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Vehicle Rental – Tips And Advice

If you are faced with renting a vehicle, it is likely that you will have many questions about the process. Most of those questions can be answered directly by a vehicle rental company, but remember that each company may have a different policy than the other. In general, the most commonly asked questions include those relating to one-way vehicle rentals, where someone rents a vehicle in one city, drives to another city and leaves it with a different branch office of that rental company. Also, methods of payment and insurance are two other popular questions.

A one-way rental is when someone rents a vehicle in one city and drives it to another city, leaving it with a different branch office of the rental car company. Although policies vary from one company to the next on this particular issue, most vehicle rental companies do not allow this to occur. In some cases, that type of service is available on a case-by-case basis. The best approach is to plan your trip well in advance and start to make inquiries very early on in the process. This will increase the chances of successfully finding an opportunity to arrange a one-way vehicle rental.

Another common question relates to vehicle insurance. The vehicle rental company will offer to sell you insurance, or you can waive that coverage. If you do this, they may require that you prove that you have insurance coverage elsewhere. Each company will have its own insurance rules and requirements for renters so it is important to check into the extra fees that may be required before you sign a rental contract. It is also important to find out ahead of time what the process is in the event of an accident.

Other questions relate to the method of payment allowed by the vehicle rental company. Most will accept any major credit or debit cards, and will often require that you provide a credit card number to the vehicle rental company to keep on file. In many cases, a deposit is charged to this card, and then returned to the renter at the end of the rental period. This deposit is generally a safeguard for the vehicle rental company against damage upon the vehicle’s return.

Policies regarding one-way travel, insurance, and payment methods will vary from one vehicle rental company to another, and may even vary from one agent to another within the same vehicle rental company. These differences in policies may have much to do with the laws for the state that the agency is in, but often times there are other reasons for a difference in policy. Be sure to get answers to all of your questions before entering a vehicle rental agreement.

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Buying A Motorhome

It is easy to decide you want a motorhome, indeed, owning one is a growing trend, however, it may be difficult to decide which one is the right one for you, especially for somebody who knows little to nothing on the subject. With this in mind, what follows are some tips to help you understand and find the right motorhome for you.

– How many people will generally be sleeping in the motorhome? The first thing you need to know is the amount of people you expect to be sleeping in the motorhome. There are motorhomes designed to comfortably sleep just two people, all the way up to those designed to sleep ten, if you intend to simply escape for the weekend with your partner then you can happily make do with a ‘2-berth’, whereas if you want to take the children with you, or perhaps you want to go away for a group retreat then you will need a larger motorhome, perhaps a ‘6-berth’. It is important to know that even a motorhome labeled as a ‘6-berth’ may be unable to fit six adults easily.

– Do you want a fully-equipped motorhome? As you consider this question, write down the features that will be most important to the people who will be spending time in the vehicle, and then prioritize the items. Keep in mind that the more options included on the vehicle, the more expensive it will be. You must decide if you are going to need one, two or even three double beds. Will you be taking your own TV, which you can set up on a table, or would you prefer a flat screen TV built into the vehicle? And will you be satisfied with a standard refrigerator or do you need a freezer as well?

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