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Tour in Universal Studios Orlando

This is because the word cheap brings to mind images of dingy surroundings and bad service. However, this need not be true any longer. Most Orlando hotels near Universal Studios are renovated regularly to keep up with the increased competition annually as a result of increase in the number or tourists to Walt Disney theme parks.

For your best western vacation, you can select from among the many hotels located near Universal Studios safely which include Days Inn, Quality Inns and Suites, La Quinta Inn Orlando, and Holiday Inn Universal Studios. You can look forward to enjoying best western universal hotel offers of great discounts and freebies like coupons to Universal studios Orlando.

Check out the hotel lobbies to get coupons you need for your entertainment. The hotels have them printed in the magazines or keep them in the reception area. Not all hotels are generous enough to make them available to all customers. You may have to make a special request if you want to get some coupons. The best thing is to inquire about them at the reception desks and persist till you get definite answers.

However, getting back to the topic of savings on your stay in Orlando, it is wise to know that getting discounts to the cheap hotel universal Orlando around Universal Studios Orlando is a vastly different from getting discounts for the theme parks. If you have recently started searching for your vacation flights, you may have noticed that different travel agencies offer you discounts on the hotels too as an attractive combination. This is because they are authorized to offer discounts as a result of their affiliation with the hotels.

You can now book your special vacation tickets with discounts know well in advance that you have a good and affordable place near universal studios to save time. You can use the saved time and money for extra relaxing entertainment in the evenings with fun and frolic or quiet solitude after a hectic day at the theme parks.

While planning your best western vacation, you will come across different tour packages. These packages list out the things that are covered by the package price. These include the facilities you can use without paying extra for them. With this knowledge you are better armed to inquire for affordable, elegant and memorable living accommodations near Universal Studios Orlando.

Top Ten Holidays Destinations

Honeymoon is one of the most crucial periods of a married life. It’s the time when two souls mingle with each other, creating a bond to be cherished forever. For newly weds, it’s the best time to know and discover the new side of their partners. Hence, for this phase of relationship building, the couples need to make careful planning. Main task is finding a perfect location for romantic getaways. There are so many beautiful places around the globe. But, choosing from the best honeymoon destinations is tad difficult.

If you are facing similar problems, take a look at the list of top honeymoon destinations below. Small descriptions have been attached highlighting their attractive features. It will certainly remove your dilemma.

Top 10 Honeymoon Destination

Maldives tours
An archipelago of more than 1000 private islands, Maldives offers you a world of privacy and peace. Amid the stunning surroundings of this island country, you and your partner can try hand at adventure also. Sailing, swimming and diving in the blue sea water will be absolutely fun. During leisure time, you both can go for soothing spa therapies.

Dubai in UAE is the most sought after luxury honeymoon destination. The city is blessed with golden sandy beaches and sea-water inlet. There is a stunning heritage and diving village. On your honeymoon in Dubai, you can stay at the lavish Burj Al Arab hotel. This sail-shaped structure is acclaimed all over the world.

California in USA can be divided into two parts such as north California and south California. In northern California, you will come across enchanting mountainous regions and forests. Southern California, on the other hand, is rich in stunning beaches. If you want to see the best of this part in America, visiting San Diego, Disneyland, Malibu and Santa Barbara will be a fulfilling experience.

Caribbean islands are world popular among honeymooners. Honeymoon in Caribbean is filled with marvelous private islands and beach resorts. If you are planning for a honeymoon vacation in this exotic destination, make a choice between places like Anguilla, Aruba and Antigua. These island towns are very beautiful and well equipped to serve guests’ needs.

India is culturally rich and dotted with diverse types of attractions in all the major parts. Some of the most popular honeymoon destinations in India that are worth considering include Goa holidays for Goa beaches and heritage sites, Kerala backwaters, Darjeeling for exotic hill views and Rajasthan for luxury holiday experience.

Greece is one of the most romantic destinations in world. Surrounded by rugged coasts, golden beaches, cascading waterfalls, caves, sand dunes and rivers, Greece is arguably a heavenly abode. During your honeymoon, you both can explore the architectural treasure of this country along with its natural splendor. Some of the must visit cities in Greece are Athens, Rhodes and Ossios Lucas among others.

New York
New York is again a honeymooner’s paradise. Couples visit the city’s Empire State Building to bask in the filmy moments of love and romance. They head over to its Central Park for a skating stint. Many find Brooklyn Bridge in New York a perfect spot to enkindle romantic mood.

The main highlight of the France honeymoon trip is intricate art work, splendid architecture and delicious gourmet. You can take a tour of its countryside for a relaxed and romantic getaway. However, when you go to this country, make sure to visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Hawaii islands are filled with serene green beaches and crystal clear waters. On your Honeymoon to Hawaii You can take a walk on the island beaches with your partner for a romantic experience. Or else, call in your adventurous soul for adrenalin pumping activities like hiking, surfing and diving. One of the best places to visit in Hawaii is Maui Island. Here, you will get to see mesmerizing underwater reefs.

Among the favorite honeymoon destinations of the world, Italy is one. There are many attractive cities in Italy which you can visit, but Venice must not be given a miss. With bustling streets, heritage churches and buildings, Venice makes for a different kind of honeymooning experience and remains one of the top Honeymoon Destinations.

The Best Hotels In Vegas!

Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the world, filled with some of the most luxurious hotels. There are so many different hotels here, each with their own style, it can be difficult to choose one. When staying at Las Vegas, it is important to remember that even the most luxurious hotels can be affordable at relatively low prices, especially for what you get. Just make sure that you don’t lose all of your money at the tables! Las Vegas holidays are the best for having a little extra spending cash.

• The Bellagio Hotel: Probably the most elegant and luxurious of all the hotels. Home to almost 4000 rooms the Bellagio is rarely short on space. The Bellagio has a massive 6 acre lake that sits just outside the front of the hotel. The reason that this lake is prominent is because on the inside, there are a whole host of leaping water fountains. This hotel is definitely for those of you that want the higher lifestyle while in Vegas. Las Vegas holidays holidays have really made this!

Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas (

• The Grand hotel at the MGM: This has been previously voted as the top luxury hotel in the US. The Vegas experience is most prolific here, and the hotel has been praised for offering it at its highest value. The Entertainment and nightlife is also a very popular feature at this hotel.

MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas (

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Top Tips Before Traveling in Las Vegas

Las Vegas can, certainly can be 1 of the actual most amazing vacations, but (now think about this) it can as well have an easy tendency to get extremely expensive if you like as in yourself are not careful. Read below to learn how I, as in me myself have treated 3 of my friends (and myself) to an awesome Vegas trip for only $150 total.

Book your hotel

Search websites to find the actual lowest priced online hotel on the actual strip. Make sure that the actual hotel is, really is on the actual strip, as well as opposed to off the actual strip as well as it will, like actually will make your experience much more, like not less but more fun. Take note of this part, if the actual lowest, on the actual strip hotel nightly prices are, now stay with me here, more than $100, you like as in yourself should choose a different weekend getaways. Make sure to keep this is in mind. Also, look for additional extras that, certainly that may be, and really be offered, (ie Luxocom monthly really has $25 dining credits with, like together a nights stay if booked through Expedia). I, as in me myself would highly recommend staying at the actual Luxor, or the actual Excaliber (if you like as in yourself need to save a little more).

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A new first on Disneys first Main Street: tamales

A new first on Disneys first Main Street: tamales

As you may have heard, Main Street USA has been struggling. But maybe things will be different, now that the first Mexican restaurant has arrived.

I’m talking about Marceline, Mo. (population about 2,500), smack in the sleepy, rural middle of America, about three miles south of U.S. Highway 36.

This is the town where Walt Disney lived from 1906 to 1910 (ages 4 to 8). As he later affirmed, its main commercial drag, Kansas Avenue, served as the original inspiration for Disneyland’s Main Street USA. In fact, the downtown business district’s signs these days say Main Street USA for three blocks (before reverting to Kansas Avenue.

All around, you see reminders of Marceline’s favorite son, especially his grand return in 1956, when Walt and brother Roy Disney hosted a premiere of the film “The Great Locomotive Chase” right downtown at the Uptown Theatre.

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The Wild Alaska

Alaska (@

If you’re one of those to whom all the world is a sea and can afford to indulge the lust for travel, a cruise to remote shores is the answer to your quest for adventure. The most untouched and unspoilt part of America is Alaska and the sheer power of its virgin beauty would make a voyage to any other place pale in comparison. Further, Alaska offers unrivalled opportunities for the seasoned angler and is definitely the destination for those with any serious interest in the sport.


The best time to travel to Alaska is from May to September, when the weather conditions are more favorable. But those who opt to travel slightly outside the tourist season as it were would find it a better time from the economical viewpoint.



One of the principal destinations of any cruise to Alaska is Glacier Bay. As your ship gently maneuvers itself through a sea of floating icebergs, you can catch sight of frolicking seals or a humpback whale or maybe some Dall sheep or polar bear on the shores. The view of the glaciers and the scenery can leave one spellbound. From the chilling waters of the Glacier Bay, you could go to the Misty Fjords. From the ship, you could gaze at the lofty mountains covered with tall trees and hiding sparkling waterfalls in their folds. For those wishing to venture further, a floatplane allows you to travel to a remote lake in the wilderness. Along the cruise, you could stop at Alaska’s many ports like the Juneau, Anchorage and Ketchikan. A visit to Sitka in Alaska, provides a valuable insight into the lives and homes of the original inhabitants of this beautiful land.

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New Washington, D.C., museum honors German Americans

New Washington, D.C., museum honors German Americans

The new German-American Heritage Museum in Washington, D.C., is greeting guests with a big guten tag.

The nation’s first museum dedicated to German American heritage tells the story of more than 400 years of immigration to the United States, honoring such diverse immigrants as Babe Ruth, Levi Strauss and Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben.

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Top 5 Most Impressive Dude Ranches in the US

While honeymoon sites are attractive, real men usually look for high quality-guy-time. What better way to spend these moments than in one of Americas homiest dude ranches? Imagine riding on horseback through the damp Colorado meadow. Its just a little past sunrise and youre looking at the purple shades of distant mountains. Soon enough, you see the Continental Divide and the vast Western wilderness sits right in front of you.

Later, you ride back to your lodgings and you dismount your steed to a sizzling, wholesome breakfast cooked over charcoal fire. For city slickers such as yourself and the rest of the gang, nothing spells “icon Western” better than that.

The Dude Ranchers Association lists the best manly-man ranches you can visit across the country. Go ahead and line up fly-fishing, horseback riding, and spa activities to your liking with these top-notch relaxation sites. Theyre for real city cowboys, of course.

A Bar A Ranch

If you ever find yourself in Wyoming, A Bar A is definitely worth a visit. This ranch was founded in the 1920s and its one of Americas oldest and biggest dude ranches. It sits on 140,000 acres of rolling hills, valleys, rich pastures, and well-preserved woods. The places insurance policy also doesnt require you to ride with a wrangler. That is, as long as you know exactly what youre doing.

As dude ranches go, the property is a nice fusion of every serious horsemans haven, and a city-slickers private deluxe resort. Aside from all that nature, A Bar A keeps a well-maintained tennis court, an impressive golf course, and even a spa. For dinner, youre sure to be gastronomically pleased with the house-chef who fixes Grade A Cordon-Bleu and more.

The property can accommodate up to 100 guests and keeps 130 horses. Your horse will be matched with your built and your temperament. You can choose to ride twice a day with or without your little kids. You can also go for a trek so you can explore the Savage Run Wilderness.

Top 5 Most Impressive Dude Ranches in the US

Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort

Driving down Solvang, California, youll find Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort. This is one of the most secluded vacation spots for Hollywood royalties. It opened in 1946, and has been luring city slickers since then. The ranch has two 18-hole golf courses, a private fishing pond, tennis courts, a natural body of water for boating, a high-end spa, and enough activities for serious fishers.

There are no television sets in their rooms so you wont get distracted from enjoying your nature retreat. The property has 50 miles-worth of trails so you can enjoy horseback rides through hills and gorgeous sycamore groves. You have to pack a lot of formal clothing here because youll need to dress properly for meals, in this property.

Whats special about these digs is that you can ride as much as you want. Youll also be given a cowboy per person so you can enjoy trail rides, wildlife viewing and sunset rides without worrying about your safety. The property can accept 230 guests and it keeps 100 horses.

Top 5 Most Impressive Dude Ranches in the US

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The Most Expensive Cities in America

The Most Expensive Cities in America

When you live in a city with topnotch hotels and malls where luxury shopping is the main event, its easy to drain out your bank account. For example, Mojitos in Miami can cost as much as $15, and if youre a Mojito-lover, youll know how fast you can blow off your salary. There are ways for you to dodge the spenders traps, though. For example, if you must have a Mojito after work, you can stick to places with Happy Hour specials.

Even if youre just traveling to these cities, you should take the time to do the math. It might take some of the fun out of traveling, but itll keep your budget (and sanity) intact. Below are the most expensive cities in America to watch out for and what you should expect from them before you purchase your plane ticket.

New York

The Most Expensive Cities in America

Youre at the center of the center if you live in New York. Unfortunately, that also means paying a pretty big bill just to live in a world class city. What do you expect, though? The Big Apple has the biggest luxury stores, the most famous restaurants in the world, and the richest hotpot of culture. Yes, culture.

It is, as Alicia Keys song said, a “concrete jungle” with a demographic that can represent almost all races around the world. Of course, most of them are called Americans, now, but you can be sure that they have a lot of history to talk about, especially if they werent homegrown.

Youll have to be a pretty tough cookie to survive here, though. While it rated #1 in the AFC richest city survey, it also places last in the “friendliness” category.


The Most Expensive Cities in America

The principle is simple: the more tourists a city can attract, the more expensive all of its amenities get. Its the simple law of demand and supply, and this simple economic principle applies to Honolulu as well. The Hawaiian city ranked number two in AFCs survey simply because it topped the categories “romance” and “relaxation” . Money talks even in paradise, but dont spend all your cash on culture hopping, though.

Or maybe a hula lesson wont hurt. The hotel ratings arent bad. Its the fourth out of thirty cities to have topnotch hotels. It places last for classical music and theater, though, so keep your dough for the beach. Theres no use spending on something thats not worth seeing. Every cent counts in this expensive summer getaway.

Los Angeles

The Most Expensive Cities in America

Certainly, the City of Angels cant be an affordable city to live in. Not with the long stretches of beaches and almost a year-long access to all that sun. However, the survey shows that much of the money youll be spending in L.A. wont really be allotted to hotels and drinks. Theyll be spent on your clothes. This is one of the USAs fashion capitals, and it wont do for you to be seen in rags.

The city has the third most expensive luxury stores and the fourth most expensive boutiques. Why? People here put a prime on their appearances. While they havent quite reached New Yorks rank, yet, the locals here are the fourth most stylish and attractive people in the USA.

San Francisco

The Most Expensive Cities in America

Even if youre not living in San Francisco, you should prepare for quite a big amount of money just to rent out one of the rooms. The citys luxury hotels rank fourth most expensive in the country. The boutique hotels are even more expensive, ranking third in the survey.

If youre writing a novel or a travelogue, though, this is a pretty good city to visit. The demographic diversity ranked number two, here, and theyre not hard to look at, either. The people in San Francisco ranked third in stylishness, and the city is the fourth best city for people watching.


The Most Expensive Cities in America

If you ever find yourself in the South Beach, you know that most of your money will be spent on cocktails. Miami is the second most expensive city when it comes to the bar scene. The only plus side in this city is the majestic sunset and views of the ocean. People-watching is also fair game here. The city ranks first in terms of having the most attractive locals.

San Diego

The Most Expensive Cities in America

While pretty much everything is expensive in this city in equal proportions, youll certainly enjoy an entire year with clear, sunny skies and a comfortable (not scorching) 70ºF temperature. If San Diego topped anything in the survey, its the weather category. Youll also probably love the more mellow beaches in this vicinity. While Miamis are crowded with bikini bums, San Diegos beaches are less populated and peaceful.

San Diego also ranked fifth best as a relaxing retreat. Meanwhile, the city got sixth place in romance and sixth in cleanliness as well. While its not the most popular honeymoon destination, its certainly one of the places youd want to go to if youre planning to escape the hassles of the work place. Just save up enough money, look for a decent lodging which wont drain your account, and have as much fun without blowing the budget.

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The Best Pancakes in America

As a child, we become huge fans of those fluffy, soft, golden-brown pancakes served during breakfast. What joy it is to lather the thick, gleaming syrup, watching it cascade over stacks of pancakes. And who has not tried making one? Misshapen pancakes forced to other family members, we have great memories of our first tries in making these delicious cakes. And if youve managed to let a pancake fly as you tried flipping it over in the pan, then welcome to the happy and huge club of pancake aficionados. Dont worry though, as there are lots of places to try them.

Chosen for their creativity, toppings and filling, here are some of the best places in America where you can satisfy your cravings for this simple yet delightful cake which, though it has been enhanced, flavored, and changed in countless ways, remains everybodys favorite.

The Farmers Diner in Quechee, Vermont

The Best Pancakes in America

Founder Ted Murphys mantra is “food for here,” so they only get the best-and freshest-ingredients from local farms. Organic lovers will surely delight in this place and their organic, wheat flour buttermilk pancakes, served with Vermont maple syrup and Cabot butter. Its a quaint, retro-style diner which will appeal to many. And if you think thats not enough, you can also order Vermont Liberty Tea Companys fruit-lavender brew. When its harvest season, Champlain Orchards cold apple cider will surely quench your thirst. Nothings as fresh and clean as this. For sides, you can try Vermont Smoke and Cure ham steak, or maple sausages.

Stanley in New Orleans

The Best Pancakes in America

Along Jackson Square in the French Quarter is a new eatery. You will surely be charmed by the soda fountain counter, where you can swing your legs while sitting on the swivel stool, waiting for your stack of pancakes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and Steens cane syrup-the local sweetener that has that molasses kick. And since youre in New Orleans, if you can, order the Eggs Stella-soft shell crabs on top of poached eggs with Creole hollandaise. The best sides are Bloody Mary and that spicy bowl of P&Js oyster, shrimp, and andouille sausage gumbo.

Hawaiian Style Café in Big Island, Hawaii

The Best Pancakes in America

Want the biggest pancakes? This place will give it to you. In the town of Waimea, locals love this place for their Loco Moco-hamburger patties over rice, with grilled onions, fried egg and gravy. Naturally, the serving is huge as well. All items on the menu can be lathered with gravy or paired with a fried egg, including the Pancake Sandwich which is the size of a platter-two-stack pancakes with whipped butter and coconut syrup. For other must-tries, go for the fried rice, Spam and Portuguese sausages.

The Original Pancake House in Portland, Oregon

The Best Pancakes in America

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