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Best Budget Hotel around the World

For every holiday, you sure would want to have the most fun without emptying your pocket. Good deals air ticket, cheap hotel,hotel deals are a good way to start with. On top of that, share to the world your travel experience by using good web hosting Confuse on which budget hotel that is good to stay? Below is some of the good budget hotel in the world to choose for your favourite holiday destination.


One of the favourite destinations in the world is Bali. The beach, the food, the spa, the environment is just marvellous. Blue moon Villas might be a perfect stylish budget hotel for your holiday in Bali. Blue moon villas has big balconies in every room so that their guest can sit on the balcony and watch the sun set in the morning and beautiful night sky at night. Blue moon villa also has pools overlooking the water, so that you can enjoy the water plus the views.

Mecure Francis, Bath ,UK
Nice Hotel, good location for sightseeing and shopping.tasty, good breakfast.

Located in Bath’s largest Georgian square, Mecure Francis is an elegant 3 star hotel that has location proximity to local sightseeing and shopping. Nice hotel will not be good without the friendly staff and good food. Well, Mecure Francis hotel serves tasty, good breakfast to start your day with.

LAS VEGAS:The West Tower at Circus Circus

If you ever visit Las Vegas and looking for a cheaper hotel, look for the room at West tower at Circus Circus. The room is new and has flatscreen tv and other amenities. Staying at the West tower also allows you to be close to shopping Promenade, which links to the Theme Park and casino.

Find bargain rate for West Tower at Circus Circus online. There are many good travel website which use reliable web hosting online. On top of your bargain, when you travel to Las Vegas, do remember to make calls using cheap phone card

Hotel 81 Dickson,Singapore

Clean room with nice interior modern decoration and located in good location(little India), not to mention the cheap price, is the highlight of Hotel 81 Dickson. Staying in this hotel is also very convenient to get around Singapore as it is located within 5 minutes walk to the popular means of transportation in Singapore; MRT. 

PATONG :Deevana Patong

For a nice quiet getaway place in Thailand, and still under budget, go to Deevana Patong Resort and spa in one of the most popular holiday beach destination in Thailand, Patong.
Not only the resort, the spa, the relaxation and the beach that you can enjoy in Deevana Patong, if you feel like having fun, within walking distance is interesting night entertainment.

BANGKOK: Lub d Bangkok Silom Hostel

“Fun” is one of the words to describe Bangkok; a fun place to travel. Staying in Lub d Hotel , you can have it all in budget price; fun, large bed, clean bathroom, free internet, friendly staff, entertaining bar & lobby, there is even a room which is only for ladies and nice home theatre.

Explore Bangkok in Lub d Hotel and record your experience on your travel blog , using a reliable web hosting

Amsterdam: Pax

For this nice interior budget Hotel in Amsterdam, the location of the Hotel is a bit hidden. It is located in Raadhuisstraat building in Amsterdam, very convenient location and withink walking distance to train station. Good location, good bed, good rates, nice staff, you can find it in Pax Hotel, Amsterdam

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Thailand Vacations and Its Best

Phuket Island is the largest island of Thailand. It is located off the coast of the Andaman Sea and is one of the southern provinces of Thailand.

In the area of the island can be compared with Singapore. On the island there are beautiful beaches, stretching along the coastline of 40 kilometers. The island is 900 kilometers from the capital Bangkok and the hundred meter bridge connects the mainland. The island province is one of the wealthiest in Thailand, and the number of inhabitants (1.6 million) took 6 th place. Previously, the main income of the island is the mining of tin, this fact attracted the colonists (the Portuguese and British). Also on the island came to workers from Malaysia and China, which has affected the culture and gave a special flavor of this island. Also on the island is and the Muslim community, to which is about one-third of all inhabitants of the island, mainly Malaysian Muslims.

Tourist infrastructure Phuket is very well developed, there is everything from hotels of any class and to the airport, allowing easy access to the island from Bangkok. There are a lot of cheap holidays in Phuket

Phuket Island – a paradise, with unusual nature: beautiful beaches, hills and verdant jungle. For diving this place is ideal, with its underwater cliffs and diverse flora and fauna. In addition, you can do water skiing, sailing and parasailing to do. Aquarium, the National Park and beautiful Buddhist temples attract many tourists to the island. In addition, the island has five golf clubs, shops and large shopping centers, as well as antique shops and flea markets.

The island is an excellent place for those who want to explore the Andaman region. From the island you can go on a tour of Phang Nga Bay, where there are many caves and islands, as well as rise bare limestone rocks. Phi Phi Island, Racha and Similan islands are considered among the best places for divers and also very popular. Inside the island can see the unique landscape of rice, coconut and rubber plantations, as well as a small area of tropical jungle.

Patong Beach – the most advanced and famous recreation center on the island. Here you can find entertainment for all tastes: a city full of nightlife and has many bars, cafes and restaurants.Patong Beach is located 15 kilometers from the city. There are more quiet places, for example, Kata Beach, Karon and Surin. They relaxed and serene atmosphere. For family vacations very well with the bay in the eastern part of the island, which is hardly ever storm and high winds, there is a beach Nai Harn.Today, Bangkok has 400 temples, which are reflected in the design of virtually all parts of Thailand.

Bangkok – it is the economic, cultural and administrative capital of Thailand. The city is located in the delta of the river Menam Chao Phraya, in the place where the cross 4 important region of Thailand: south-east “Pak Dai Towan Org”, south-west “Pak Dai, North-West” Pak nya “and the north-east” ISAA .

This is the most popular tourist town in Thailand. The town’s name derives from the acronym “Ban Makoko”, meaning literally, “village of olive trees, but this city name is almost never used, even by the Thais. There is also the official Thai “long” name: Krung Tep Mahanakorn Amorn Rattanakosin Mazintara Mahadirok Popnoparat Ratchathani Burirom Udommahasthan Amornpinam Avathansathit, which is a shortened version sounds like Krung Tep, ie ”City of Angels”. There is another version of the name of the capital – Phra Nakhon, which in translation – “Heavenly Capital”.

Once the Siamese capital Ayutthaya was, but in 1767 it was conquered by the Burmese. Siam General Pya Taskin and his ten-army made their way through Bangkok in Chonburi and spending a few counter-attacks drove the Burmese from the country in 1772, after which the general was proclaimed king. In the new role of Pya Taskin one of his first decisions ruled the city Tonburi make new capital (now the territory of modern Bangkok). At that time, Bangkok was just a small town and had two fortresses, and so said travelers at that time, traveling from Europe to Ayutayyu. But this town is on the strategically important area where trade routes crossed. But the Europeans did not notice. Already in 1782 the capital of the kingdom began to Bangkok. In its place the following: the royal house and the government with a parliament.

Change of the capital from Thonburi to Bangkok took place at Rama I, who was the founder of the Chakri Dynasty, remaining in power and in today’s days. The capital government has been transferred from Thonburi to the other side of the river Menam Chao Praya, that was the beginning of the transformation of a small town in today’s metropolis. Since then, the construction of Buddhist monasteries and temples in the city, and on the shore Menam built commercial buildings, which later made the city a center of international trade.

During the reign of King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) from 1886 to 1910, Bangkok felt a special lift: were built wide streets, running tram. However, subsequent rulers did not pay much attention to the city, and it grew by itself. Only two cities – Bangkok and Thonburi occupy an area of 650 square meters and sequester more than 6 million Thais.

Explore Lopburi Destinations in Thailand

The ancient city of Lopburi in central Thailand has a pleasant mixture of interesting historical attractions and a feel of a genuine Thai town, which has not been dressed up for tourists.

Here are five suggestions for things to see in the city of Lopburi.

Lopburi is a typical Thai provincial capital city, just 1.5 to 2 hours drive from central Bangkok. Although it receives a trickle of foreign tourists, mainly backpackers, visitors will not run into crowds of people like they will at many of the more famous Thai tourist cities such as Ayuttaya, Sukothai or Chiang Mai. Additionally, vitiors to Lopburi will get a chance to see a “real” Thai town, one which does not have tourism as its main focus.

For those with time, a visit to Lopburi really is rewarding. Here are five suggestions of things to see in Lopburi.

1. The Monkeys: The monkeys of Lopburi are famous throughout Thailand Tours . Hoards of Long-tailed Macaques roam around the city feasting on fruit which is placed at various temples. They are funny to watch but it seems that some of the local people are not so amused.

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Travelers Paradise Thailand

Thailand is the most visited country in Southeast Asia. This thanks to the incomparable natural beauty, as its beautiful tropical islands to the south and the jungle in the north, but also historical and artistic wonders, Buddhist monastery and museums. All this accompanied by the possibility of creating very beautiful places for vacation without spending astronomical sums.

The excellent quality-price ratio is indeed one of the most obvious travel destinations. True shopper’s paradise, Thailand has earned over time a well-deserved fame as a natural and cultural heritage: a journey into the land of smiles means coming into contact with a place that likes to call itself a strong identity and distinguish itself as “thainess” food, massages and wellness, crafts, holidays, accommodation, everything falls into that particular principal character of being “Thai”.

The Food

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Bangkok Shopping Guide And Sparkling Night In Monaco



Bangkok Shopping Guide
Beside shopping in Singapore, If you’re visiting Bangkok, but have a limited time, let say just one day, still you can have fun time like you did in Singapore.
So now ?where we can go to have fun or to explore all the tourist attractions in Bangkok in one day??
So for those of you who like to shop or souvenir hunting, these following recommended places in Bangkok that are easy to reach by following routes:

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