow for 23kg but some of the cheaper flights will charge a fee, bags weighing over 23kg incur additional fees from BA (in any case you don’t want to be carrying a lot of luggage around London!).

What to do:

London is very historical and fullto the brim with culture. The biggest difference some Americans especially New Yorkers will find, London is not open for business 24/7. Be sure to do your research and plan your agenda before you arrive so you won’t be disappointed by an unexpected closure (all the top attractions have websites with info as well as tourist information sites).

Many of the museums, churches, and public spaces are free. You may have to pay for special exhibits, but the permanent exhibits are almost always free. This can help you save on UK travel. Below is a list of suggested free places that are worth a visit:

The British Museum
The Tate Modern
The Museum of Natural History
The Victoria and Albert Museum
Westminster (parliment)
Trafalgar Square
Picadilly Circus
Museum of London
British Library
Imperial War Museum
All Hallow’s Church
National Maritime Museum and Royal Observatory

Also you can buy a Londonpass via TravelNiche (you can currently save an extra 5% with our promo code) The Londonpass covers travel on most public transport across London and also provides free entry into over 50 of London’s top sightseeing attractions, £40 a day can be saved. Londonpass offers special offers all year round. If you like something a bit different many tour operators offer Thames river cruises with dining and entertainment, you can even cruise on the Thames and then go to a show in the West End, book in advance and online at somewhere like discountlondon and you can really save on UK travel.


OK London is a shoppers paradise, toy stores on Oxford street, Harrods and most of the biggest names in Fashion can all be found, but if you truly want a shopping experience you need to find those difficult to loacte places and of course we must mention the markets like Petticoat Lane, Camden Lock Market (Camden Market) are great, if you like something really historical try Smithfield Market original a cattle market, Portebello Road if you like antiques and the list goes on.


London has a throbbing nightlife, Clubs, Theatres, Restuarants and Bars if you use the tour operators you can save on all these but you have to look around and spend some time on the internet. There are evening and night Thames cruises with dining and entertainment. There are a lot of options I’ll leave you to your own devices, there are some great sites that can help you out on TravelNiche.


Top restuarants in London will be the most pricey, but if fancy dining isn’t for you then try the cafes a big english breakfast and a mug of tea, will set you up for the day, not to mention the price is very reasonable, try pubs for lunches many offer deals like two for one if you eat at a certain time of day. Of course like any major city London is not without it’s share of fast food outlets, McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Pizzahut as well as many private outlets, let’s not forget good old Whimpey.

If you really want to save, go to one of the local supermarkets and buy what you need to make up lunches, there are a lot of nice parks in London where you can sit down and share your food with the squirrels and pigeons.


The best way to get around London is by public transport and of course as I mentioned before the Londonpass should be the first site to visit, you can get other travel passes but they won’t give you free access into London’s top attractions. The Thames is a great way to travel, no traffic jams and you get to see a lot more than you’d expect from the river. You can also get to great destinations like Greenwich using the London ferries.

Most people don’t have an unlimited travel budget. Planning and knowing where to cut corners can help you make the most of the budget you have to spend, using the information found on Travelniche you can fit in more experiences. Well I hope that helps you out.

For more information on how to save on UK travel visit: TravelNiche

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Facilities in Church Hotels

Hotels are establishment or infrastructure that provides paid lodging to people for short term. They are built to fulfill provision of accommodation in new cities that you visit. These are made for tourists who visit for their vacation. There are different rooms in hotel with all basic amenities and modern facilities. The rooms are designed with cupboards, bathrooms, windows and other services. There are many hotels that provide all facilities to their customers.

Airport Technology Center Hotels Hojo are located near Hojo airport. These hotels are very nice hotels that provide accommodation to tourist who visit this city for their vacation or business meetings. Airport Technology Center Hotels have swimming pools, community center, and conference hall for business meetings. These hotels are designed to cater need of tourist and to help them to get best service. They provide delicious food; air conditioned rooms, television in rooms, and other facilities. india travel packages

Church Hotels are located in famous old quarters. It is between Hoan Kiem Lake and Cathedral. It is closed to Ba Da Pagoda. It is a brand new hotel and is finest two star hotels in Hanoi. The location is very ideal and they will provide you best service with famous and major attraction places of the city. Every prominent place of city is very near from this hotel. There are sport bars, beer house, coffee shops, and restaurants in hotel. You will get all modern facilities in this hotel. They provide accommodation to tourist and business class people. There are conference halls and other facilities available for business class people. Church Hotels are very famous hotels and they provide accommodation for very affordable tariff. You can book rooms in this hotel online or by contacting to their representative. They provide satellite TV, air conditioner, hair drier, mini bar, IDD telephone in their rooms. goa holidays india

Orpheum Theater Hotels are in Minneapolis Minnesota. There are number of hotels near Orpheum Theater. These hotels are five star hotels with all amenities for their customers. Le- Meridian Hotel, Residence Inn are some of the beats hotel in city. All these hotels are rated as five star hotels. You can book rooms in these hotels near Orpheum Theater. Tariff of different hotel rooms are different there are different types of suite in these hotels. There are honeymoon suites, business class suits and other luxurious suits in hotels. Book your rooms and talk to their representative on phone and collect all information about different suits and their tariff.

You can also book rooms in Orpheum Theater Hotels online hotel booking by paying tariff in advance for your booking by your credit cards or debit cards. You can search for these hotels and accommodation in hotels on their website and if there is availability than you can book your room. They provide transportation facility to their customer from airport; you will get their transportation from airport at the time of your arrival. Their representative will help to keep your luggage in car and they will take you to their hotel. Get your keys and check in to your room and avail their world class facilities.


Perfect Weekend in London

Perfect Weekend in London

The UK capital is a great destination for a city break offering something for everyone from families to couples to groups of friends. With cheap flights to London often on offer, the city is easily accessible from across the UK and further afield.

What visitors want to see in London will depend on their tastes, but the truth is that no one will leave this city disappointed with most people wishing they had more than a weekend to explore and enjoy.


Traditional London Attractions

For traditional types there are a number of must see stops on a visit to London, take a trip to the Queen’s London residence at Buckingham Palace and see the Changing of the Guard, or head to the Tower of London where the Crown Jewels are watched over by Beefeaters in traditional costume. From here visitors can also view the iconic Tower Bridge that forms part of the city’s identity.

Art and Culture Attractions in London

Art lovers are spoiled for choice on a weekend in London with the amazing installations at the Tate Modern and the awe inspiring collections at the National Gallery (set on the world famous Trafalgar Square) with a plethora of galleries and exhibitions on offer in various other venues across the city.

The culture vultures may also enjoy touring the city’s world famous museums, with popular choices including the Science Museum, Natural History Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum all of which are located in Kensington and easily accessible by tube train.

Relaxed Weekend in London

If a busy round of  tourist packed venues is not your style then visitors can discover London at their own pace, with lots of laid back alternatives on offer.

Why not take a spin on the London Eye, the world’s tallest big wheel and check out the city from another perspective. Take a stroll through one of the stunning Royal parks that are open to the public providing open space in the heart of the city, or even take a boat trip along the Thames to Greenwich, home to the National Maritime Museum, as well as some of the best traditional Pie and Mash in the city.

Fashionable London

Once known as Swinging London, the city has been at the vanguard of the zeitgeist for decades and remains there today, with bright young things flocking from across the world to see and be seen in some of London’s trendiest spots. Hot spots for celebs and stars include Camden, a favourite hangout of musicians including Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse. Alternatively, head for newly-hip South London to mix with the next generation of bright young things. Bars and clubs along the Kings Road Chelsea are also popular with those who move in influential circles.

Theatrical London

The West End stage is rivalled only by New York’s Broadway for its calibre of productions and presentations, visitors with an interest in the theatre will want to take in a show during their weekend, with tickets for many performances offered through agents located across the city.

Teriffic Leisure Pursuits When Taking A Vacation In Torquay Devon England

Located in Devon, south west England is the beautiful town of Torquay, which is a very fashionable vacation and tourist location. There are endless activities and outing locations to explore, which includes exciting night life, golden beaches, shopping, historic locations, interesting architecture and sought after culinary delights. There are many types of accommodation options in the locality, including an abundance of hotels, apartments, caravans, self catering cottages and camping options. However, perhaps one of the best of all of these is the select location at Meadfoot Beach where The Osborne can be found, which is a hotel with luxurious timeshare apartments on either side, which are available to rent.

There are a multitude of pursuits to occupy those of all ages within the area. For those who are interested in animals, Paignton Zoo will not disappoint, being one of the country’s finest animal parks and is located very close to Torquay. It is the home of several thousand animals and plants in varying environments. This zoo has a very definite accent on conservation, offering a great day out for the entire family. Located very close by to the zoo is Living Coasts, being an aquatic visitor attraction and having been developed by Paignton Zoo. The focal point within this attraction is both coastal and marine life around the world, featuring birds and mammals, so the sort of creatures that can be found includes sea ducks, sea otters, fur seals and penguins. A little further to the west is the Plymouth National Marine Aquarium, being the deepest and largest of England’s aquariums, consisting of fifty live exhibits, with more than 4,000 animals coming from 400 species. Another great animal tourist draw is the Dartmoor Miniature Pony Centre, having more than 150 animals and including donkeys and miniature ponies, being of interest to entire families.

For those who enjoy walking as part of their holiday explorations, the locality boasts a mixture of superb gardens that are beautifully kept and managed. An example is the National Trust property of Coleton Fishacre, a stunning Arts and Crafts 24 acre property, with the gardens running down to the sea at Pudcombe Cove. There is The Coastal Path Walk which is located around Torquay and follows twenty two miles of coastline and having incredible views of the sea and coastline. A further great walking experience can be found in the Dartmoor National Park, having high moors, charming moorland villages and superb views. For those who might prefer to ride a horse over Dartmoor to enjoy the views, there is always Bebeny Stables so pub lunches can be enjoyed en route, stabling the ponies mid-way through your ride whilst you eat. Right on the edge of Torquay is Kent’s Cavern, which is another popular attraction and is one of the most ancient locations for human life in the UK. It is here that you will be able to discover how Britain’s ancestors both lived and died.

Many are interested in beaches when they take a holiday, so they will not be disappointed in Torquay. Along the coastline here are some twenty coves and beaches, many of which have Blue Flag status denoting their high quality of cleanliness. Some of the most famous beaches here are Oddicombe Beach, Babbacombe Beach, Ansteys Cove, Meadfoot Beach and Maidencombe Beach.

The area really is well worth a visit as the Torquay holiday accommodation is of high quality and Devon self catering apartments are easily found.

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What Is It About Cornwall Converted Cottages That Inspired Me So?

As a child growing up, Cornwall was always a destination and location I heard about as a sunny, fun and beautiful location. Whenever a road trip was on the cards, the best option mentionable was a stay in a Cornish cottage. I don’t know why so, but as an adult, it’s clear to me that much of the South West offers the same. However, the words Cornwall inspire a magical sense of adventure, distance, pirates, sunshine, sea, beautiful scenery and much more. It is truly a magical word.

Let’s be clear, I did not come from a very fortunate background, and a trip to Cornwall, well, did not seem to be a possibility. So quite frankly it was a distant dream and may as well as been as far away as America, in terms of my perceived expectations and hopes of visiting. Strange how, as a child, something may seem to be an impossibility, to only discover, as an adult with a car, that impossibility disintegrates every inch of the open road that leads you towards Cornwall and the many beautiful Cottage holidays.

So what did we do when we had an opportunity to think about buying a holiday cottage to be used personally, and of course as a holiday let? Well, the first thing I could think about was to visit Cornwall, as for some reason, the final chosen location would have the words Cornwall in it! I knew in my mind and heart that was going to be the case, so no point wasting time looking in other counties. It was time to just get down to it.

I had seen over the Internet a Cornish holiday let that looked delicious, and for reasons unknown to me, this just kept coming round for my attention quite frequently. Well, not being superstitious or anything, I just decided to go and have a physical look and indeed found a wonderful set of cottages in a location outside Launceston called Tremeale Barn. Within the site were 8 delightful cottages, and of course, I was in the business of looking for holiday cottages.

Long story short, I ended up dealing on all eight beautiful Cornish cottages, crazy I know, but Cornwall is such a gorgeous location, plus the grounds and scenery were fabulous, not to mention the swimming pool on site. This was a big move, taking over so many holiday cottages and the prospect of maintaining a pool, whilst my base was in London! Not for the faint hearted.

So now, we own most of Tremeale Barn which is right on the borders of Cornwall and Devon, providing a fantastic launch pad for all of Cornwall and Devon, including short journeys to some of the best beaches in the country. Visit us some day, you can find us on the Cornwall Sunshine website and if you don’t stay in one of our cottages, you should stay in Cornwall, and perhaps you and your children will also discover the magic that lies in the word ‘Cornwall’.

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Remarkable Facts Concerning Buckingham Palace

Among the interesting facts about Buckingham Palace is that it has been the official London residence of Britain’s royals since 1837, which suggests it really is steeped in British history, with room after room set in wealth and luxury. Buckingham Palace stands out as the official residence of Her Majesty, The Queen, and is used not only as home, but is also the administrative headquarters of the realm. It is really among the London points of interest that are crucial to experience.

There are so many interesting details in relation to Buckingham Palace, however on my trip the one which caught my attention was that it suffered nine direct bomb hits through the Second World War. On more than a few occasions King George VI (the subject in the picture “The King’s Speech”) and Queen Elizabeth were at the Palace and barely escaped being killed. It receives 50,000 vacationers each day it’s open, but please notice that the public can just tour in August and September when the Queen is not in residence. Positioned in St. James Park within the Westminster district immediately west and within walking distance of a number of the major London tourist points of interest, such as Westminster Abbey and Big Ben, it is also a five minute walk to two London tube stations.

Another remarkable detail on the subject of Buckingham Palace is its sheer volume: with 775 rooms, including 19 State rooms, 52 Royal and guest bedrooms, 188 staff bedrooms, 92 offices and 78 bathrooms, it is a massive structure to behold. The Queen’s regular audiences with the British Prime Minister traditionally take place in The Queen’s Audience Room. During the war, King George VI’s audiences with Winston Churchill used to be less formal – both helped themselves to food from a buffet previous to sitting down to talk in privacy. Near the end of the tour, in the White Drawing Room, you can see the venue for enormous Royal ceremonies and State visits. It is 108 meters long, 120 meters deep and 24 meters high.

A standard always flies above Buckingham Palace. When The Queen is in residence, the Royal Standard flies, and when the Sovereign is not present, the Union Flag flies instead. A flag sergeant has the job of raising and lowering the proper flag as The Queen arrives at or departs from the Palace. A little known interesting truth on the subject of Buckingham Palace is that it is not the private property of the Queen as an individual, to dispose of as she wishes. Like Windsor Castle as well as the Palace of Holyroodhouse, which is The Queen’s summer residence in the beautiful city of Edinburg, Scotland, Buckingham Palace is held by The Queen as Sovereign.

These are a few of the worthy of note facts about Buckingham Palace. As stated before, public excursions only happen in August and September, but if you may plan a trip to London in that time period, do it by all means. London is absolutely beautiful that time of year.

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