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Luton Hilton Does The Lot

It might not be too difficult finding a decent hotel at a large metropolitan airport like Gatwick or Heathrow, but what happens when you have to fly out of a smaller airport and you just don’t have the same breadth of choice?

Take for example Luton airport, not only is the place tiny in comparison to its massive multi terminal airport cousins, but it just doesn’t have the plethora of choice when it comes to hotels. There is a pretty simple solution however, ignore everything you have ever heard, good and bad and instead head straight for the Hilton Garden Inn. Unless you are planning on staying for a week, it offers the perfect place to relax and unwind for that early morning flight the next day.

It’s also perfectly situated just a couple of miles away and free from aircraft noise while you get a good night’s sleep. The rooms are comfortable and unlike other Luton airport hotelsThe hotel offers a modern feel to it and will reassure you that instead of getting up to the fire alarm in the middle of the night, you’ll be safely sound asleep. It’s smart and modern too so you won’t have any worries about the roof leaking or the place falling down around you!

If that wasn’t enough, the staff are quite possibly the friendliest and nicest people you are likely to meet at an airport hotels. This added piece of customer service makes your stay all that little bit special.
Unlike some hotels, the Hilton also offers a security safe for your valuables and a hair dryer as well as the usual high speed internet access, iron and ironing board. Ok, so you have to pay for the internet, but is that realy any different to any other hotel?. Admittedly you have to pay for the internet but that’s no different to most hotels. One of the nicer touches includes complimentary use of the fitness room and the wonderful Pavilion bar is at your disposal if you desire a late night tipple to settle you.

In comparison to Gatwick airport hotels for example, you might not get the choice of hotels, but when there is one simple solution, why would you even need a choice?

What You Need To Know About Airport Hotels

Now that lot?s of people all around the world travel very often, we simply can?t live without airplanes and airports. No matter whether for vacation or business, air travel has become a part of common life. Thanks to the simplicity of use and ease of access as well as the affordability airlines is one of the most widely used way of transport nowadays. Furthermore, airlines has become the mainstay of travel around the world.


Though airlines has a great demand nowadays still there are some problems that air travelers may encounter. In fact, one of the main problems associated with air travel is the fact that on occasion getting to the airport can have its problems as well as the unsociable timing of many flights. On the whole, there is a way out from this problem. Primarily, one of the solutions to this sort of problem is to utilize one of the variety of airport hotels, generally located in close proximity to major airports.

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